Chicken Coop Designs

Interested in backyard chickens? Let these chicken coop designs inspire you.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Neiman Marcus.

©2013, Image courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

A-Frame chicken tractor

This chicken tractor was featured in the 2012 Raleigh Tour D'Coop, an annual event featuring some of the fabulous backyard coops in and around Raleigh, NC.

Elegant coop

Aren't the chicken residents of this coop lucky? It was featured in the 2012 Raleigh Tour D'Coop.

Chicken co-op

These chickens have it made in the shade in this coop featured in the 2012 Raleigh Tour D'Coop.

Home sweet home

Chickens find all the comforts of home in this simply sweet coop featured in the 2012 Raleigh Tour D'Coop.

Functional Coop

This functional coop is located on the premises of a brewery and was featured in the 2012 Raleigh Tour D'Coop.

Rustic coop

The woodwork adds a little country to this coop featured in the 2012 Raleigh Tour D'Coop.

Colorful and Recycled Coop

Erica Jong and Josh Crook of Atlanta crafted this coop from recycled wood flooring that had been in their kitchen. The coop is built 2 feet off the ground to give their girls some shade during the warm Atlanta summers.

Neiman Marcus Chicken Coop

The Heritage Hen Mini Farm comes with a $100,000 price tag and is one of the high-luxe items featured in the 86th edition of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

Chicken Playhouse

This large coop in East Atlanta is attached to a playhouse and is home to seven chickens.

Williams-Sonoma Chicken Coop

The Dan Cohen-designed Alexandria Coop is part of the Williams-Sonoma Agrarian line of garden and homestead products.

Country Barn

Hawks and racoons will prey on chickens even in the city. So, urban coops must be completely "critter proof." This co-op built coop in Decatur, Ga., is styled as a country barn and features a feed area that is completely enclosed with screen, including the floor.

A Wylde Coop

The coop at the Wylde Center, a community garden and learning center in Decatur, Ga., was built by volunteers -- mostly parents of young children who wanted to help their kids connect with the natural world. The center's "girls" are cared for by Team Chicken -- 10 families who divide up the effort and cost.

Coops Can Be Fun

Erica Jong and Josh Crook designed their cheery coop to fit in with the kid-friendly theme of their backyard, say their chickens are very social and run to them to be held or just "chat."

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