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Backyard Chicken Coop Ideas

By: Paul Cox
Find inspiration for your chicken digs by taking a look at these urban chicken coops.
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Stylish Coop

Every year Atlanta's Wylde Center organizes an Urban Coop Tour. Tour participants Bonnie Smith and Jennifer Campbell designed this stylish chicken coop, one of two in their backyard, to create a chicken habitat that would be "good for the chickens, good for the environment and good for humans." They based their design on a plan they found online, and used donated and recycled building materials where they could. The copper flashing and shingles were donated and the cinder block foundation was found on Craigslist.

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Mood Lighting

Crafty candle holders and a string of colored lights help create an easygoing atmosphere in this back yard chicken retreat. "They are wonderful little blood-pressure-lowering creatures," says Bonnie of her eight birds.

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Private Quarters

Homey touches in the large coop include chicken pictures and a curtain hanging over the opening to the egg box. Chickens need their privacy, of course.

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Country Cool

The lovely "Barbara Mandrell" -- the name Bonnie and Jennifer bestowed on this very photogenic Buff Laced Polish hen -- clearly believes raising urban chickens is cool.

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