8 Best Hummingbird Feeders + Accessories for Your Yard

Welcome the tiniest of feathered friends with these top-rated feeders and accessories.

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February 25, 2021

There’s just something special about watching a hummingbird. No matter how many times I see one, I’m mesmerized. These petite birds move and behave so much differently than other avian varieties. And they’re gorgeous. They’re literal jewels in the sky with shiny wings that have an iridescent, almost metallic-like property. East of the Mississippi, the iconic Ruby-throated Hummingbird gets all the hype, but at least 16 other beautiful hummingbirds call the U.S. home. You can attract more hummingbirds to your yard with plants, such as bee balm and trumpet creeper, as well as setting out a hummingbird feeder. With so many different feeders to shop online, we’ve rounded up the best of the best. Take a look at our top picks below and outfit your outdoor space with an easy, fast-food joint for the hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Feeders 101

When shopping for a hummingbird feeder, there are two main designs: inverted and saucer. An inverted hummingbird feeder hangs upside down to suspend nectar at optimal pressure. A saucer hummingbird feeder is simply a shallow dish that is either uncovered or topped with ports that allow a hummingbird to completely submerge its beak into the nectar. Both designs come in single port and multiport variations, but it’s important to note that unlike other, more social birds, hummingbirds get extremely territorial of food spots and sometimes more ports can create fighting and scenes of teeny, tiny hummingbird chasing. Always hang a hummingbird feeder close to other spots where birds can perch (Yes, they do rest!) and watch the feeder from afar.

Beyond style, color is the most important factor when shopping for a hummingbird feeder. Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red, which is why so many feeders are red. (However, when making your own sugar water nectar, you should never add red dye to the water.) They’re also attracted to the color yellow, but so are wasps, ants and other bugs. I recommend skipping the traditional design with yellow flower ports and opting for a red feeder with red or pink ports.

Best Inverted Feeder

If you’re looking for an all-around best hummingbird feeder, this is it. It hits all the marks for style, size, customer reviews and price. At less than $20 for Amazon Prime members, this pretty antique glass-inspired hummingbird feeder has rave reviewsnearly 5,000 five-star ratings — from bird watchers.

Best Saucer Feeder

This saucer feeder on Amazon is hands down the easiest to clean. Maintenance is an important factor when choosing a hummingbird feeder as, unlike seed or suet bird feeders, a hummingbird feeder requires weekly if not daily cleaning to prevent mold.

Best Feeder With Multiple Ports

Multi-port hummingbird feeders aren’t necessarily bad, they just need to give adequate space for multiple birds to pull up for a drink without feeling threatened or competitive about a food source. This horizontal hummingbird bar features a whopping 22 ports, but, unlike most inverted feeders, the ports aren’t crowded together.

Best Single-Port Feeder

For something smaller for a back porch or patio, this tiny little mosaic feeder is a great way to add a hummingbird-friendly restaurant to an existing planter or hanging basket.

Best Window Hummingbird Feeder

Window-mounted bird feeders have become a great way for city dwellers to bird watch, too. And this two-port copper feeder provides both food and a couple of places for a hummingbird to perch. It’s important to note, however, that high activity can scare away hummingbirds. So, if you have a curious cat or toddler on the other side of your window, don’t be surprised if no birds come to visit.

Best Hummingbird Feeder Stand

While shady trees are ideal for hanging a feeder, you can use a hummingbird feeder stand for a porch or patio. If you have grass to stick stakes into, a simple shepherd’s hook is great, but we also love this Yard Butler for displaying hanging baskets and hummingbird feeders all in one little compact spot. This is perfect for apartment dwellers without a yard.

Best Ant Moat

Hummingbirds love sugar, but so do ants. One of the top problems with a hummingbird feeder is preventing ants from taking over. To deter ants, you need an ant moat. This tiny cup of plain water hangs above the nectar feeder and prevents ants from crawling down to get the good stuff.

Best Hummingbird Perch

While hummingbirds almost never stop flying, they do occasionally rest. If you ever spot a hummingbird hanging upside down like a bat from your feeder, don’t panic! It’s taking a nap. Sometimes a hummingbird will even perch close to a potential food source to scope out the scene. You can provide a hummingbird-friendly rest stop near your feeder with this little swing from Chewy. Perches like this can also prevent squabbles over port access.

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