Meadow Dressed in Blooms, Stone

This elegant, countryside garden by Clinton & Associates Landscape Architects embraces the natural landscape with more than 200 varieties of plants. The lush landscape is juxtaposed with abundant stone used in walls, pathways, stairs and entertainment areas.

Photo By: 3Sixty

Photo By: 3Sixty

Photo By: 3Sixty

Photo By: 3Sixty

Photo By: 3Sixty

Photo By: 3Sixty

Old World-style Garden Design and Architecture with Stone Exterior and Perennials

Over 200 varieties of trees, shrubs and ground covers create an ever-changing palette of garden delight. Bringing the perennials and plant materials closer to the New Hampshire residence with a stone exterior embraces the natural beauty of the property.

Bucolic Outdoor Space with Masonry and Stone Pavers

Using stone pavers and extending the stone wall into the landscape helps embrace the natural beauty of the landscape.

Rustic Backyard with Fire Pit, Stone Pavers and Masonry Wall

Masonry walls and stone pavers lend a timeless feel to this expansive outdoor entertaining space. The residents and guests can gather at the round stone fire pit or in seating under the umbrella on the patio. The landscape design blends perennials and ornamental grasses.

Pastoral Backyard with Stone Stairs and Walls

The landscape design features well-crafted elements, such as the stone paver stairs and masonry walls. The slabs of stone serve as a pathway to a fire pit and a dining area underneath an umbrella.

Vibrant Perennial Garden

Over 200 varieties of trees, shrubs and ground covers means plants are in bloom no matter the season. These colorful perennials and flowering plants bring nature close to the home.

Blooming Perennial Garden with Stone Wall

A variety of perennials, flowering plants and ornamental grasses keep color in this outdoor space year-round. Planting trees just outside of the stone wall is a key element of this garden design.

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