The Best Window Bird Feeders for Indoor Bird-Watching

Shop these top-rated window bird feeders to enjoy unmatched views of your feathered friends — no binoculars necessary.

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April 05, 2023

Our Top Window Bird Feeder Picks

There comes a time in your life (usually beginning during your late twenties-to-early thirties) when bird-watching becomes an exciting part of your daily routine. You get a rush when you see your regular cardinal couple (whom you’ve aptly named Carol and Redmond) fly by to breakfast together before heading off to start their day. You experience unbridled joy when a lucky bluebird pops by for mealworms at midday. And when you’re fortunate enough to spot an allusive goldfinch in your yard? Full body chills.

So, how do you up the ante with your new hobby and have songbirds flocking to your yard? Window bird feeders. Window bird feeders are our secret weapon for maximizing bird-watching thrills with minimal money and effort. Unlike traditional free-standing or tree-hanging feeders, window bird feeders use suction cups for installation directly onto your glass windowpanes, providing unmatched views of feathered friends as they stop by for meals. But how do you find the best window feeder for your plumage-clad posse?

What to Look for in a Window Bird Feeder

MATERIALS: The most popular window bird feeders are acrylic, glass or metal. Acrylic or clear plastic options are typically cost-effective and provide uninterrupted views of your visiting birds. Glass and metal designs are more durable over the long term when exposed to the elements but tend to be pricier than their plastic counterparts. With that said, both glass and metal window bird feeders frequently feature unique silhouettes and decorative details that stand out against the more minimalist acrylic feeders.

SUCTION CUPS: One of the most crucial features all window bird feeders must have is a set of reliable and weatherproof suction cups. The larger your window feeder is, the more suction cups it will require to secure it to your window.

SQUIRREL-PROOF: There are endless squirrel-proof traditional bird feeder options online. But, with window bird feeders, the squirrel-free options are much more limited. While many acrylic window bird feeders claim to be squirrel-proof, customer reviews often show a different story altogether. But all hope is not lost! The key to making your window bird feeder squirrel-proof is location, location, location. Install your window bird feeder 8-10 feet away from any ledges or tree branches to keep bushy-tailed bandits away from your birdseed bounty. Remember: Squirrels can't climb on glass!

Ready to bring all the birds to your yard? We combed through online retailers to find the 10 best window feeders to shop for. Check out the best window bird feeders for every style and price point and shop our favorites in the links below.


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Keep tabs on all your feathered friends with the help of Amazon’s number-one best-selling window bird feeder. The Nature’s Hangout bird feeder earns our top-overall pick for its weatherproof construction, six durable suction cups and easy-to-refill trays. And the best part? Each Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder includes a lifetime guarantee to ensure you're happy with your purchase.

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Treat the cardinal cuties in your life to a chic new eatery with this modern glass house bird feeder. The angular glass bird feeder features a solid brass frame and attaches to exterior windows with three heavy-duty suction cups. Keep your gorgeous glass feeder squirrel-free by installing it away from any ledges or tree branches.

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$44.95 $35.9

Looking for a window bird feeder that won’t fall to the ground within a week? This top-rated window bird feeder comes built to last with its four EVERGRIP X4 suction cups backed by a lifetime guarantee. The roomy acrylic feeder features two feeding compartments ideal for seed and mealworms and is delivered to your door ready to install.

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Beauty meets durability with this eye-catching iron window bird feeder. The traditional silhouette and coppery finish make this feeder a welcome focal point for indoor bird watchers. The best part, though, is the feeder's dual mesh seed compartments. The mesh basins provide exceptional seed drainage, ensuring your bird treats are fresh after spring showers or summer storms.

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Have the local hummingbirds over for a homecooked meal (read: nectar) with this buzz-worthy window bird feeder. The lightweight design has a comfortable perch for multiple birds, two raised feeding ports and holds up to four ounces of nectar. Secure the feeder to your window with the included suction cup and enjoy your mealtime visitors.

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$249.99 $199.99

Take your birdwatching to the next level with this splurge-worthy window bird feeder. The integrated feeder sits flush in your single- or double-hung window for easy access and unmatched views of your feathered friends. The durable, PVC-constructed design features a semi-circle feeding platform large enough to hold up to a quart of mealworms, seeds or fruit for your backyard birds. Refilling this feeder is a breeze; simply remove the top decorative square molding to reveal a roomy hole to pour goodies onto the platform from the comfort of your house.

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Cut down on refilling time and cater to all the blue jays, sparrows, cardinals and finches flying by with this high-capacity bird feeder. The easy-to-fill design features a robust suction attachment that supports the feeder's one-pound seed capacity. Even better, this window feeder has a one-way mirror that prevents visiting birds from being scared away from movement inside your house while feasting on your seed.

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There's no need to break the bank to feed your friendly neighborhood flock! The top-rated Droll Yankees Observer Window Bird Feeder provides an attractive landing spot for birds to enjoy their meals and rings in at less than $20. Each acrylic feeder features an integrated canopy to guard birds against rain and latches to glass windows via three suction cups.

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Hydration is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Yes, including your neighborhood birds. Set your sparrows and chickadees up for success with this weatherproof window bird feeder, complete with an integrated water compartment. This roomy feeder features three divided compartments to hold seeds, mealworms and water for your feathered friends in one convenient and inviting locale. And, when the forecast is less than stellar, birds will flock to this spot to enjoy a nice meal under the comfort of the acrylic canopy.

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