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Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas' 'Rock the Block' House Reveal

April 04, 2022

Keith and Evan used their Detroit-style ingenuity to create one-of-a-kind luxury in their Rock the Block home in Charleston.

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Photo: Tom Griscom/Big Table Media. From: Rock The Block.

The Team: Keith and Evan

Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas of Bargain Block are used to working their magic on run-down Detroit properties to create colorful, cozy homes for first-time buyers. Their biggest challenge as Rock the Block Season 3 contestants? “Taking a space this big and creating that homey vibe that we’re known for,” Keith said. With 3,500 square feet to play with, it's serious business.

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Photo: Tom Griscom/Big Table Media

A Little Help From Their Friend

Evan couldn’t join Keith in Charleston for the first few days of the project, and the all-important kitchen and dining room were a tall order to tackle solo — so Keith was thrilled to welcome realtor extraordinaire (and Bargain Block regular) Shea Whitfield as a pinch hitter. Shea was more than ready to get to work: “I’m like a demo angel and I come Evan-sent,” she joked.

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Photo: Tom Griscom/Big Table Media

The Team Is Complete

When Evan finally arrived in South Carolina, fellow contestants Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis of Unsellable Houses were on hand for a warm welcome. (Evan and Keith’s adorable dog, Belle, came along for the ride.)

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Photo: Tom Griscom/Big Table Media

Growing Into a Major Budget

The $225,000 Keith and Evan will be spending on their home is an order of magnitude beyond their typical budgets — and to Evan it felt “like an infinite amount of money.” “We spend $45,000 on a single house,” Keith said. “We can definitely guarantee a $45,000 kitchen is going to look pretty phenomenal!”

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