The Best Fire Pits Under $350

Warm up your outdoor space with one of these budget-friendly fire pits you can buy online.

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Updated on April 25, 2024

Our Top Fire Pit Picks Under $350

A fire feature makes a great addition to any patio, serving as a stunning focal point for your outdoor design and a cozy gathering spot for socializing with friends over a platter of s’mores. The only problem? Many fire pits cost upwards of $1,000, particularly when made of heavy natural stone or concrete. And while it may make sense to splurge on a fire pit for some, most of us would like to save a little room in our budgets for the ever-important graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate bar fund.

Lucky for all of us, there are plenty of budget-friendly fire pit options out there that are just as beautiful as the pricey pits, and most importantly, campfire treats made over these flames will taste just as sweet. Bonus: The affordable fire pits are typically smaller and lightweight, making them the perfect addition to petite patios.

Whether you’re shopping for a stately stacked stone pit, a chic chiminea or a smokeless fire feature, we’ve got you covered. After browsing online retailers, we curated a list of the best fire pits in every style and material to heat up your outdoor space at home. The best part? Every fire pit is under $350. Get the scoop on each design and shop the winning selections in the links below.

How We Picked

To find the best fire pits under $350, we spent hours researching pits with the optimum materials, size, weight and fuel options available within this affordable price category. We sifted through fire pits from trusted retailers, comparing models with various design aesthetics based on the factors above. From there, we narrowed our list to fire pits that met most of our expectations and possessed standout features, such as smokeless flames or impressive scale, to bring you 10 exceptional fire pits for patios of all sizes and styles.

The Home Depot
What We Like
  1. Includes fire screen and poker
  2. Features rust-fighting drainage holes
  3. Versatile transitional design
What We Don't Like
  1. May be too bulky for small patios
  2. Wood-burning only

The lattice design in a rich, oil-rubbed bronze finish instantly brings style to your backyard. The 34-inch fire pit has ample space for firewood and includes drainage holes to help guard against rusting. A mesh lid and poker are also included.

  1. Size 25 x 34 x 34 inches
  2. Weight 31.9 pounds
  3. Fuel Type Wood
What We Like
  1. All-weather wicker base
  2. Includes durable fabric cover
  3. Transforms into a table with metal lid
What We Don't Like
  1. Simplistic design
  2. Heaviest fire pit on our list

Cocktails taste sweeter when shared around this fire pit table. The propane-powered design features an all-weather wicker base, a bed of glass beads and a metal tabletop that’s equal parts durable and easy to clean. Best part? It comes with a metal lid that covers the pit between use and creates space to spread out snacks.

  1. Size 24.75 x 28 x 28 inches
  2. Weight 59 pounds
  3. Fuel Type Propane
$299.99 $285
On Sale!
What We Like
  1. Timeless and versatile design
  2. Arrives fully assembled
  3. Includes spark screen and lid
What We Don't Like
  1. Does not include a cover
  2. Heavy and tricky to move solo

Heat up your farmhouse patio design with this cozy cast-stone fire pit. The round, wood-burning pit is texture-rich and made to last with a durable cast-stone base complete with a stone-inspired ledge for resting your s’mores sticks or poker. Each pit arrives pre-assembled and includes a mesh spark screen and lid to ensure safety while enjoying the view.

  1. Size 21 x 34 x 34 inches
  2. Weight 51.5 pounds
  3. Fuel Type Wood
$169.99 $102
On Sale!
What We Like
  1. Includes removable lid and spark screen
  2. Statement silhouette creates natural focal point
  3. Forged from rust and heat-resistant steel
What We Don't Like
  1. Narrow width
  2. Mod design lacks universal appeal

Chimineas marries the wood-burning ambiance of a fire pit with the statement-making style of a fireplace, making them the perfect focal point for your outdoor patio. Better still, chimineas are a solid option for anyone with smoke sensitivity as their integrated chimneys direct smoke up and away from your entertaining space. The Hearth & Hand Wood Burning Outdoor Metal Chiminea from Target earns our pick because its rust-resistant steel frame will last for years, and its sleek silhouette plays well with farmhouse, contemporary and transitional designs. Each chiminea has four legs for proper ventilation and features a safety lid to keep embers in check while in use.

  1. Size 50 x 17 x 17 inches
  2. Weight 14.77 pounds
  3. Fuel Type Wood
What We Like
  1. Easy-clean ashtray base
  2. Curved interior for long-lasting burns
  3. Integrated handles for comfortable transport
What We Don't Like
  1. Basic stainless steel bowl design
  2. Spark guard, cover and poker are sold separately

There’s something oh-so-cozy about the smell of a bonfire. That said, all that coziness ends when you leave the bonfire and realize smoke has clung to your hair and clothing like a bad souvenir. Skip the soot without skimping on the s’mores with the Cuisinart Cleanburn. The wood-fueled pit features a clean burn design that reduces smoke by increasing the airflow from below the flames and burning off the smoke-causing ash and debris into an easy-to-remove base ashtray. Each Cuisinart Cleanburn Smokeless Fire Pit is double-walled and boasts an inky-black enamel exterior and rust-resistant stainless steel interior.

  1. Size 24 inches
  2. Weight 22 pounds
  3. Fuel Type Wood
$299.99 $249.99
Solo Stove
What We Like
  1. Yields smokeless flames
  2. Removable ash pan
  3. High-heat ceramic coating maintains vibrant finish for years
What We Don't Like
  1. Expensive price point for size
  2. Safety accessories are sold separately

Take this portable fire pit wherever you go, whether you're camping, tailgating or hanging out in your backyard. The Solo Stove Bonfire features the brand's signature Airflow Design that creates a super-efficient burn using strategically placed holes in the double-wall structure to draw in air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top. That means nearly no smoke and minimal ash to clean at the end of your fire pit session. Plus, it's so compact you don't need a ton of space to store it.

  1. Size 14 x 19.5 inches
  2. Weight 23.3 pounds
  3. Fuel Type Wood
What We Like
  1. Available in 9 unique colors
  2. Ultra-lightweight design
  3. Offers dual fuel versatility
What We Don't Like
  1. Burn time varies
  2. Requires frequent refueling
  3. May get lost on long, rectangular tables

On the hunt for a fire pit that moonlights as an inviting centerpiece for your patio table? The Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit is here to deliver, friend. The cylindrical stainless-steel design features a glossy, high-heat ceramic coating and offers dual wood or pellet fuel options that make it easy to ignite with whatever you have on hand. Better still, the compact design comes equipped with Solo Stove’s Signature 360-Degree Airflow feature that reduces smoke output for a more enjoyable experience. Each Mesa Fire Pit includes a pellet adapter, a tabletop fire pit stand and a nylon carry bag to transport the lightweight design wherever you go. Treat yourself to the Mesa in one of nine chic colors: bone, ash, deep olive, mulberry, stainless steel, bronze, green, stainless steel or water.

  1. Size 8.6 x 7 x 7 inches
  2. Weight 2.3 pounds
  3. Fuel Type Wood and pellets
What We Like
  1. Round silhouette saves space
  2. Includes cutout removable lid
  3. Forged from weather-resistant steel
What We Don't Like
  1. Lacks safety cover
  2. Produces smoke
  3. Ash collects in bowl

Get your outdoor space into shape with this spherical fire pit. The cornerless silhouette allows you to heat up your small patio design without taking up valuable legroom in the process.The wood-burning design is crafted from durable, weather-resistant steel and boasts an inky finish that complements all color palettes. Each pit features an eye-catching cut-out lid and four hairpin-style legs brimming with midcentury flair.

  1. Size 26 x 26 x 26 inches
  2. Weight 13.5 pounds
  3. Fuel Type Wood
What We Like
  1. Generous scale
  2. Mesh spark screen
  3. Protective cover
What We Don't Like
  1. Traditional aesthetic may not work with modern or contemporary patios
  2. Lacks drain for rainwater

Get that cozy campfire feeling without leaving your house with this extra-large wood-burning fire pit. The lightweight fire pit is made from rust- and heat-resistant steel and features a charming cross-weave design. Each pit set includes a metal spark screen, a weather-resistant round cover, a built-in wood-burning grate for better airflow and a poker to easily control the flame.

  1. Size 24 x 36 x 36
  2. Weight 28.9 pounds
  3. Fuel Type Wood
$274 $167
On Sale!
What We Like
  1. Space-saving silhouette
  2. Includes spark screen, log grate and poker
  3. Integrated handles for easy mobility
What We Don't Like
  1. No protective lid
  2. Painted copper finish

This contemporary fire pit brings heat to your outdoor design in more ways than one. The wood-burning design features a mixed-metal design with a copper-finished steel basin and contrasting iron frame. Best part? You can pair this eye-catching fire pit with classic neutral tones and vibrant summery hues alike.

  1. Size 24 x 31 x 31 inches
  2. Weight 30 pounds
  3. Fuel Type Wood

What to Consider Before Buying a Fire Pit

Fire Pit and Purple Flowers

Fire Pit and Purple Garden

Purple flowers in a variety of shades brighten the fire pit sitting area and go beautifully with the woven chairs.

Photo by: John M McCarthy

John M McCarthy


Fire pits come in various sizes, and, typically, the price of a fit pit increases with its size. With that said, our picks for the best fire pits under $350 are in the small and medium-size categories, with options ranging from 7 to 36 inches in diameter. Large fire pits are categorized as pits with a width or diameter exceeding 60 inches and typically come with a sizable price tag to match their scale.

The Sunnydaze Round Wood-Burning Fire Pit from Amazon is our suggestion for large spaces as it measures three feet in diameter and produces the most robust fire on our list. The Threshold Wood-Burning Outdoor Fire Pit from Target is ideal for small spaces as the spherical structure is a seamless addition to smaller paved patios where every inch counts.

Our top picks for portable pits are the compact Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 or the feather-weight Solo Stove Mesa XL for your outdoor table.


The weight of your fire pit is a crucial consideration because it determines how easily you can transport your pit from one location to another – and how easily your curious kiddo or pet could knock it over while playing. A lightweight pit is a fantastic option for an adult camping trip or tabletop centerpiece because you can commute from point A to B without needing an extra hand. With that said, we do not recommend igniting a fire pit that feels shaky after setting up because that poses a threat to people and pets and could spell disaster on a windy day.

The fire pits on our list range in weight from as low as 2.3 pounds for the Solo Stove Mesa XL Tabletop Fire Pit to as high as 59 pounds for the Best Choice Propane Fire Pit Table. Our research shows that fire pits under $350 weigh significantly less than more expensive models, as they are typically wood-burning and made from lighter materials.

Fuel Type

There are a few different fuel types for fire pits, but the most common fuel at this price point is good, old-fashioned wood. Although wood-burning fires create smoke and require more attention than their propane counterparts, they also provide your backyard with unparalleled coziness thanks to the harmonic crackling of the logs as they burn and glowing embers as the flames die down.

Propane is another popular fire pit fuel that we love, but propane fuel is trickier to come by in this price category. The Best Choice Fire Pit Table is our pick for the best propane fire pit under $350, and it provides all the benefits you’re looking for, including smokeless flames, zero ashes and a switch-on flame ignition that creates an ambiance in seconds.


Where should you set up a fire pit in your yard?

Cozy Backyard Fire Pit Area

Relaxing Outdoor Lounge Area With a Fire Pit

This cozy outdoor lounge area from HGTV Magazine features butterfly chairs, a fire pit and outdoor pillows.

Photo by: Lisa Romerein

Lisa Romerein

When it comes time to set up your fire pit, location is everything. To ensure your home’s safety, it’s paramount that your fire pit is placed a minimum of 20 feet away from your home at all times. Your fire pit should be in an open area, on level ground, and away from hanging vegetation.

Do not place your fire pit under a semi-covered structure, on a hill, on a wooden deck or on flammable surfaces like dry grass or vinyl. The best location for your fire pit is level and non-flammable surfaces like a stone-paved patio such as a stone paved patio, gravel, or stone,

We recommend checking with your fire department for local regulations to ensure your fire pit checks all the safety boxes so you can have your s’mores stress-free.

What’s the best fuel for a fire pit?

Fire Pit and Blue Chair

Metal Fire Pit and Blue Outdoor Chair

Grab a drink and cozy up next to the patio fire pit. String lights and lanterns bring more twinkle to the setting.

Photo by: Spacecrafting Photography

Spacecrafting Photography

The best fire pit fuel is wood. Although wood logs produce smoke, they give off more heat than propane pits and allow you to create taller flames to suit any occasion. Plus, the sound of the crackling wood and the glow of the captivating embers as the fire dies down yields an unparalleled coziness that propane pits cannot replicate.

How big should a fire pit be?

The size of your fire pit is best determined by considering where you plan to use it. A portable fire pit suited for tabletop, camping or tailgating should have a diameter between 5 and 30 inches wide. Medium-sized fire pits have a diameter between 30 and 36 inches and are ideal for creating a cozy gathering place in a standard backyards.

What safety tips should fire pit owners know?

Warm and Relaxed

Warm and Relaxed

Wood framed chairs surround an outdoor fireplace on the paved patio space to keep the party going well after dark. Neutral upholstery with blue and white throw pillows play off the home’s classic exterior color palette.

Photo by: Joseph Bradshaw

Joseph Bradshaw

Always check with your fire department before setting up your fire pit to ensure it’s up to local code and safe for use. Beyond meeting the local code criteria, we urge you to double-check that your fire pit is a minimum of 20 feet away from your home on a level, inflammable surface. Avoid igniting a fire if you feel your fire pit is unsteady upon assembly and hold off on use if the forecast is windy as fire can easily jump from your pit and into your yard.

Take advantage of any mesh fire screens that come with your fire pit to keep flames and embers contained. If your fire pit does not include a spark screen, we recommend investing in one separately.

Never leave a burning fire in your pit unattended. Make sure to extinguish flames and ashes completely before going inside using a lid, snuffer, dry dirt or sand.


10 Essential Outdoor Fire Pit Safety Rules

Keep your family safe by knowing the safety rules for gas or wood-burning outdoor fires. Plus, learn about the best fire pit tools, tips for having a fire pit on a deck or under a pergola, and what type of wood to burn in a fire pit.


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