Yellow Bathroom Decor Ideas

Gather yellow bathroom decor ideas, and prepare to add a sunny and welcoming design to your bath space.
Yellow Bathroom Shower Curatin

Yellow Bathroom Shower Curatin

The yellow shower curtain and towel contrast nicely with the more neutral wall colors.

By: Sean McEvoy

If you're looking to feature a bright, sunny and bold decor theme in your bathroom design, you may want to explore yellow bathroom decor ideas. Yellow, and the wide palette of yellow adjacent colors, can create a bathroom decor scheme that's at once soothing, eye-opening and visually striking.

Creatively Colorful Shower Curtains

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Paisley Daze

This pink paisley shower curtain adds a girly touch and stands out against the bathroom's white walls and fixtures.

Four Square

RMS user rdoukas turned a children's bathroom into a colorful, tropical getaway.

Green Dreams

RMS user dezignrogue pulls in natural green tones to stand out against the white brick wall.

Hello Sunshine

With deep blue tiled walls, a golden yellow shower curtain brightens the space and provides a bold contrast. Design by Velvet Hammerschmidt.

Subtle Color

A green and beige damask shower curtain provides subtle color to this bathroom.

Whether it's your goal to create a yellow decor theme that runs throughout your entire bathroom or simply to incorporate a few key yellow decor items, you'll find plenty of options that will help create a bright, warm and welcoming bathroom design.

Yellow bathroom decor can encompass a few key decor items, or it can run throughout the entire bathroom space as an overarching theme. For many homeowners, linens are a great place to begin when exploring a color-based decor theme. Window shades, shower curtains, bath towels, hand towels and bath mats are all available in a wide range of yellow hues; you can obtain them from both online and brick-and-mortar home goods retailers. You'll also have plenty of yellow-centric textures and patterns to choose from as you begin to incorporate them into your bathroom design. You can pair various shades in the design, ranging from soft yellows to bright, almost neon hues. Whether your design features yellow interspersed conservatively throughout the bathroom or as a full color takeover, linens create a great opportunity to carry the bright and sunny theme forward throughout the space.

Yellow can also be featured as a primary or accent color on furniture in your bathroom design. Wooden furniture can be purchased unfinished and painted yellow, and cushions on chairs and benches can feature solid yellow or patterned yellow designs. Gingham, floral, plaid and striped styles may feature yellow as a bold primary element of the design, or they may subtly feature the color throughout, giving you an opportunity to feature these furniture accents alongside more impactful elements like linens but without overwhelming the space.

Wallpaper is another decor element that will provide a great opportunity to incorporate yellow into your bathroom design. Floral or pastoral patterns featuring yellow flowers or birds can be a great choice, adding a natural and soothing element to a more traditional or vintage bathroom design. Yellow accents or primary designs may also be featured designs featuring toile, stripes or geometric patterns.

Another element of your bathroom decor that can feature yellow is wall art. Frames for a series of family photos can all be yellow, or you can choose painted or illustrated art that features yellow as a bold accent or primary focus of its design.

Beautiful Bathroom Color Schemes
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