Fish and Mermaid Bathroom Decor

Explore fish and mermaid bathroom decor ideas, and get ready to add a whimsical ocean theme to your bath space.
Coastal Bathroom With Fish Wallpaper

Coastal Bathroom With Fish Wallpaper

Wallpaper in a fish print covers the walls of this coastal bathroom with a porthole-style windows, marble vanity, and glass mosaic-tiled shower.

By: Sean McEvoy

Whether your seaside vacation home is in line for a bathroom install or update, or you're simply ready to add a hint of seafaring style to your landlocked bathroom, you may want to browse some fish and mermaid bathroom decor ideas.

15 Sea-Inspired Decorating Ideas for Bathrooms

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Coastal Cool

Transform a standard bath into a coastal retreat by first painting an accent wall in a soothing shade of maritime blue. Allow the breezy curtains, claw-foot tub and sleek white floors to create a contrast against the blue accents. For an extra touch of charm, add peel-and-stick wall art around the room, like these seashell and marine-life prints from HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams. The finished look is a proper beach-style bath, but who knows — it could be in the middle of a bustling city.

Photo By: Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Sandy Chic

HGTV fan KarenSpirit knows exactly how to create the perfect balance between sophisticated elegance and beach chic. For a sandy look, she uses ginseng bone travertine on the walls and floor and brown grass cloth behind the vanity. She effortlessly pulls the entire look together with simple sea-inspired accessories.

Beach Waves

This powder room is not only set in an oceanic blue hue, but also features a mosaic border around the entire space with a soothing wave pattern. Designer Allison Rejeanne uses luxurious marble cut into various mosaics to create a chic and sophisticated bath.

School of Fish

Nothing about this bathroom exudes a subtle coastal feel, and that's what makes it so appealing. The swimming fish wallpaper has a youthful feel, while still maintaining an air of maturity and sophistication. Port windows and mirrors create a nautical look and offer additional privacy, thanks to their small size and shape. Design by Bruce Palmer. Construction by Dewson Construction Company. Architecture by Olivieri, Shousky & Kiss, PA. Photography by John Jenkins

Contemporary Warmth

Designer Bruce Palmer veers away from the traditional blue and green color palette when designing this modern bathroom. In fact, he uses smooth pebbles along the wavy back wall and floor to create a natural, sandy look reminiscent of the beach. With that, the bath maintains its modern and coastal appearance. Design by Bruce Palmer. Construction by Dewson Construction Company. Architecture by Olivieri, Shousky & Kiss, PA. Photography by John Jenkins

Mixing With Modern

In this guest bathroom, designer Brian Patrick Flynn uses a summer-inspired driftwood gray as the room's primary color palette. Set off by neutrals, the room evokes a comfortable, coastal feel. Although surrounded by contemporary decor, a round mirror covered with reclaimed twigs pulls the entire organic look together.

Charming Display

In this cottage-style bathroom, designer Anissa Swanzy uses a wall of built-in bookshelves to host an array of charming coastal finds, along with towels and toiletries. Any bathroom built-in can provide the perfect storage option, while serving as a place to display decorative items like any other room in the house.

From: Anissa Swanzy

Beachy Blues

This bathroom may not be covered in beachy decor, but it certainly evokes a sense of coastal charm through a blue color scheme. To reflect the homeowner's love for contemporary style, designer Allison Rejeanne covers the walls in gray-blue glass subway tiles and uses grass cloth-inspired porcelain on the floors. Inside the shower, she continues the sea-blue theme with marble, glass and mosaic tiles that become an eye-catching display through the glass shower door.


Sky-blue walls along with the white beadboard and navy-blue vanity create the ultimate coastal color palette. Designer Erica Islas ties in simple decorative elements, like glass cabinet pulls and pebble flooring, to bring an ultra-beachy effect to a clean and streamlined bath.

Patterned Flair

Bring nautical flair to a bathroom with a quirky wallpaper pattern, like this red, blue and white beach-hut design from Graham & Brown. For an additional splash of color, mix a bolder wallpaper graphic like these red and white polka dots. Finally, just add some starfish and driftwood decor to tie it all together.

Turquoise Retreat

The tropical master bathroom from HGTV Green Home 2009 pulls its inspiration from the home's location on Florida's Treasure Coast. To mimic the hues of the water, designer Linda Woodrum uses sea-blue mosaic-glass tiles on the walls and inside the shower. As a contrasting element, she keeps everything else — including the walls, vanity and trim — a crisp shade of white.

Charleston Inspiration

Inspired by the elegant harbor city of Charleston, S.C., HGTV fan Campbell1082 uses antique-style fixtures and traditional molding to exert Southern coastal charm.

Oceanfront Resort

This master bathroom showcases the stunning ocean views by integrating windows, sliding doors and shutters into the available wall space around the room. A spacious shower even connects to the oceanfront patio, making it feel alfresco. To create this contemporary coastal look, designer Bruce Palmer uses copper, reclaimed wood and more modern pieces to form a resort-esque retreat. Design by Bruce Palmer. Construction by Dewson Construction Company. Architecture by Olivieri, Shousky & Kiss, PA. Photography by John Jenkins

Maritime Style

To give this contemporary bathroom a hint of nautical style, designer Erica Islas simply uses a blue and white color scheme and hangs a small wooden ship's wheel onto the door. When combined, these elements instantly pull in a maritime feel, whether the home is located by the water or not.

Tropical Haven

The natural textures and palette of this tropical-style bathroom nod to contemporary oceanfront living. Designer Joseph Cortes uses seagrass, rattan, decorative moss balls, seashells and other natural materials to create a room that feels simple yet representative of its outdoor surroundings.

Many coastal bathrooms feature seaside and ocean life themes such as seashell decor, but plenty of homeowners choose ocean-inspired theme for their bathrooms even if they're not located on the coast because these themes can have such a soothing, universal appeal.

Fish and mermaid bathroom decor can run the gamut from a few strategically placed accessories or decor flourishes to a complete thematic takeover of the bath space. When planning your bathroom decor approach, you'll first need to decide how much is enough fish and mermaid decor, and when you might need to "scale" back.

The size and configuration of your bathroom space may help you decide on the extent of the theme. For a particularly small space, you may decide that a more simple and subtle implementation of the fish and mermaid theme is the right approach, sprinkling in a few key decor elements like soap dishes and dispensers, linens and bath mats. For a significantly larger bathroom space, you may want to go big and bold with your fish and mermaid theme, featuring Piscean accessories and mythical mermaids on everything from wallpaper to storage elements, faucet designs to doorknobs.

When you've decided on the scope of your fish and mermaid decor plans, the next step is to figure out how you'll implement them. Your options will only be limited by what you want to feature in your bathroom space, and what you can find that fits the theme. The search for fish and mermaid themed bathroom decor is half the fun, though, and you should have no trouble discovering a veritable ocean's worth of thematic elements that fit this decor style.

Accessories are a great place to start when planning your fish and mermaid bathroom decor scheme. Bath mats, hand towels and bath towels are all widely available with fish and mermaid prints, and they can be a big and bold way to show off the theme. Shower curtains were almost made to display a fish and mermaid theme, and you'll find a wide selection of them featuring ocean and sea life images and themes.

Storage accessories for toiletries and bath accessories can also feature a fish and mermaid theme. Everything from toothbrush holders to the toothbrushes themselves are available in fish or mermaid form, and larger items like baskets for linens or toilet paper can carry the theme as well.

Subtle Seaside Master Bath
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