Girl's Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Gather girls' bathroom decorating ideas, and get ready to create a fun and functional girl's bathroom in your home.
Colorful Floral Girls Bathroom

Colorful Floral Girls Bathroom

This girls bathroom has a colorful floral wallpaper that gives this space a lively feel. The bright blue patterned window treatments, upholstered stool cushion and the white cabinets round out the room.

Photo by: Rebecca Hawkins

Rebecca Hawkins

By: Sean McEvoy

If you're adding or upgrading a bathroom to be used by young girls, you'll want to explore the range of girls' bathroom decorating ideas. From kid-friendly decorations to funky, functional storage, you'll have a plethora of elements to help create a kid's bathroom space that's as fun as it is attractive.

Tween Girl's Glam Powder Room Makeover

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A Glamorous Space for Her

In a single weekend, this dated space was transformed from a lackluster powder room into a vogue-inspired girl's vanity complete with gilded gold touches, black-and-white typography wallpaper and a mix of metallic elements.

Before: Dark and Dated

From its contractor-grade, redwood cabinets and its beige floor tiles, this en suite tween girl's powder room was lacking in personality. In order to make it more youthful and sophisticated, the cabinets were painted glossy black, the tile was covered with vinyl plank flooring and it was given a timeless black and white color scheme.

Make a Statement

When looking to update small powder rooms or bathrooms, keep in mind that wallpaper often makes the biggest impact with minimal cost.

Stylishly Stored

It's common to run out of concealed storage in a small tween girl's powder room, especially when a hefty stock of nail polish and hair accessories is concerned. Free up precious drawer space by putting colorful items such as nail polish on display in clear glass containers. Not only will this keep a girl's most precious colors within arm's reach, the nail polish bottles will serve double duty as colorful accessories.

Sleek Updates

Buck the trend of stainless steel or polished-nickel fixtures and instead bring something unexpected into your girl's powder room with anthracite. Available in a variety of metals, smoked fixtures — classified as anthracite — are charcoal in coloring and commonly found in satin or polished finishes.

Gilded Layers

One of the most iconic color schemes for glamorous interiors is black and gold. To mix these colors in an easy-to-change-up manner, a gilded gold vanity mirror was hung on the wall and satin brass accessories were used along the countertop, layering different intensities of the same hue. Should a tween grow tired of the gold by the time she's a full-fledged teen, all gold elements can easily be swapped out for something new without any need for a major redesign.

Chic Underfoot

If you're looking to make dated ceramic tiles disappear without major demolition or labor costs, vinyl plank flooring may be the perfect solution. Available in a variety of colors and looks, vinyl plank is installed by simply cutting planks to size with a utility knife, then laying them side-by-side with attached adhesive strips, securing each plank to the other. The installation process is simple and the finished look is crisp and beautiful.

Industrial Accents

Modern glamour suggests pairing sophisticated, dramatic styles with unexpected elements. Rather than replacing the contractor-grade light fixture with a chandelier, a golden-toned farmhouse pendant was installed along with a formal ceiling medallion. The laid-back, playful and industrial vibe of the pendant puts a fresh spin on the otherwise girly and dramatic style.

All Glossed Up

When looking to update existing cabinet door fronts without major costs, keep in mind that glossy black and glossy white paint instantly modernize almost any style door front, resulting in a much newer look. In order to properly refinish old cabinet door fronts, first, remove them from the casing, marking the back of each door front and the inside of the cabinet with painter's tape marked with coordinating numbers. Next, remove the existing finish with fine-grit sandpaper and wipe away dust with a damp cloth. Add an even coat of primer to the front and back of each door front as well as the fascia of the cabinet casing. Lastly, use a professional-grade, two- or three-inch angled brush to apply two coats of a high-gloss latex paint, as well as a clear coat of polyurethane. Keep the space well-ventilated for 24 to 48 hours to allow fumes to subside.

When you're assessing decorations for a girl's bathroom, color is almost always one of the key elements to consider. Gender-specific bathroom designs used to have specific colors that were just about mandatory — blues for boys, pinks for girls, for example — but those old rules don't apply much anymore.

The rainbow will be at your fingertips as you think about colors to use in your girl's bathroom, with the choices you make as likely to be defined by which colors the girls in question prefer as by which ones are appropriate for girls or boys. In general, spaces designed for use by kids often feature bold colors in their design. Pops of red, yellow, blue and green are common, although it's not at all uncommon for funkier neons or softer shades of blue, pink and green to appear.

The age range of the girls who'll use the space can have a major influence as well — bathrooms designed for use by young children often focus on bright and bold primary colors, whereas those for older children may be more subtle and even elegant in their approach to color scheme. Additionally, if the girl or girls who'll use the bathroom the most have a favorite color or colors, you may want to incorporate those into the design as well.

Storage will be a particularly important feature of any bathroom intended for use by children. Since kids commonly struggle with keeping their spaces tidy, organization features in girls' bathrooms can be extremely helpful. Toiletries and accessories can be stored in jars, bins or on racks on the back of cabinets, helping to create a space that's not overrun with items that have been left out or, even worse, lost.

Speaking of accessories, small bathroom items, as well as linens and wall coverings, can be a great addition to any kid's bathroom and provide an opportunity to express some style and personality. Kid-friendly characters and themes emblazon linens, wallpaper and bath accessories available at many home goods retailers. Towels and shower curtains, for example, are widely available in bold, entertaining designs just for kids — underwater and sea-life themes, branded characters and flora and fauna of all types are available to help create a fun and visually interesting bathroom space. Wallpaper is also widely available featuring favorite kid characters, sports and nature themes, and funky patterns can work well in any girl's bathroom. Finally, consider adding a personal touch by incorporating family photos to the design as wall art, or framing some of the child or children's artwork and displaying it as well.

Furniture in girls bathrooms spans a wide range of styles, but many parents choose durable, long-lasting materials for furniture in kids' spaces — plastic chairs and benches in vibrant colors are particularly popular (and much easier to clean than, say, their wooden, upholstered counterparts).

12 Stylish Bathroom Designs for Kids

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