Red Bathroom Decor

Get ideas and info on red bathroom decor, and prepare to add a burst of bold color to your bathroom design.


Because it's such a bold color, red works well with sleek, modern elements. And because red is found abundantly in nature, it complements earth tones beautifully.

By: Sean McEvoy

Color is an essential bathroom element. Many homeowners are interested in red bathroom decor for its ability to add bright, bold splashes to any bath space. Red, and the wide range of red-related colors from pink to purple, can provide striking, visually impactful color bursts that can liven up your bath design.

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Whether you're using red as a theme throughout the entirety of your bathroom color scheme, or simply interspersing it subtly and conservatively to create an understated but still powerful red theme, this versatile color is sure to add warmth, interest and excitement to your bathroom.

Red bathroom decor can be expressed through a full color scheme or a few simple accessories. Many homeowners interested in incorporating a red decor theme will start with the linens in their bathroom. Bath mats, bath towels, hand towels, shower curtains and window coverings are all great opportunities to display a color theme. All of these decor elements are available in a wide range of red shades, in solids, stripes and patterns. From pinks to deep reds to purples, you'll find a deep selection of hues, from bold to subtle, at many home goods retailers, either online or in-store. In the context of a bathroom design that features a full red takeover from walls to floors to accessories, linens can be a key component, but they'll be just as useful in a more subtle color scheme expression where they're the only red elements in the design.

To continue your red theme throughout the bathroom, you might want to feature red as an accent color on any furniture in the space. Benches and chairs can feature red or red-hued cushions, cabinet hardware and crown molding can be painted red, and wooden furniture can be stained or painted in red or shades of red as well. Patterns with red as a featured color can be a striking addition and feature stripes, gingham, plaid, polka dots or floral designs.

Wallpaper is another way to express a red decor theme. Traditional but casual toile, stripes, geometric patterns and floral prints are all types of wallpaper that can be found in red.

Using artwork to carry your color scheme throughout a space is another option. Consider a gallery wall that features black and white photos with red frames, or artwork itself that features red as a primary color. Small statuary or collectibles can also keep the red theme consistent, as can containers for toiletries, bath accessories and linens.

Surfaces are another way to show of a color theme in your bathroom design. Floors, backsplashes and countertops can all feature red tile. Stone and marble can often be dyed to feature red inflections or a full-on red color. Wood floors can even be painted shades of red or pink if you're looking for a bath space that features a red theme from top to bottom.

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