20 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

Designing a bathroom for your kiddo? Get inspiration from the pros. These bathrooms feature playful and practical design details such as bath toy storage, easy-to-reach towels and so much more.

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March 21, 2019

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Photo By: Jane Beiles

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Double Vanities

Any parent knows that when you have multiple kids sharing one bathroom, chaos ensues—especially when everyone is trying to get ready in the morning and you’re already running late. By creating two vanity stations, this bathroom allows two kids to brush teeth at the same time and cut down on time spent waiting and fighting during the morning routine.

Double Faucets

If you love the idea of two vanities but don’t have the space in your bathroom, look for a larger sink—such as a farmhouse sink—with multiple faucets. It’s a great way to create at least two teeth-brushing stations without the extra cabinetry.

Multiple Hooks

If you have multiple kids sharing a bathroom, extra towel hooks are a must. We love this wall of hooks because every kid has a space for their towel, and there’s no excuse for leaving towels on the floor!

Whimsical Lighting

If your child’s bathroom is also the hall or guest bathroom, you likely want it to look presentable for adults and not scream kid’s bathroom when they walk in. Funky lighting is a great way to have fun without going overboard on the kid stuff. We love these hanging neon clouds. It’s funky yet stylish for a hall bath but super fun and whimsical for kids.

Step Stool

Low-standing sinks in public restrooms are a godsend for little ones washing hands, but that’s not really practical for a home bathroom. Instead, choose a step stool that helps tots reach the sink. And it doesn’t have to be a big, clunky plastic one. We love the sleek, wooden step stool in this contemporary bathroom.

Pull-Out Step

If you don’t want a step stool underfoot, you can create a secret pull-out step. The step in this bathroom pulls out from the bottom drawer. A special lid goes on top and supports up to 90 pounds. And when the child grows, the top can be removed and the drawer can be used again. Genius.

Easy-to-Reach Towels

Bathroom cabinets sometimes need to be locked to keep chemicals and cleaning supplies out of reach of small hands. If you need more space for your kids’ bath items, look for a vanity with open shelving. This bathroom has easy-to-reach and easy-to-see towels for little ones.

Easy-to-Reach Storage

If you don’t have an under-sink vanity or cabinets, invest in storage baskets. They’re a godsend for picking up bath toys and keeping them out of sight when company comes over.

Extra Built-Ins

Most modern, tiled showers have a few built-ins for soap and shampoo, but they're normally designed to be eye-level. We love that this bathroom features a low cubby just for bath toys.

Pop of Color

You don’t have to go overboard with a theme in a child’s bathroom. Just a pop of color can be fun and playful. We love the monochromatic green accents in this bathroom.

Bright Counterop

If your kiddo wants lots of color, but you don’t want to paint the walls or the cabinets, consider a bold countertop. We love the hot pink countertop in this otherwise crisp, white bathroom.

Funky Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink is also a great place to incorporate color. They’re pretty easy to install and one of our favorite DIYs for updating a bathroom.

Bright Fixtures

If you’re renting and can’t make changes to a bathroom, fixtures are a great way to have fun with color. This highlighter orange faucet adds a touch of whimsy to an otherwise neutral bathroom.

Fun Wallpaper

Let your kid or tween showcase their personality and express themselves with a bold, colorful wallpaper. If you’re having flashbacks to a horrific experience removing wallpaper, don’t worry. Wallpaper has come a long way, and these days there are tons of removable and vinyl cling options.

Ceiling Mural

Another alternative to painting walls is a statement mural. We love the way this teen bathroom made use of the awkward, slanted ceiling with a painted diving sign that ties into the room’s beach theme.

Whimsical Hooks

If you’ve got a kid and a teen sharing one bathroom, styles can clash. But you can add little details that appease both parties. We love the way this bathroom features a modern Scandinavian-inspired shower curtain but also features a bright lemon wall with whimsical animal hooks.

Add a Pouf

Poufs are a great way to add vanity seating without spending big bucks on a chair. Plus, they add kid-friendly color and style without a lot of effort. This basic white bathroom has a bohemian vibe all because of a painting and a pouf.

Neutral Canvas

If you want a space that will transition as a child grows, stick with a neutral canvas. This white, contemporary bathroom wouldn’t read kid at all except for the bright, colorful accessories and art (which can be easily swapped out when the child's tastes change).

Shower Bench

A bench in the shower is a feature we typically associate with seniors when designing a bathroom, but it’s great for kids, too. And a bonus shelf for storing toys.

From: Jill Wolff

Stacked Towel Racks

This luxury marble bathroom looks 100% adult, but it actually has several design features that make it perfect for kids. The tub has built-in steps to make it easier for little ones. And the wall features stacked towel racks to keep towels easily within reach.

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