How to Make Resin Bookends

Customize the color, shape and size to fit your personal design aesthetic.

Resin Bookends Flanking Three Books on Floating Shelf

Resin Bookends

HGTV Handmade’s Crafty Lumberjacks share step-by-step instructions for trendy, resin bookends. To make, you will need a resin kit, mixing cups, faux agate slice mold, craft sticks, wooden skewers, gloves, teal and white alcohol ink, four wood pieces, sandpaper, wood glue, embossing glue, embossing powder, embossing heat gun and a microfiber cloth.

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Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

Decorative geodes and agate slices are having a moment, but they can be a little pricey. Envy no more and make your own trendy, agate-inspired bookends using colorful resins. HGTV Handmade’s Crafty Lumberjacks share an easy, step-by-step guide to craft up a pair of resin bookends that’ll perfectly flank your favorite reads.

Materials + Tools

  • gloves
  • wood glue
  • super glue
  • embossing glue
  • embossing powder
  • embossing heat gun
  • microfiber cloth
  • paint brush
  • tarp or craft paper

Tip: Use a resin kit that has a longer setting time and be sure to follow the instructions on the package.

Mix Resin + Add Color

Before you begin, gather all materials together, put on protective gloves and cover your work surface to protect from any spills. For this design, pour equal parts (1:1) resin and hardener into two mixing cups (Image 1). Slowly mix the resin and hardener together with a craft stick for two minutes (Image 2). Now, split the mixture into three smaller mixing cups (Image 3). In one cup, add 2-3 drops of teal alcohol ink and stir well to distribute the color (Image 4). In the second cup, add 2-3 drops of white alcohol ink and stir well to distribute (Image 5). Keep the last cup clear.

Pour + Layer Resin

Start by pouring a thin layer of the teal resin around the outside edge of your chosen mold (Image 1). Add a couple of drops of the teal alcohol ink directly into the first pour and mix with a wooden skewer (Image 2). Then, pour a small amount of the white resin on the inside section of the mold and mix together with the teal color using a wooden skewer (Image 3). Add clear resin to fill up each section (Image 4). Tip: Create a layered, organic look by pouring alternating colors in the same spot. Last, use an embossing heat gun and wave it back and forth over the mold to remove any air bubbles (Image 5). Then leave the resin mold to cure for 24 hours.

Emboss Resin Slices

Once fully dry, carefully remove the slices from the mold and pick two slices to emboss (Image 1). Now wipe down each slice with a microfiber cloth (Image 2). Using a paint brush, add a light coat of embossing glue around the outside edge of the two agate slices (Image 3). Next, generously shake on embossing powder along the edge and tap off any extra (Image 4). Heat the powder by waving an embossing heat gun back and forth until the powder turns shiny and dry (Image 5).

Glue + Emboss Wood

Add a small amount of wood glue to the end of the 4’’ wood piece (Image 1). Then adhere with the 3-1/2” wood piece at a right angle (Image 2). Let the glue dry completely. Next, use a paint brush to add a light coat of embossing glue to the ends of the wood (Image 3). Add embossing powder over the glued edges and shake off any extra (Image 4). Heat up the powder by waving an embossing heat gun back and forth until the powder turns shiny and dry.

Add Wooden Pieces + Enjoy

Lastly, add a small amount of super glue along the straight edges of the resin slice and adhere it to the inside of the wood (Image 1). Hold firmly until the glue is dry (Image 2). Repeat for the second piece. Craft these cute resin bookends as a colorful, handmade gift or display them with your favorite books (Image 3).

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