10 Ways Pink Brings Energy to Your Space

It's National Pink Day — incorporate this lighthearted hue into your home's design.

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Today is National Pink Day — this hue has been in design and fashion since the 14th century. Acccording to Pantone, different shades convey very different meanings. "Light pinks connote sweetness and tenderness, muted dusty pinks are more sophisticated and upscale and brighter pinks are more whimsical and fun." But every shade "exudes warmth, charm and vitality." Who wouldn't want to incorporate this cheerful color into their interior? To celebrate, we've rounded up our favorite rooms that feature pink in stylish ways.

Bold + Bright

Pink Victorian Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

Pink Victorian Bathroom with Clawfoot Tub

A clawfoot tub painted with gold leaf paint is the focal point of this small bathroom designed by HGTV's Property Brothers. The chandelier is also gold-leaf, as is the mirror frame. Pink-and-silver wallpaper give the room a modern, eclectic twist.

From: Property Brothers

Feminine Bedroom Boasts Fun, Floral Wallpaper

Feminine Bedroom Boasts Fun, Floral Wallpaper

Gray wallpaper with a fun floral print in pink and green sets the tone for this chic, feminine bedroom. Black, white and gray furnishings add lovely contrast and keep the space from appearing too busy.

Photo by: Susan Gilmore Photography

Susan Gilmore Photography

Shades of Pink in this Bathroom Make the Space Pop

Shades of Pink in this Bathroom Make the Space Pop

In this bathroom, the different hues of pink make the space pop. The chandelier is made from pale pink milk glass, while bolder colors of pink make up the rug. The salmon colored bathtub, which is the statement piece of this space, is accented by pink floral wall curtains that tie all of these shades of pink together.

Photo by: Alison Kandler

Alison Kandler

Hot Pink Wardrobe, Marbled Wallpaper Add Sophistication to Dressing Room

Hot Pink Wardrobe, Marbled Wallpaper Add Sophistication to Dressing Room

Closet doors open to reveal an unexpected hot pink wardrobe with lucite shelves in the dressing room and bath at the 2016 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Designer Katie Raffetto selected marbled paper for the space's wallcovering to evoke the look of a colorful jewel box.

Photo by: Anna Alexa Basile Photography; Design by Katie Raffetto

Anna Alexa Basile Photography; Design by Katie Raffetto

Muted Elegance

Pink Gingerbread Victorian

Pink Gingerbread Victorian

Neutral Cottage Guest Bathroom With Claw Foot Tub

Neutral Cottage Guest Bathroom With Claw Foot Tub

The claw foot tub in this cottage-style bathroom is the perfect place to relax and unwind. A soft blush wallpaper with cream colored flowers adds to the femininity of the space.

Eclectic Living Room With Velvet Sofa

Eclectic Living Room With Velvet Sofa

This modern living room features a custom, pale pink velvet Chesterfield sofa and peach silk drapes. Moroccan ottomans provide additional storage and seating.

Light + Sweet

Focal Point

Focal Point

The eye-catching salmon desk chair gives this mostly deep gray space with light ceiling a stylish focal point and pleasing pop of color.

Photo by: Robert Peterson/Rustic White Photography ©2016, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Robert Peterson/Rustic White Photography, 2016, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Fun, Feminine Dining Room With Soft Pink & Pastel Green

Fun, Feminine Dining Room With Soft Pink & Pastel Green

Incorporating soft pinks and pastel greens, this dining room feels open and full of natural light. The custom pink table seats eight and was inspired by a Chanel piece. Two crystal chandeliers hang above the table, adding elegance and sophistication to the fun, feminine space.

Photo by: Guillaume Gentet

Guillaume Gentet



Photo by: Emilee Ramsier ©2011, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC

Emilee Ramsier, 2011, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC

Psychology of Color: Choose the Right Shade

See All Photos

Turquoise: Stability and Peace

Turquoise walls bring a serene feel to this sitting area in a teen's bedroom.

Sunshine Yellow: An Uplifting Hue

Yellow is often associated with happiness and optimism because it can activate memory, stimulate the nervous system and promote creativity. Go all out by implementing a sunshine yellow and toning it down with white accents, like in this dining nook designed by Brian Patrick Flynn.

Muted Yellow: Airy and Relaxing

If a bright yellow isn't your style, try a neutral pale shade. The added bonus: this shade gives the appearance of a larger room. Designer Kathryn Greeley used an earthy yellow in this cottage-style bedroom to create a relaxing look.

Bold Red: Dramatic and Energizing

Red immediately evokes a passionate, romantic feel in any room. It can add drama when used generously or just a simple touch can warm up a space. The many different shades create different moods, from a romantic merlot to a retro cherry shade. This velvet red wall makes the dining space more intimate while bringing some color to the otherwise neutral space. Design by Candice Olson

Red-Orange: A Subtle Approach

The red-orange mirror counterbalances the cool blue patterned wallpaper and instantly warms the space. Use small doses of red if you want to spice things up without completely committing to the bold hue. Design by Erinn Valencich

From: Erinn Valencich

Bold Pink: For Grownups

Pink isn't just for little girls' rooms anymore. This punchy color is much more versatile than you may think. Designer Christopher Grubb chose this vibrant pink-orange color combo to bring a playful touch to this sitting room without making it feel too youthful.

Peony Pink: Energetic and Youthful

If you want to add pink to a girl's room while keeping a sophisticated look, try a saturated peony shade like in the Green Home 2011 home. This hue will add energy while keeping a feminine look.

Deep Orange: A Versatile Shade

Few people choose orange when deciding on an interior color because picking the right shade can be overwhelming. A deep orange, or terra-cotta shade, is a great option for a home office — it's energizing by day and cozy by night. Designed by Sabrina Soto

Apricot Orange: An Appetizing Shade

Go with a lighter shade of orange, such as apricot, if you want a more relaxing look. Designer Chip Wade used apricot to act as an appetite stimulant while balancing the right amount of relaxation and energy.

Lime Green: A Burst of Energy

Green reminds us of life and renewal since it's associated with nature. It's one of the most versatile colors — it can be dramatic, refreshing or inviting depending on how you use it. Designer Tobi Fairley accented a bookshelf wall with a lime-green shade for a burst of energy.

Celery Green: A Lively Neutral

Lighter shades of green, such as sea green and celery green, bring a light and airy look. Designer Shelly Riehl David proves that a light-green shade can add sophistication and crispness in harmony. The green color acts as a neutral yet still brings life to this hallway.

From: Shelly Riehl David

Cool Blue: A Serene Environment

Many homeowners turn to blue when painting a room because they want a comfortable, inviting feel in their home. For a serene environment, mix a glacier blue with chrome accents. Design by Tobi Fairley

From: Tobi Fairley and Tobi Fairley

Sapphire Blue: A Powerful Statement

For a completely different mood, choose a darker shade of blue, such as sapphire. This shade will bring a powerful punch to any room, but it isn't for the faint of heart. For a less dramatic approach, Design Star winner Danielle Colding brought in touches of yellow in this home office.

Vibrant Purple Shades: A Refreshing and Lively Look

You're in the majority if you stray away from purple when decorating. However, this color correlates with royalty and creativity, and it can completely refresh your home's interior. If you have a simple space you want to spruce up, try adding multiple shades of purple. Brian Patrick Flynn painted a chevron pattern in different shades of purple and anchored it with a softer shade of purple on the walls, creating a striking focal point.

A Pop of Purple: For a Fun Vibe

Sometimes all you need are accents of color to change the mood of a room. Brian Patrick Flynn added neon purple pillows to this gray living room for an energetic vibe that enhances the wallpaper pattern.

Gray: A Favorite Neutral

Designers love to use gray as a backdrop or neutral shade because of its ability to allow other colors to shine. Its sophistication comes off as too serious sometimes, so Brian Patrick Flynn added a playful spin with a two-toned patterned wallpaper design that makes the coral vanity stand out.

Silver Gray: A Romantic Feel

A lighter shade of gray brings a romantic touch to a space. This dining room, designed by Rebekah Zaveloff, features silver-gray walls for a sophisticated, inviting look. The dark gray table draws the eye toward the center of the room.

Earthy Brown: Helps You Relax

Brown is one of the most comforting colors, so it's a top choice for living rooms and kitchens. The soft brown wood tones in this kitchen make it feel inviting and pleasant. Photo courtesy of Hinkley Lighting

Brown Accents: Highlights Bold Colors

Using brown is a great way to highlight bold colors while anchoring the space. Designer Andreas Charalambous brought in touches of brown tones to counterbalance the bold red bedroom wall.

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