20 of Our Favorite Smart Home Products

Outfit your home with these energy-saving, time-saving and sanity-saving smart products.

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November 16, 2021

Having a “smart home” used to be unreasonably expensive with big, bulky appliances and way too many keypads mounted on the walls, but these days, smart home products are seamless — and they’re surprisingly affordable. It’s not really about having a digital assistant in every room. (Though those are super helpful and we do have a recommendation for that.) Smart home products are really just about making your day-to-day tasks at home easier, from a soap dispenser with a touch-free sensor to energy-efficient outlet plugs that save you money. If you’re ready to shop smart, take a look at our favorite products below and outfit your home with top-rated tech.


$178 $125

Did you know you can make your curtains smart? SwitchBot is a tiny robot/butler that magically motorizes your curtains. You can open or close via your smartphone or schedule curtains to be drawn at a specific time every day like royalty. You can choose from three different curtain types, U-rail, rod and I-rail, so the robot will work with your curtain configuration and white or black so it blends in as best as possible with your space.

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Forget clap-on, clap-off. With Sengled Smart Light Bulbs all you have to say is "Hey Alexa." You can dim the lights for bedtime routines with the kiddos, turn off lights for a movie or turn on the lights when you wake up without actually getting up. You can also control lights from your smartphone from anywhere, which is pretty handy if you're out of town.

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$24.99 (Pack of 3)

You can turn almost any appliance into a smart appliance with the Kasa Smart Plug. It's compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and allows you to control power via voice commands or phone commands. Forgot to turn off the fan, a coffee maker or Christmas tree lights? Just tell the outlet! This saves energy and can help you lower utility bills.

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Say goodbye to those clunky garage door buttons. With the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub, you can open the door from your phone. But this is more than just a button. The Chamberlain system is kind of like low-fi home security for your garage with real-time garage door monitoring sent straight to your phone.

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If you want to get smart to save money, a smart thermostat is a must. We've tested them all and one of our favorites is the ecobee 3 Lite Smart Thermostat 2.0. It's under $200, it works with both Android and Apple devices and unlike other smart thermostats, you don't need a hub system.

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If you've been reluctant to try a robot vacuum, we highly recommend it. There are models specifically for hardwood, carpet, pet hair and so much more. We've tested several units, and Anker's eufy RoboVac is at the top of our list for performance and price.

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Whether you'd like extra monitoring for packages or just peace of mind when you go on vacation, a DIY wireless home security system has most of the features of a traditional home security system but for a fraction of the cost. We love the SimpliSafe system for its broad compatibility and easy installation.

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Want to check in on your furbaby when you're not home? Furbo not only monitors your pets but will also launch treats remotely when you use the connected app on your smartphone. This smart pet camera would make the perfect gift for the pet (or pet lover!) in your life.

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The most common "smart" purchase is a personal assistant such as Alexa or Google Home. These come in screens, speakers and even little cubes, but if you're going to invest in an assistant, we think it should have a great-sounding speaker such as the Sonos One. After all, most people use a personal assistant for news updates, podcasts and playing party music.

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$399.99 $248

If you already have a robot vacuum, try leveling up with a robot mop. Yes, there are robot mops, too. And once you try (and by try we mean watch) the Bissell SpinWave, you'll never go back to the bucket.

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$149.95 $90

What could be smarter than growing your own herbs and veggies? The AeroGarden makes "gardening" accessible for apartment dwellers and other foodies who don't have space to grow outside or want fresh herbs even during winter. Plus, its easy, teched-out design makes growing ingredients accessible for folks who say they don't have a green thumb.

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Smart products should make tasks at home easier, and that's exactly what SimpleHuman does with every product. The hands-free soap dispensers are clutch in the kitchen, especially when prepping raw meat or cracking eggs. The dispenser itself is incredibly stylish with trendy chrome and brass options.

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The SimpleHuman sensor trash can is also incredibly handy when baking and cooking. Not only is it motion-activated, but it responds to voice commands, too!

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$599 $509

The Anova Precision Oven is smart for so many reasons. It has temperature control to prevent fluctuating temps like a traditional oven, which makes easy sous vide cooking at home possible. It also comes with steam settings for baking perfect bread, and those are just the highlights. This unit replaces tons of countertop appliances for a minimal, efficient kitchen. Air fryer? It does that. Toaster? Yep. It also dehydrates and defrosts, too.

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$7,999 $7,199

For something completely over-the-top, the LG InstaView refrigerator is basically The Jetsons IRL. It opens with a voice command or the tap of a foot, which is pretty amazing when you're trying to unload groceries. The fridge drawers open magically, too. And when you're making a grocery list, there's no need to open the door and let out the cool air because you can see through the door.

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Smart wellness products seem like an oxymoron, but sometimes tech can help us lead healthier lives. If you're trying to improve your sleep hygiene and ditch the bedside phone, a smart alarm clock is a great place to start. The Hatch has intuitive light that gradually brightens to wake you up gently or dims for bedtime routines.

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Aromatherapy can be calming, invigorating and refreshing, but it's not for everyone. If you're in a house divided, the Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser is a godsend. This wall plug-in connects to your phone for custom scent blends, timed scents and quick settings for scent strength.

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Dyson's Pure Cool Purifying Fan is the Cadillac of air purifiers. It has tons of settings for fan speed and cooling, but most notable is just how quiet it is — even at top speed. As for air quality, it removes 99.97 percent of pollutants and allergens such as pet dander and pollen as small as 0.3 microns.

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And speaking of Dyson, we have to mention the Supersonic Hair Dryer. This thing isn't cheap, but it's a gamechanger for drying hair — less heat damage, less dry time and less frizz. The new flyaways attachment even tames stubborn baby hairs without products and sprays.

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