This Smart Hotel Uses Science and Smart Products to Deliver the Best Night's Sleep

The new resort’s wellness rooms use futuristic tech and a little TLC to soothe you and send you right to sleep.

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June 10, 2022

Who knew being robotically punched in the back by your mattress is the key to the best sleep of your life? Lake Nona Wave Hotel does. The luxury wellness resort in Orlando has nothing to do with Central Florida’s theme parks, but it’s just as magical. The rooms are engineered to send you into that coveted, deep REM, which is hard to achieve while traveling and away from your home’s creature comforts. The hotel claims to be the smartest hotel in the world, from windows that are controlled by artificial intelligence to adjust tinting throughout the day and block harmful UV rays to toiletries specifically calibrated to combat Florida's humidity on your skin. Plus, it’s cute — really cute! Normally, tech hotels aren't this stylish, but the lobby and lounges are funky maximalism at its best. As for the digs, the well+ech by Wave rooms are modern, minimal and really do give you a great night’s sleep. If you can’t swing a stay anytime soon or want to take cues from the hotel's setup in your own home, here are all the relaxing and sleep-inducing products the hotel uses, from a calming soda to a robot bed that can literally rock you to sleep.

The Tech

Before I dive into the robot bed, I have to mention the robot toilet. This was the smartest toilet I've ever encountered, and it was kind of scary how many buttons and features there were on a wall panel next to it. First, the bathroom knew I was entering the room. Track lights would shine with a warm glow bright enough not to stumble around but low enough that it wasn't alarming in the dark. And then the toilet knew. It. Knew. The rooms feature a Toto Neorest toilet, and owning one of these babies is now a life goal. I see your gourmet kitchen ranges, and I raise you a toilet that senses you with robot toilet magic and automatically sanitizes and warms the seat for you. Heaven, truly.

The Wellness

Of course, electronics aren't the only way to create a healthier hotel room and better sleep hygiene. That's why you won't find a mini bar in the well+ech rooms. Alcohol, even wine, is actually the worst type of nightcap because although it makes you sleepy, it will typically wake you back up a couple of hours later. The mini fridge is instead stocked with Mad Tasty CBD soda. These seltzers feature 20 milligrams of broad-spectrum hemp extract, which provides the same calming unwinding that many enjoy with a glass of wine at night — without the whole digestive system waking you back up part.

Each room also has a Spoonk acupuncture mat, which I had no idea was a thing and had to call the front desk and ask about. But now I'm hooked. You can lay on the mat and wiggle around for a back massage or stand on it for a foot massage. You can also use it to fall asleep. The company recommends laying on it in bed for 20-40 minutes. "The initial strong sensation will subside. When you are deeply relaxed, remove the mat and go to sleep."

The Sheets

While there are many, smart features in this hotel room, I was most impressed with the sheets. The hotel uses Nollapelli's dual-faced fabric sheets that are designed to help hair, skin and overall sleep health. The side that's in direct contact with your skin stays cool and smooth, while the opposite side dissipates moisture. That's largely due to the blend of Tencel, nylon and Pima cotton. Unlike 100% cotton, this synthetic blend doesn't retain the moisture that we naturally release while we sleep, which can create friction with your skin and hair. Nollapelli promises to manage "the sleep environment trifecta of moisture, temperature and friction." I don't know if I woke up with fewer wrinkles or smoother hair, but I do know that these sheets are incredibly airy and crisp. Like rice cereal. Yes, rice cereal sheets. I'm obsessed. As a notorious hot sleeper, I hate thick top sheets. But I'm still very, very pro top sheet, so I don't like sheets that seem to compete with the comforter. These Nollapelli sheets are perfectly breezy and lightweight.

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The Sound Machine

Yes, the room has tablets to text with room service. Yes, the room has a fancy Nespresso machine. But you know the best electronic in that whole room? The Adaptive Sound Technologies sound machine. I immediately added this to my Amazon cart after one night. I'm used to the hum of our portable AC unit at night, so it's hard for me to sleep in hotel rooms where I can hear the elevator ding or people talking in the hallway. This machine drowned any of that out, and it had some seriously sweet tunes. Turns out, I don't like white noise. I like pink noise, which is less static-y than white noise. Brown noise isn't bad, either.

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The Bed

And now, without further ado, the pièce de résistance: the bed. The Restorative Bed by Bryte, which starts at over $7K and currently has a waiting list to buy, is so much more than a mattress. It's a futuristic sleep experience. It's one part Apple Watch, one part Sleep Number and one part those big massage chairs at the nail salon. It's all about data with this bed, and, like that seriously cool toilet, the bed knows. There are sensors in the mattress which speak to a connected tablet. It knows where you're sleeping, how you're sleeping and, like Santa, it knows when you're awake, too. All of this activity is recorded as a sleep report card in the morning to see exactly how much sleep you got, even how much deep sleep, but that's not all.

The bed has cooling jets to keep the memory foam perfectly cold — no more rolling over to avoid a hot spot because it doesn't get hot. That's just the beginning of what you can customize with this mattress. You can select a firmness and a temperature for each side or the whole bed. Then there's relax mode. This setting triggers soft, rolling waves of what I can only describe as gentle punches from a very polite ghost that lives in the mattress. It's a subtle motion but enough that it almost mimics being rocked to sleep. I was skeptical to try it, but once I hit relax mode, I don't remember it turning off. According to my sleep report, I fell asleep during the session, which is only about 20 minutes. I've tried meditation apps and so much more that promise to help you fall asleep fast with no luck. It just never works on me. But with this bed, I was out.

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