The Best Products for Cleaning Your Electronics

These products will have your electronics, from cellphones to computer screens, looking shiny and new in minutes.

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December 06, 2021

We use our electronics a lot, and I can't speak for everyone, but many of us are probably not cleaning our electronics as much as we should. Luckily, there are products out there that'll have your electronics, like your phone, computer screen, tablet, etc., looking brand-new. Here are our favorites, from ones that get rid of dust and debris to those that kill germs.

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You can wipe down your AirPods as much as you want, but it's near impossible to get rid of debris and dust in those tiny nooks and curves. This electronics brush comes with two ends — one with soft bristles and the other made of silicone. Use the bristle side to get rid of dust and the silicone side to wipe away debris. You can also clean keyboards, phones, screens and lenses.

Photo By: Crystal Martin

Sure, microfiber cloths do an okay job cleaning your screen, but we found something even better. The iRoller gets rid of smudges, smears and fingerprints with just a few simple rolls. It's portable, liquid-free and safe to use on any electronic device. Simply rinse with water after each use, then reuse.

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The Sweep and Swipe is two tools in one. One side is a microfiber cloth that gets rid of smudges and smears, and the other side has a retractable brush to sweep away dust and debris. It's compact so you can keep one in a drawer at your office, in the car or in your bag.


Spray this non-toxic screen cleaner on the face of your phone, then wipe away lurking germs with the anti-microbial cloth that comes in the package. It's also great for cleaning tablets and laptops, as well as any other devices with sensitive screens. Each travel-size bottle is good for about 250 sprays of cleaner, so it should last quite a while, depending on how often you clean your phone.


Deep clean your device or extend the life of your AirPods with this universal device cleaning kit. This is the ultimate kit to remove dust, wax and dirt and also disinfect your phone and AirPods. The travel-ready set comes with antimicrobial wipes, microfiber cloths, an inside soft-bristle brush, an outside cleaning brush, pointed cotton swabs and antimicrobial cotton swabs.

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It may look like a child's toy, but this slime is actually a cleaning tool that picks up dirt and grime. The non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning slime picks up pesky grime in nooks and crannies where a regular dust cloth won't. Use it on keyboards, camera gear, speakers, drawers, kitchen appliances, air vents and more. After picking up dirt, simply knead the slime into itself before cleaning another surface area. The slime absorbs the mess and can be used repeatedly. Replace the slime once it turns a green color (indicated by a small swatch on the packaging).


Remove grime from delicate components with this 30-pack of electronics cleaning wipes. Featuring an ammonia-free antistatic formula, these wipes safely remove dust, dirt and smudges from sensitive electronics. Plus, we love that they dry quickly without streaking or residue.


To truly sanitize electronics, you need to use rubbing alcohol or UV light. PhoneSoap is a device that uses UV-C light technology to kill 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria on your phone. Just place your phone inside, and your phone is sanitized once the blue indicator light shuts off (which takes about five to 10 minutes).


HomeSoap works the same way as PhoneSoap, but it's big enough to fit larger items like your tablets and small laptops. You can put other items inside as well, including remotes, car keys, toys and other items made of nonporous materials.

4 Clever Gadgets for Cleaning Electronics
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