The Best Surge Protectors of 2023

Protect all your appliances and devices with a top-rated surge protector for safe and efficient charging.

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May 25, 2023

Our Top Surge Protector Picks

If you've got some big or medium-sized appliances at home, you might be worried about what could happen if there's a power surge or something goes wrong. And let's be real, most of us have a bunch of expensive gadgets like phones, tablets and laptops that we need to also protect from those situations and charge up regularly. That's where surge protectors come in handy. They'll keep your devices safe and let you charge them without any stress or hassle. We've rounded up the best surge protectors for every need and situation.

What is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is a gadget designed to protect electrically-powered equipment from power surges and unsafe voltage spikes that can occur along electric wires and cables. When picking the right one, bear in mind that the effectiveness of the protector increases as its joule rating goes up. To help you with your search, we've assembled the most important factors to consider.

How to Choose the Best Surge Protector

Before choosing a surge protector, think about the devices you want to protect. Do you need to power large appliances like refrigerators, smaller machines like air conditioners or small devices like smartphones?

Another important consideration is the number of outlets offered. Surge protectors come in different sizes, so picking the right size is essential. Are you just looking for a couple of outlets for your personal gadgets or do you need something that can power up appliances and devices for your whole family?

Finally, where will you install the surge protector? Although this may seem trivial, not all surge protectors are suitable for wall mounting, travel or other specific preferences. Therefore, before adding it to your cart, it is vital to ensure that the surge protector you select is appropriate for the space and situation you intend to use it in.

Best Overall Surge Protector

Do you have a household with multiple technology users? Alestor is the perfect solution to fulfill all your charging needs while prioritizing your family's safety. This versatile product is equipped with 12 AC outlets and four USB charging ports, making it ideal for families with multiple devices. It can charge three iPhones in just two hours and four cell phones in under three hours. It also includes overload protection to prevent electrical spikes, a fireproof shell and a grounding indicator to ensure proper ground protection. In addition, it offers surge protection of 2,700 joules and has an indicator to let you know when the surge protection is activated.

Best Budget Surge Protector

For a reliable and budget-friendly surge protector power strip, choose this option by Amazon Basics. This choice comes with six outlets, two USB ports and an indicator light that signals when surge protection is active. It's a simple and fantastic choice for both home and office usage.

Best Wall-Mounted Surge Protector

If you're in search of a mini surge protector that's both compact and efficient, this Belkin product is your buy. With three outlets and two USB ports, it's ideal for individuals who live alone or prefer a single surge protector for their personal use. The 360-degree rotating AC plug feature ensures easy and convenient use with any wall socket. You can rest easy knowing that your electronic devices, appliances and other gadgets are protected from dangerous fluctuations, power spikes, lightning and overloads. Its small size makes it a convenient option to bring along while on the go, too.

Best Portable Surge Protector

Are you looking for a portable and reliable surge protector? Look no further than Anker. This product can charge up to nine devices with six AC outlets and three USB ports, making it ideal for family vacations. Its compact design allows for easy packing in any travel case without sacrificing its efficient functionality. Additionally, this product safeguards against spikes, fluctuations, circuit shortening, grounding, overheating, fire hazards, excessive amperage and over-voltage.

Best Energy-Saving Surge Protector

If you're looking for an energy-efficient surge protector to power your devices, Woods is your buy. This product comes with a wireless remote control that can turn off four outlets from up to 80 feet away, reducing power loss. With six outlets and a five-foot extension cord, it's versatile and convenient. The included surge protector switch ensures you won't accidentally turn off your devices.

Best Surge Protector for Reaching Far-Away Places

Are you in the market for a surge protector that can supply power to multiple devices for your family while maintaining cable organization? Go with this buy from Koosla. It's a smart solution that can charge up to 18 devices at once with sockets placed perpendicular to the floor, making it easy to tuck away in tight spaces and reduce clutter. This system prevents voltage spikes and protects your devices during thunderstorms. Additionally, it has an overload protection feature that automatically shuts it off to avoid excessive power usage. With an extension cord reaching up to 16.4 feet, you can power up any device anywhere in the room.

Best Surge Protector for Refrigerators and Washing Machines

If you're searching for a surge protector to power large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines safely, look no further than the Refrigmatic and Lavamatic combo package. The Refrigmatic is ideal for refrigerators up to 27 cubic feet, while the Lavamatic can accommodate both front and top-loading washing machines. Each product features an indicator light that signals a 30-second delay period to allow the system to stabilize before restoring power, as well as indicator lights to alert you to high, low or normal voltage. Plus, both products are compact, measuring just 4 x 2.4 inches.

Best Surge Protectors for Air Conditioners and Freezers

If you're in need of a surge protector for your smaller appliances like air conditioners and freezers, Nippon has got you covered. With its LED indicator lights boasting three modes, removable ground pin and automatic disconnection for excessive voltage, you can trust that your appliances are always protected. The safety cycle light will remain on for four minutes after the voltage returns to normal, ensuring maximum safety.

Best Surge Protector for Small Spaces

Do you need a safe and efficient way to add more electrical outlets to your limited space, like your bedroom, guest room or office? Go with this surge protector by Trond. With four outlets that are spaced far apart, you won't have to worry about larger power adapters blocking other outlets. Plus, you'll have four USB charging ports for all your devices. And with 1440 joules of surge protection, you can feel safe during thunderstorms or power surges. This slim surge protector even has two mounting holes in the back, so you can easily hang it on the wall for added convenience.

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