The Most Innovative Sleep Products

Struggling to get enough sleep and feel like you've tried everything? Consider the latest in sleep aid technology from wearable trackers, custom pillows, smart mattress toppers and more to help you fall asleep faster and get a better night's rest.

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June 08, 2022

Adults need at least seven hours of sleep each night, yet more than a third of Americans aren't getting enough, according to the CDC. From work/life balance issues to stress over things going on at home or in the news, it can be extremely difficult to quiet your mind and fall asleep.

There are lots of low-tech ways to calm down and get your body prepared for better sleep. Journaling or meditating for a few minutes can help and so can turning off your phone well before bedtime. If your current pillows, mattresses or mattress toppers aren't cutting it, brands specializing in customization may be worth considering. If you're looking for a higher-tech way to quiet your mind or track your sleep, wearable technology or a smart mattress topper might also help provide the data you're looking for to help you achieve better sleep.


12 Things That Will Help You Get Better Sleep

Tossing and turning at night? These handy products can help you get a better night's rest.


If you have a Goldilocks pillow problem and it's keeping you from sleeping soundly, Pluto may be able to help. Answer a few questions about your age, sleep habits, pillow softness and height preferences, and they'll ship a customized pillow straight to your door crafted for your needs. Don't like it? No worries — you can try it out for 110 days before deciding whether it's what you need.

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The Fitbit Sense tracker is embedded with tech to help you manage stress throughout the day, plus it comes with a big bonus: When you sign up for Fitbit Premium, you'll also get six months free of Calm premium, the app with sleep stories and guided meditations to help you ease your mind. Sense has an in-watch app to help you find a moment of quiet anywhere, any time throughout the day. Fitbit devices like Sense track your sleep, and you can use that data to see how you're impacted by various habits — such as making your bedtime or wakeup time more consistent, or turning off your phone an hour before bedtime and reading a physical copy of a book or magazine instead. The haptic alarm on the watch will wake you up with gentle vibrations on your wrist, and you can set the alarm to wake you up during the most ideal point in your sleep cycle within a half-hour period before your wake up time — a much less jarring way to wake up than a standard alarm clock.

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Apollo isn't a fitness tracker — it's a wearable device to soothe and calm your body. The device can be worn around your wrist or ankle and provides simple vibrations based on a need you've identified in the app, such as calming down before bed, falling asleep, staying open and mindful during social events or getting energized for the day. I was a bit skeptical before trying it — the idea of a vibrating wearable being able to help me fall asleep at night seemed a bit silly. But I found the device to be immediately soothing upon wrapping it around my ankle and starting a session. At night, wearing it around my ankle as I get ready for bed serves as a constant, gentle reminder to put my phone down, get cozy, and drift off to sleep. I found the experience to be most calming when I wore Apollo around my ankle instead of my wrist, as I normally wear a smart watch that buzzes with notifications from my phone.

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Cove is a small device for Mechanical Affective Touch Therapy (MATT) that you hook behind your ears to send small, comforting vibrations to the back of your head and neck. It may sound silly, but if racing thoughts are keeping you awake, it could help. A recent study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry showed that this technology works: People who used a MATT wearable twice a day for 30 days were found to have enhanced their mindfulness and significantly reduced their stress and anxiety.

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The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Cover zips over your mattress to add sleep-tracking and temperature-regulating capabilities to your existing bed without needing to purchase a whole new mattress. The cover works with an app to automatically control the temperature of your bed — warming it up or cooling it down an hour before your scheduled bedtime — and track your heart rate and other vitals throughout the night. The temperature is regulated by a bedside computer that pumps heated or cooled water through a network of wires embedded in the top of the mattress. The app rates your "sleep fitness" and allows you to track stress, habits, exercise and health (such as starting or ending your period) each morning, so you can see if any patterns emerge.

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Sleep Number's line of smart beds does more than just track metrics in an app. As it analyzes your sleep patterns, the mattress responds to your sleep stages and movements to automatically adjust the firmness of the mattress throughout the night to help you stay asleep and wake feeling more rested. If you have a partner, the mattress can be configured to respond to each of you individually. The companion app will show you data about your sleep in the morning, and share insights that may help you make healthy changes for better rest. While each of Sleep Number's smart beds is a bit different, the pSE Special Edition has a temperature balancing feature that absorbs excess heat while you sleep and releases it back to you as you cool down overnight.

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