Make Christmas Tree Ornaments From Scrap Felt

Felt scraps of projects past? Put them (all of them!) to use with these easy Christmas tree ornament ideas.

Multicolored Felt Ornaments

Make Different Colors

Repeat to make ornaments in various colors and shapes. These are perfect for kids to get in on the Christmas decorating since they won’t break when dropped!

If you have felt scraps leftover from other projects, don't throw them away — use them to make these cute Christmas tree ornaments. These DIY ornaments will help you use up even the tiniest felt scraps so none are wasted, making them festive and eco-friendly.

Felt Ornaments
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Miniature Wreath

Green Felt Weath on White Christmas Tree


Glue the bow to the wreath, along with a piece of ribbon as a hanger. Glue mini pom poms all over the wreath as a finishing touch.

Materials + Tools

  • green and red felt
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • low-temp hot glue gun
  • ribbon
  • mini pom-poms (optional)
  • ruler

Cut Felt Squares

Cut about 90 green felt squares that measure 3/4 square inches (Image 1 +2). Don't worry about them being perfectly even.

Cut Wire

Cut a piece of wire that measures around 8 inches (Image 1). Cut the end of the wire at an angle to get a sharp point; we'll use this end to poke through the felt to build the wreath form.

Add Felt Squares

Thread the felt squares onto the wire, pushing the wire through the center of each square (Image 1). Repeat until you've threaded all the squares onto the wire (Image 2). Then grab both ends of the wire and twist them together to form a circle (Image 3). Cut off the extra wire and fluff up the squares to get a small wreath shape (Image 4).

Make the Bow

Make a small felt bow by cutting a bulbous shape, a long thin rectangle and two small ribbon shapes out of red felt (Image 1). Add a dot of hot glue to the ends of the bulbous shape and then fold the ends into the center (it should start resembling a bow); then glue the long rectangle around the center, cutting off any excess felt (Image 2 +3). Finally, glue the two ribbon shapes to the back to get a small felt bow (Image 4).


Glue the bow to the front of the wreath, and a piece of ribbon to the back of the wreath to use as a hanger (Image 1). Optionally, glue mini pom-poms all over the wreath as a finishing touch (Image 2).

Zigzag Ornament

Red and White Felt Ornament on White Christmas Tree

Make Different Colors

Repeat to make ornaments in various colors and shapes. These are perfect for kids to get in on the Christmas decorating since they won’t break when dropped!

Materials + Tools

  • red, white and green felt
  • Mason jar lid
  • low-temp hot glue gun
  • pinking shears
  • ribbon
  • scissors

Cut Stripes

Cut three strips in red and three strips in white, then cut a smaller piece of red felt. Size will vary depending on how big you want your final ornament to be. Then use pinking shears to add a zigzag edge along the bottom of each piece of felt.

Glue Stripes Together

Add a line of hot glue to the top of the small piece of red felt, then glue on a long strip of white felt. Repeat this process, alternating between the red and white strips, to form a decorative pattern of zigzag stripes (Image 1 + 2). Next, cut out a larger piece, making sure it's big enough to cover most of the design, and glue it onto the back of the stripes (Image 3).

Cut + Add Details

Carefully lay a Mason jar lid top-side down onto your felt and use it as a guide to cut out a circle (Image 1 + 2). Tip: You can also trace the shape of the Mason jar lid onto the felt before cutting. Create a holly embellishment by cutting and gluing on two green leaves and a red circle for the berry, and create the look of an ornament hanger by cutting a small square of white felt (Image 3). Finish off the ornament by gluing a piece of ribbon to the back to use as an ornament hanger.

Make More Felt Ornaments

Repeat to make ornaments in various colors and shapes. These are perfect for kids who want to help with Christmas decorating since they won’t break when dropped!

Confetti Ornament

Green Confetti Ornament on White Christmas Tree

Fill a Clear Ornament

Fill a clear ornament with your felt confetti. Add the topper, gluing it in place to avoid a mess if you have kids or pets.

Materials + Tools

  • scrap felt
  • scissors
  • clear ornament
  • low-temp hot glue gun (optional)

Cut Confetti

Gather all of your felt scraps, no matter how small (Image 1). Use scissors to cut fringe into the sides of the felt scraps, then cut across the fringe to get tiny squares of felt (Image 2). Repeat this with all of the colors you want to use inside each ornament and mix them together (Image 3).

Fill Clear Ornament

Remove the lid from a clear ornament and fill it with your felt confetti (Image 1). Replace the lid (Image 2). If you have curious kids or pets, you can glue the lid shut to avoid a mess.

Make More Ornaments

Repeat this process with all of your leftover felt scraps to make colorful ornaments with zero waste.

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