DIY Paper Christmas Tree Forest Advent Calendar

Count down the days until Christmas with this festive, budget-friendly Advent calendar centerpiece.

November 26, 2019

Paper Forest Advent Calendar 04:43

The countdown to Christmas is on with this simple paper Christmas tree forest Advent calendar.

Materials + Tools

  • green scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • dowel
  • hand saw
  • hot glue gun + sticks
  • stamps
  • card stock
  • small gift boxes
  • wood slices
  • white paint
  • glue stick

Create Trees

Begin by cutting triangles of various sizes from scrap paper. Next, trace a triangle twice on green scrapbook paper and cut out (Image 1). On one triangle, cut a line halfway up from the bottom. On the other triangle, cut a line halfway down from the top (Image 2). Slot them together to form a Christmas tree. Then, cut a dowel into tiny pieces with a hand saw for the tree trunk and glue to the bottom of the tree (Image 3 & 4). Repeat this process to get 24 trees, and optionally, a larger tree for Christmas Day (Image 5).

Create Banners

To label each day in the calendar, use stamps to stamp out the numbers one through twenty-four onto card stock (Image 1). Cut out into decorative banners (Image 2).

Assemble Boxes

Gather 24 small gift boxes from the party or craft store. Hot glue a tree to the top of each one then use a glue stick to attach the number banner (Image 1). Use a larger box for Christmas Day (Image 2).

Assemble Centerpiece

Paint the center of two wood slices white (Image 1). Fill the boxes with small gifts and arrange on the wood slices to form an Advent calendar centerpiece (Image 2).

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