72 Easy Handmade Holiday Ornaments

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree this holiday season with our DIY ornaments every member of the family can make.

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December 05, 2019

Photo By: Karen Kavett

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

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Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Karen Kavett

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

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Photo By: Marian Parsons

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Marian Parsons

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Our First House

This personalized, house-shaped clay ornament makes a sentimental housewarming gift that new homeowners will cherish for years to come.

MAKE IT: How to Make a House-Shaped Clay Ornament

Ping Pong Ball Snowmen

Transform these inexpensive plastic balls into cheeky, cute snowmen with the help of hot glue, felt and colorful craft paint.

MAKE IT: DIY Ping-Pong Ball Christmas Decorations

Tree Hauler

A classic die-cast car is transformed into a nostalgic Christmas ornament using a bottle brush tree and some baker's twine.

Confetti Bauble

Get the kids in on the action with these confetti-filled ornament balls. Help little hands punch out some leftover tissue paper with a hole punch, then carefully fill each glass ornament with the confetti pieces. Add in a few metallic stars for extra holiday sparkle.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Fun Ways to Dress Up a Glass Ornament

Nutty Snowflake

A few hardware store supplies combine to make this adorable Christmas decoration, perfect for the lug nut in your life.

MAKE IT: 4 Ways To Make Inexpensive Hardware Store Ornaments

Yarn Ball Ornaments

Cover inexpensive foam balls with yarn to create a rustic Christmas ornament the kids can hang on the tree or use to top wrapped gifts. Choose traditional wool or synthetic yarn for a smooth look or get creative by wrapping the balls with fun, novelty yarns with fluffy, faux-fur textures or variegated colors.

MAKE IT: Christmas Kids' Craft: Yarn Ball Ornaments

Light Switch Cover Frame

Give a boring light switch cover a glam makeover in just a few simple steps. May we suggest a sweet frame for every member of the family?

MAKE IT: 4 Ways To Make Inexpensive Hardware Store Ornaments

Marbled Ping Pong Ball

With just a bowl of water and nail polish, you can achieve this trendy marbled ornament look — on a ping pong ball!

MAKE IT: DIY Ping-Pong Ball Christmas Decorations

Beaded Snowflake

Made from ribbon and wooden beads, this Scandinavian-inspired star ornament looks beautiful hanging in a window, on a door or nestled in a tree.

MAKE IT: How to Make a Wooden Bead Star Ornament

Angelic Paper Clip

Brighten up your tree at work or home with this fun office supply ornament made from a butterfly clamp.

MAKE IT: No Ordinary Ornaments: Office Supply DIYs

Christmas Tree Hoop

Framed inside a mini embroidery hoop, a plain wooden tree is transformed into an interactive, Scandinavian-inspired decoration. Top with felt leaves and a red wooden bead for a pop of festive color.

MAKE IT: 3 DIY Scandinavian-Style Ornaments

Upcycled Light Bulb Snowman

Don't trash those burned-out light bulbs! Upcycle them into sparkling snowman ornaments for your Christmas tree, instead.

MAKE IT: How to Make a Snowman Ornament From a Light Bulb

Snowflake Wood Round

Bring Scandinavian simplicity to your Christmas tree this year with this easy-to-craft ornament made from a wood slice.

MAKE IT: 3 DIY Scandinavian-Style Ornaments

Gift Tag Ornament

Gold leaf and a handwritten season's greeting turn this ordinary office supply into a one-of-a-kind tree trimming.

MAKE IT: No Ordinary Ornaments: Office Supply DIYs

Mason Jar Band Wreaths

Are spare Mason jar bands from past craft projects cluttering up your kitchen drawers? Upcycle them into adorable mini wreath ornaments for your Christmas tree using materials like moss, jute and ribbon.

MAKE IT: Make a Mini Wreath Ornament From a Mason Jar Band

Road Map Snowflake

Turn your favorite travel spot into a permanent decorative piece you can display year after year. Make this ornament by cutting thick card stock to size by tracing a snowflake silhouette with a pencil, then frost it with a light mist of spray snow. Cut a map to size, then fold it accordion-style to add texture. Add a small, brass embellishment in the middle for a metallic touch.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Easy-to-Make Holiday Tree Ornaments

Embellished Wood Slices

Birch log slices have been popping up everywhere as a way to add a rustic touch to just about any space in your home. They even make great Christmas tree ornaments. Pick up pre-cut wood slices, available at most craft stores, or cut your own logs into 1/4-inch-thick discs. Stencil on a wintry design with colorful craft paint or top with a scrapbook sticker, then drill a hole in the top for ribbon.

Rustic Twig Stars

These woodsy stars add just the right amount of homespun charm to an indoor or outdoor Christmas tree. Made from found twigs (free!), hot glue and paint, they're a fun craft project to make with the kids.

MAKE IT: How to Make a Front Porch Christmas Tree

Wood Bead Wreath

Gather the kids or your best pals and have fun crafting these Scandinavian-style wreaths that are just as pretty as they are easy to make.

MAKE IT: 3 DIY Scandinavian-Style Ornaments

Clothespin Snowflake

In just a few steps, you can turn wooden clothespins into beautiful snowflake tree ornaments. This is a great project for older children to tackle on their own or for small kids with help from a crafty adult.

MAKE IT: Turn Clothespins Into Christmas Tree Ornaments

Dashing Through the Disco

Who knew paper fasteners could be so fun?

MAKE IT: No Ordinary Ornaments: Office Supply DIYs

Salt Dough Ornaments

Using ingredients you already have in your kitchen, you can whip up a whole batch of these cookie-shaped ornaments. For the dough, you need: 4 cups of flour, 1-1/2 cups of water and 1 cup of salt. First, preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Combine ingredients, then knead the mixture into dough and roll out flat. Use cookie cutters to cut the dough into seasonal shapes and embellish however you'd like, then place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown. While cookies are still soft, use a knife to poke a hole in each for hanging. Once they've cooled, spray them with a clear protective food coating, thread ribbon through the hole and hang on the Christmas tree.

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All That Glitters

Give your tree, or in this case fiddle leaf fig plant, a touch of modern sparkle with these hand painted ornaments. Apply gold gilding paint with a medium sized brush and a light touch. Gently pull the gold paint across the ornament to create these beautiful brush strokes.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Fun Ways to Dress Up a Glass Ornament

Festive Cookie Cutters

Give your surplus of cookie cutters a new purpose. Layla Palmer of The Lettered Cottage made these festive ornaments by hot-gluing metal cookie cutters to decorative scrapbook paper. Implement this same look throughout your home by making a wreath or garland for your mantel.

Flower Power

Looking for a unique way to display dried wedding flowers or blooms from another special occasion? Layer dehydrated petals into a shatterproof, light bulb-shaped ornaments for a decoration that's equal parts pretty and meaningful.

BUY IT: Amazon, $22.94

Beach Scene

Warm up your tree with ornaments that remind you of vacation. Fill plain glass ornaments with sand and seashells from a special trip or from the craft store.

DIY String Art

String art is not just an adult DIY project. With a little help, kids can make their own mini versions of string art ornaments. Parents hammer the nails, kids do the stringing and your Christmas tree gets a dose of crafty awesomeness!

MAKE IT: Christmas Kids' Craft: Make Easy DIY String Art Ornaments

Cinnamon Scented

Enjoy all the fun of making Christmas cookies without the mess or calories. These fragrant (non-edible) and festive cinnamon ornaments are a must-make kid-friendly holiday craft that will have you rolling, baking and decorating.

MAKE IT: Kids' Craft: Scentilicious Cinnamon Ornaments

Embroidery Hoop Sweater Ornament

Last year's sweater just a little too tight? Turn it into an ornament with our easy DIY.

MAKE IT: How to Make Embroidery Hoop Sweater Ornaments

Paper Towel Roll Snowflake

Turn trash into treasure by upcycling empty paper towel rolls into glittering Christmas tree ornaments. Cut the roll into 12 half-inch sections, then glue together in a snowflake shape. Finish with decoupage glue and glitter.

MAKE IT: Transform Paper Towel Rolls Into Sparkling Snowflake Ornaments

Seasonal Sayings

Use Scrabble letters and strips of colorful ribbon to spell out holiday sayings or family members' names.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Easy-to-Make Holiday Tree Ornaments

3-D Card Stock Spinners

Add a trendy pop of color and pattern to your Christmas tree by whipping up these pretty paper ornaments using just card stock, beads and twine.

MAKE IT: Card Stock Christmas Ornaments

Sisal Rope Eggs

Start this easy project by buying round or egg-shaped foam balls and sisal rope from your local craft. Unfurl the sisal rope, then wrap around the foam egg, covering its surface completely, securing with hot glue as you go. Lastly, hot-glue a loop of ribbon to the top of the sphere and hang on the tree.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Easy-to-Make Holiday Tree Ornaments

Custom Clay Ornaments

With a set of alphabet stamps and bakeable clay, your favorite holiday saying becomes a modern, colorful ornament.

MAKE IT: Make Clay Ornaments Stamped With Holiday Cheer

Kid's Crafts: Twig Ornament

Ideal for tiny hands, these colorful, simple keepsakes are made using natural sticks and an assortment of fibers.

MAKE IT: Get Kids Crafting With These Easy Twig Ornaments

Rope Bauble

Spruce up a clear glass ornament by filling it with rope for a cozy look.

MAKE IT: 4 Ways To Make Inexpensive Hardware Store Ornaments

Timeless Gingerbread

These gingerbread cookie ornaments, made out of wood and paint, look like the real thing, but can be enjoyed for many Christmases to come.

MAKE IT: Easy-to-Craft Wooden Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments

Colorful Pom-Poms

Kids love seeing their handmade ornaments and decorations used at Christmas. This colorful yarn ornament garland is fun and simple to make for kids of all ages, making it an ideal family craft. The best part? You only need three materials.

MAKE IT: Kids' Craft: Make a Pom-Pom Christmas Garland

Wooden Spool

A relic of days past, wooden thread spools evoke a feeling of nostalgia. If you don't have a store of old spools lying around, however, you can buy them in bulk online. From there, simply add festive twine, wire or fabric to the center of the spool and hang for a warm, cozy Christmas look.

BUY IT: Amazon, $10.99

New Life for Old Bulbs

Don't toss old light bulbs — instead, give them new life as glittering tree ornaments. A few coats of metallic spray paint and a ribbon for hanging are all you need. Smaller light bulbs work best grouped together in odd numbers, while larger lightbulbs are best as single ornaments.

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

These clever upcycled cork Christmas trees are the cutest reason to drink more wine — like you needed one, right?

MAKE IT: How to Make a Wine Cork Christmas Tree Ornament

Metal Stencil

Make a graphic statement on your tree by stringing metal stencils from the hardware store onto twine. Create a similar look with cardboard stencils by punching a hole through the top, then hanging with twine.

Glass Terrariums

Bring texture and color to your front porch or Christmas tree with a grouping of clear glass ornaments filled with everyday organic materials such as moss, bark, lavender and dried oranges.

MORE IDEAS: 7 All-Natural Fillings for Clear Glass Ornaments

Puzzle Piece Reindeer

Not sure what to do with that old puzzle that's missing a few pieces? Repurpose it into cute reindeer ornaments for your Christmas tree. Paint the pieces in two shades of brown paint (one for the face, one for the antlers). Glue them together, then finish with googly eyes, a pom-pom nose and a red ribbon.

MAKE IT: Upcycle Old Puzzle Pieces Into Adorable Reindeer Ornaments

Button Christmas Tree

Put a kid-friendly spin on tree decor with ornaments made from stacked buttons. Add thread to a needle and knot the end, then slide an assortment of small neutral-toned buttons onto the thread as a tree base. Gradually build a tree silhouette with an assortment of large buttons along the bottom, medium buttons in the center and smaller buttons near the top. For a tree topper effect, add a small star decoration on top with looped string as a hanger.

DIY String Globe

These delicate ornaments are a beautiful way to add some festive Christmas spirit to your home, indoors or out. Their weather-resistant coating makes them a stunning addition to your winter yard that you can leave up all season.

MAKE IT: Holiday Craft: DIY String Ornaments

Glittery Light Bulb

This DIY project is as easy as they come. Simply coat glass light bulbs in craft glue and sprinkle with glitter. To hang, glue a piece of twine over the top, and wrap more twine around the top to cover it.

Get the How-To: 4 Ways To Make Inexpensive Hardware Store Ornaments

Covered in Sprinkles

This DIY project is the perfect way to use up all of your leftover sprinkles from Christmas cookie baking. Spread a thick layer of tacky glue over a glass ornament. Dip the ornament into a bowl of sprinkles, being sure to lightly push the sprinkles into the glue. Pair with candy canes and popcorn garland for the sweetest tree you ever did see.

See More Photos: 10 Fun Ways to Dress Up a Glass Ornament

DIY Snow Globe

Add a two-inch layer of artificial snow along the bottom of a clear glass or plastic ball ornament, and suspend miniature holiday figurines from the ornament's foil or metal cap using fishing line. Once hung, this simple, clear ornament takes on the appearance of a sophisticated snow globe.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Easy-to-Make Holiday Tree Ornaments

Paint-Dipped Wooden Spheres

Craving a more modern holiday look this year? These dipped wooden ornaments are stunning and simple to make.

Get the How-To: Easy-to-Make Paint-Dipped Wooden Ornaments

A Spoonful of Creativity

Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room repurposed old spoons by hanging them on her dining room Christmas tree — a great conversation piece at the dinner table.

Felt Pinecone Kissing Balls

Put a colorful, modern spin on mistletoe by creating a grouping of artificial pinecones made from felt and foam spheres. Craft a large version of these colorful spheres to hang in a doorway as a kissing ball or make several smaller versions for cheery ornaments.

Get the How-To: How to Make Felt Pinecone Kissing Balls

Kids' Craft: Bird Seed Ornaments

For the holidays, don't just decorate the Christmas tree inside your house. These birdseed ornaments add color to bare winter trees and treat hungry feathered friends to a snack. This is a great project for kids and to give as gifts to your favorite nature lovers.

MAKE IT: Kids' Craft: Bird Seed Christmas Ornaments

Playful Cards

For a one-of-a-kind ornament or gift topper, glue two playing cards back to back and punch a hole through the top. Hang the cards with ribbon or a small strip from a book page, pair with game pieces and colorful gift wrapping to create a game-themed tree. Project courtesy of Emily Jones

Candy Cane Reindeer

Kids will love creating these nostalgic reindeer ornaments using mini candy canes, felt, googly eyes and pom-poms.

MAKE IT: How to Make a Candy Cane Reindeer Ornament

Mini Pinecone Elf

How cute is this festive little guy? Grab some craft felt, mini pine cones and our step-by-step instructions below to make a gaggle of your own.

Get the How-To: How to Make Mini Pinecone Elf Ornaments

Felt-and-Thread Snowflake

To make this pretty decoration, first gather felt by the yard, along with ribbon, thread, a needle and crafting scissors. Using the bottom of a cup, trace a circle onto two stacked pieces of felt using a marker. Next, cut out the circles using fabric scissors, and then separate the two pieces. Trace the silhouette of a snowflake onto the center of one piece of the cut-out felt. Use a needle and thread to create stitches along the traced silhouette until the marks are completely covered. Next, insert a looped ribbon through the backside of the stitched felt, securing it to the top with hot glue. Finally, layer the second piece of felt on top of the ribbon, concealing the glued area, then decorate your tree!

MORE IDEAS: 10 Easy-to-Make Holiday Tree Ornaments

Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Turn a simple Mason jar lid into a tree ornament by covering its interior with glitter paper and an assortment of decorative buttons.

Tinsel Glass Bauble

Glass or clear plastic ornaments are perfect because you can fill them with whatever strikes your fancy. Here, we’ve added some tinsel garland for a touch of sparkle.

Sweet Baby Shoes

Turn outgrown baby shoes or your child's favorite pair of doll shoes into holiday ornaments by adding a four-inch section of rope or twine to the shoes' straps, then tying two small knots to connect the pair. Place one shoe on each side of a branch until they hang evenly.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Easy-to-Make Holiday Tree Ornaments

Sweater Pinecone

Turn an outdated sweater into this cozy, country-chic decoration.

MAKE IT: Turn an Old Sweater Into a Trendy Ornament

Coffee Bean Bauble

If you have leftover coffee beans, consider using them in clear ornaments. Once the bulbs are on the tree, the warm lights will heat your bulbs and give off a warm coffee aroma.

Button Snow Ball

Buttons of various shapes and sizes combine to make these sweet, pretty ornaments. Make your own with the instructions below.

MAKE IT: 10 Easy-to-Make Holiday Tree Ornaments

Toy Figurines

Get playful with your tree by turning small toys into ornaments. All you need is a simple ornament hanger or a small strand of string.

Natural Christmas Ornament

Look to your own backyard to add nature-inspired elements to your tree. Michelle Edwards of Sweet Something Designs harvested acorns during fall and used the caps to create acorn ball ornaments. "Paint a Styrofoam ball brown and push the caps in with a dab of hot glue," she says. Add some glue to the caps, embellish them with any color glitter to match your tree and top them off with ribbon and twine for hanging. Add glittered pinecones and greenery for a truly nature-inspired Christmas tree. Reuse the ornaments by placing them in a clear bowl for the perfect fall centerpiece.

Fa La La

Are you a music lover? Cut 12 circles from sheet music and fold in half. Tape one side to another circle's side until a complete ball is formed, then hang these pretty music-inspired decorations from the tree or pile in groupings around the house.

Pressed Clay

Turn an evergreen sprig into a stamp to create these beautiful, easy handmade pressed clay ornaments.

MAKE IT: Make Beautiful Pressed Clay Ornaments in Minutes

Walnut Santa

Perfect for the littlest crafters, this easy project uses materials you probably already have on hand. You and the kiddos can turn a bag of walnuts into a whole tree full of everyone's favorite elf in no time flat.

MAKE IT: Christmas Kids' Craft: Walnut Santa Ornament

Patterned Poinsettias

Designer Britany Simon created these black, white and red poinsettias from solid-colored felt and patterned cotton fabric. Once added to the tree, they become the first thing guests notice then help draw the eye around the room to other coordinating design elements.

MORE IDEAS: 16 Ways to Trim Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

Fabric Scrap Balls

Give a dated holiday ornament a charming touch using fabric scraps. First, cut linen or cotton fabric into 24-inch-long by one-half-inch-wide strips. Next, wrap the ornaments with the fabric strips, securing each end with hot glue. Layer scraps around each ornament until completely covered.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Easy-to-Make Holiday Tree Ornaments

Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament

Make an adorable gnome for your Christmas tree with just a couple of wooden beads and red felt from the craft store.

Pinecone Map

Barb Steadman of Turtles and Tails combined her two favorite things (vacation and holiday decorating) to make this travel-inspired ornament. First, she cut pieces of a Hawaiian map into leaf shapes, then glued them to a Styrofoam ball, layered up from the bottom. How easy and cute is that?

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