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20 No-Fail Ways to Streamline Your Back-to-School Routine

After a long, lazy summer, getting everyone out the door on time can be an epic challenge. Here are 20 simple tips to streamline your family's back-to-school morning routine.

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A New School Year

The start of a new school year can be filled with excitement and promise, but also nerves and uncertainty, as children — and parents — dive back into morning routines and school-year bedtimes. It’s important to help children confidently and effectively transition from the carefree days of summer to the more rigid timetable of the school year, including class schedules and bus pick-up times. Here are the tips you need to successfully kick off a new school year.

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Allow Yourself 'Me' Time

Set your alarm to go off a few minutes before the kids get up to create a little "me" time. Meditate, read or exercise — whatever clears your mind for the day ahead.

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Label School Supplies

It’s helpful to label school supplies, especially if you’ve got more than one child at home that’s on the way back to school. On Etsy, you can find makers who create brightly colored stick-on labels with your child’s name. These are great for water bottles, pencil cases and lunchboxes. Pro tip: Hold off on labeling supplies that could be community supplies, like crayons, glue sticks and folders, until the kids are back in the classroom.

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Get Wise to Weather

It’s wise to know what the next school day holds in terms of weather. Will it be wet, cold, windy? Create a weather board or chart so your student can report the weather for the next day. Set a time each night when you and your child will research the next day’s weather. Once your child sets the day’s weather, he can set out what he may need, whether an umbrella, rain boots, snow boots or a warm jacket. This can help reduce morning stress by identifying where weather-related gear is and setting it out the night before.

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