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15 Pet-Friendly Home Design Ideas From HGTV Stars

From special doggie spas to kitty jungle gyms, our pets deserve the best — without sacrificing good looks. Here's how to pull it off according to our HGTV hosts.

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Photo: Lisa Romerein; Design by Gretchen Black. From: HGTV Magazine.

HGTV Stars' 15 Best Pet-Friendly Home Designs

Our homes are our pets' too, so why not embrace durable designs that hold up to muddy paws and the zoomies? Whether you're looking for clever storage, bathing solutions or backyard dog structures, the stars of HGTV have ideas for it all. Here's how they pull off stylish pet-friendly spaces.

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Mina Starsiak: Dedicated Doggie Spa

Host of Good Bones and known canine-lover, Mina Starsiak created a full-blown doggie spa in her family's forever home. Located in the attached garage, the space features a tub with a marble surround, recessed lighting and personalized accessories. Even the most resistant pooches get excited for bath time here.

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From: Hidden Potential

Jasmine Roth: Secret Treats

Help! I Wrecked My House host Jasmine Roth cleverly used the extra space under her client's staircase to create a little puppy getaway. The elevated platform serves as a cozy bed, while striped pillows, a faux fur throw and animal-themed wallpaper make the cubby just as chic as the rest of the house. Not wanting to waste an inch of space, Jasmine installed a drawer under the platform for secret bowls of treats.

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Jamine: Nifty Nook

When Jasmine's client requested a dog cave, she knew the perfect place for it. She carved out a nook under the stairs where an old air-conditioning vent used to be and decorated the inside with plush furnishings perfect for nap time. The pentagon-shaped door makes the nook pop against a funky, color-blocked mural.

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