31 Fun Halloween Games & Activities for All Ages

From cakewalks to cake decorating and pumpkin carving to pumpkin painting, we've thought of games for every age to make your Halloween as freaky-fun as possible.

September 15, 2020

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia, Styling by Jill Tennant Design

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia, Styling by Jill Tennant Design

Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia, Styling by Jill Tennant Design

Photo By: Michael Hall

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Photo By: Michael Hall

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Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

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Photo By: Michael Hall

Photo By: Michael Hall

Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

Move the festivities outside to play this oversized version of tic-tac-toe that uses orange and white petite pumpkins in the place of x's and o's. To recreate at home, use decorative duct tape to create a grid on a flat area, like a driveway or patio, then place pumpkins in a basket or stack them up beside the gameboard.

Pumpkin Pickin' Party Game

This kids' party game is easy to make and fun to play. You can make it simple by allowing kids to pick a prize depending on which pumpkin they choose or more difficult by making the goal to match two items behind the pumpkin flaps.

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Haunted Halloween House

Gingerbread houses are no longer just a Christmas craft. Say hello to the haunted Halloween gingerbread house, your new go-to party activity. Candy corn, marshmallow fluff and purple frosting combine with various other Halloween treats to make the quintessential haunted house.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Edible Haunted House

Cookie Stacking Tournament

Games with prizes, especially food prizes, tend to keep kids entertained. Using sandwich cookies, see who can stack the most cookies in one minute without the stack falling over. Reward the winner with candy or a small Halloween trinket. Hosting a lot of kids? Try putting together a cookie-stacking tournament!

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Jack-o'-Lantern Can Toss

Take a page from the book of classic carnival games to fashion this fun, almost-free can toss. Clean out 10 metal soup cans, cover them in sparkly orange cardstock and add fun jack-o'-lantern faces with a marker or black cardstock. Stack the cans in a pyramid shape on top of some hay bales and let the bean bag tossing begin! The player to knock down the most cans in five rounds wins.

DIY Witch Bowling

Put your recycling to good use by crafting this cute witch bowling set. Simply remove the labels from old water bottles, fill them with rocks and adorn them with Halloween decor. Use a kickball as a bowling ball for hours of lawn bowling fun.

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Spooky Snake Eyes Matching Game

This easy-to-DIY game uses mailing tubes and plastic jars to create a Halloween-themed matching game that can be filled with candy or toys for the kids, or boozy treats (i.e. airplane bottles) for the grown-ups.

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Candy Bucket Toss

This oversized version of the classic college party game is reimagined for family fun. To play, set up ten dollar store candy buckets in a pyramid shape on the lawn and fill each bucket with rocks or sand. Standing about 6 feet from the first bucket, players take turns trying to toss a Ping-Pong ball into the buckets, removing one each time they score. The player with the most buckets at the end wins.

Monster Checkers

Checkers is a surefire way to keep people entertained. The small learning curve makes it easy for young kids to play, but still keeps older kids’ attention. This DIY is the perfect, budget-friendly way to easily up the spooky factor of any checkerboard so it will fit in perfectly at your Halloween party.

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Trick-or-Treat Station

There are countless reasons traditional trick-or-treating may be out of the question for you and your family, but that doesn’t mean your party can’t have a trick-or-treat station or maybe even two! Use our DIY template to turn an inexpensive canvas tote bag into a cute carryall to contain their night’s candy haul.

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Haunting Hopscotch

Put some pep in the trick-or-treaters’ steps with a festive pumpkin hopscotch game. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to make this sweet and simple DIY to highlight the path to candy on Halloween night. Not spooky enough for your taste? Use the same hopscotch base but swap the pumpkins for inky spiders, screeching bats or bloody footprints.

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Set Up a Crafting Station

Set up an interactive crafting station for kids or guests to turn plain headbands into these fun, feline Halloween costume props. Cut out the cardstock ears ahead of time and pile a table with all manner of crafting materials like sequins, ribbon and more so crafters can customize to their hearts' content.

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Carve It Up

If messes are no big deal to you, don’t hesitate to feature traditional pumpkin carving at your party. This tried-and-true Halloween activity is a rite of passage for kids and adults alike. Feel free to get as simple or intricate as you like, but don’t forget to have plenty of safe carving tools to go around! Snag our free, beginner carving templates here and check out our top carving tips below.

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Spiderweb Toss

Our guess is that this spiderweb toss game will be a hit with the kids. However, that won’t stop the more competitive adults from giving it a shot, too. Make things more creative by offering candy prizes for whoever gets the spider closest to the center of the web.

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When thinking of Halloween party games, remember it can be as simple as taking a classic game and giving it a spooky twist. In this case, tic-tac-toe becomes tic-tac-boo with a little light crafting. The durable DIY game board can be used for years to come.

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Pin the Spider

If you loved the idea of the spiderweb toss game but need something a little easier for younger children, pin the spider is just the ticket. Have the older kids play in pairs with a blindfold or choose a simpler route for the younger kids by having them pin the spider on the web themselves.

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Take a Swing

Halloween swings into action with this candy corn piñata. Kids of all ages will love taking a shot at this treat-filled craft and, because you make it yourself, you get complete control over what goes inside.

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Get Busy With Broomsticks

It goes without saying that kids love a craft they can eat. Whether it's decorating a cookie or crafting these adorable licorice witch's broomsticks, the reward after all that hard work is half the fun.

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Precious Pet Pumpkins

These precious pet pumpkins are a party-approved, no-carve fall craft. Choose to freehand your playful pets or follow the included templates below that take the guesswork out of making each animal come to life.

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Hanging Bats for Halloween

This adorable hanging bat craft is perfect for kids. They're sure to have a blast creating the bats, and the sense of pride they will get from hanging up their creepy creations is sure to put a smile on their face.

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Monster Mash Musical Chairs

Halloween musical chairs is just like ordinary musical chairs, only played to a Halloween soundtrack and full of fun Halloween decor. As ordinary musical chairs goes, it is a blast for all ages and brings out just enough of everyone’s competitive spirit. Set up chairs around a fun tree decorated for Halloween, as designer Jennifer Perkins did here.

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Kooky Cornhole

This bean-bag toss game is fun and easy for the whole family and building a set is a fairly easy woodworking project that you can tackle in a day. Feeling extra festive? Paint the board in graphic Halloween colors like black and orange and buy bean bags to match.

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Marshmallow Toss Game

Get a little help from the kiddos to craft this easy party game. They'll enjoy helping to create the game as much as they will playing it. As a reward for their skills, let them eat whichever marshmallows they can get in the cups.

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Eggs-actly What You're Looking For

This isn’t your ordinary egg-and-spoon race. First, these Halloween-themed eggs are made of wood, making them ready for race after race. Second, decorating the eggs and spoons makes for the perfect pregame craft.

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Ghostly Follow the Ball

This classic game with a Halloween twist is sure to provide tons of fun for the kids. Craft the cute cups, then give kids a gumball and show them how to play the game with a partner by hiding the gumball under one of the ghosts, moving the ghosts around and having his/her partner guess which ghost has the gumball.

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DIY Haunted House

Speaking of haunted houses, all good Halloween parties need one. This easy DIY makes perfect use of the old plastic playhouse that has been collecting dust and killing your grass and gives it a much-needed, Halloween-themed facelift.

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Wood Round Creatures

Another playful addition to your craft station, these chic wood round silhouettes are equally fun for kids and adults to make. Craft a few examples as a guide for non-creative guests or encourage them to paint whatever they'd like!

Good Bones

A food craft is sure to please any crowd. These absolutely adorable marshmallow-and-pretzel skeletons are as delicious as they are cute. Odds are, people will want to eat more than just one, so let the kids craft as many as they want. Tip: Provide food-safe gloves for crafting and wash hands before and after.

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Halloween Cakewalk

Hosting a Halloween-themed cakewalk is a piece of – well, cake. In this tutorial, chocolate snack cakes were chosen for their ease and price, and decorated to suit the season. To play, turn on your favorite Halloween music. As the music plays, players walk around a table or cake stand, moving from one numbered circle to another. As soon as the music stops, everyone stands on the number they're closest to. The game leader pulls a number from a hat, reads it out loud and the person standing on that number takes the cake.

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Scary Skeleton Ring Toss

Use a store-bought skeleton and painted wood rounds to craft this scary skeleton ring toss game. To play, take turns tossing glow stick necklaces toward the skeleton. The player who lands the most rings wins.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Skeleton Ring Toss

Cookie Cutter Play-Doh Craft

If you’re not sure what the kids attending your party enjoy, Play-Doh is always a safe bet. Pair ordinary Play-Doh with Halloween cookie cutters to help even the youngest children experience the joys of crafting.

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