50+ Halloween Kids' Crafts

From handmade decorations to DIY party favors and creative ideas for pumpkins, we have 52 Halloween kids' craft ideas to keep your little ghouls and ghosties busy.

August 18, 2020

Photo By: Sarah Busby; Styling by H. Camille Smith

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Photo By: Sarah Busby; Styling by H. Camille Smith

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Photo By: Sarah Busby; Styling by H. Camille Smith

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Have Fun With Mums

Add a little personality to your planters with our tips for magicking a fall mum into a lucky black cat, just in time for Halloween.

Get the How-To: Monstrous Mums: Craft a Lucky Black Cat

Or, Turn Pumpkins Into Pets

These playful pet pumpkins are a fun, no-carve fall craft that you and the kiddos can create from either fresh or faux pumpkins and basic craft supplies. Our step-by-step instructions include printable templates, below, to make each animal come to life.

Get the How-To + Download Templates: Halloween Kids’ Craft: Adorable Pet Pumpkins

Deck Out the Front Door

Get an assist from your little crafters to create some googly-eyed curb appeal with a mischievous monster door. Inexpensive card stock, crepe paper, tape and an hour or two crafting together are all you need to give your front door a funky new face.

Get the How-To: DIY Halloween Door Decor That Will Have "All Eyes on Boo"

Hang Out With Foam Bats

These friendly foam bats are a snap to craft. Made using our free printable template, below, and inexpensive foam sheets, they're a weatherproof decoration you can display either indoors or out.

Get the How-To: Halloween Kids' Craft: Hanging Foam Bats

Turn a Peaceful Plant Into a Man-Eating Monster

Kids will love helping you craft these monstrous-looking tentacles that look kinda cute, but don’t be fooled. They’ve only got one thing in mind ... dinner.

Get the How-To: Halloween Decor: Turn a Peaceful Plant Into a Man-Eating Monster

Or, Make a Monster for Your Front Porch

Give your entryway a not-too-scary Halloween update with this easy-to-craft blooming beastie. The kids will love helping you select the foam colors and decide whether to make a friendly or not-so-friendly mum-ster.

Get the How-To: Halloween Front Porch Fix-Up: Magic a Mum Into a Monster

The 'Eyes' Have It

Easily turn every day into holiday just by adding googly eyes in a variety of sizes to ordinary objects. Pick them up at your local craft or dollar store for a spooktastic makeover on the cheap.

Or, Craft an Ever-Watchful Wreath

Budget-friendly and easy to make, a few craft store supplies and A LOT of googly eyes are all you need to magic up this frightfully fun project.

Get the How-To: 3 Spook-tastic Wreaths to Haunt Your Door

Upcycle Some Mummy Candy Cans

These adorable treat cans make upcycling look good! Kids will love making these cans as much as they'll enjoy devouring the sweet contents so start saving your empty tin cans now so you'll have plenty of raw materials for this kid-pleasing craft.

Get the How-To: Halloween Party Favor: Mummy Candy Cans

Or, Turn Faux Pumpkins Into Buckets

Faux pumpkins aren't just great for decking out your front porch, they also make cute candy containers for your favorite trick-or-treaters. Just cut off the top, add your child's name and let them help you select paint for the pumpkin's interior and ribbon to use as a handle.

Commemorate the Date

Countdown calendars aren't just for Christmas — especially when kids are just as excited for Halloween. Help them count down to the spooktacular day with our step-by-step instructions, below.

Get the How-To: Halloween Countdown Calendar

Or, Craft an Interactive Busy Board

Encourage creative playtime with this easy-to-craft and budget-friendly wall art that'll keep your littlest Halloween fans happily occupied while they wait for Halloween night to arrive.

Get the How-To: Make an Interactive Haunted Busy Board for Kids

Turn Pretzels Into Yummy Skeletons

Made out of marshmallows and white chocolate-dipped pretzels, these gooey and crunchy characters are as fun to craft as they are to gobble up.

Get the How-To: Halloween Kids' Craft: Pretzel Skeletons

Or, Turn Felt Into Cute Candy Decor

Get an assist from the kiddos to craft a batch of felt candy, you can then turn into a 'sweet' Halloween banner that you can display year after year.

Get the How-To: Fun With Felt: Craft an Easy Faux Halloween Candy Banner

Greet Guests With a Friendly Monster

Hit the craft store (or your stash) for everything you need to make this cuddly-looking critter that'll welcome trick-or-treaters and other Halloween guests with a playful one-eyed wink.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Halloween Yarn-Wrapped Monster Wreath

Let Them Eat ... Broomsticks

Our free printable, below, is the perfect finishing touch for these easy-to-craft brooksticks that are just as much fun for kids to craft as they are to eat.

Get the How-To: Halloween Kids' Craft: Licorice Broomsticks

Or ... a Spooky Spider Cake

Your littlest sous-chef will love making, then eating, this creepy-crawly cake that turns store-bought ingredients and decorative paper into a terrifying treat.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Halloween Spider Cake

Craft a Haunted Terrarium

Add a little Halloween "spirit" to your kitchen counter. All you need is a large glass jar, basic craft supplies and a little imagination. This easy project is perfect to do with kids, they'll love coming up with ideas for spooky details.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Haunted Terrarium for Halloween

Or, Spook Up Your Porch

Give your fall mums a spooktacular makeover with just a bit of self-adhesive craft foam and acrylic paint. Best of all: When Halloween's over, just remove the ghostly face and your porch is prepped for Thanksgiving.

Get the How-To: Halloween Kids' Craft: Make a Friendly Ghost Mum-ster

Magic Up Black Cat Pumpkins

Use basic craft supplies — like paint, felt and pipe cleaners — to make a whole litter of these lucky black cats. You can use fresh pumpkins, if you prefer, but these carve-free kitties are so cute that faux pumpkins are a better bet so you can display them year after year.

Get the How-To: How to Make Black Cat Pumpkins

Easily Carve Pumpkins With Cookie Cutters

Even the littlest crafters will have fun tapping cookie cutters into hollowed-out pumpkins to create glowing patterns.

Get the How-To: Cookie-Cutter Pumpkin Carving With Kids

Craft Some Creepy Crawlies

Mini real or faux pumpkins make fantastic spiders. Just attach pipe cleaner legs to the pumpkins' bottoms and use lentils or beans to create eyes. Add a drop of black paint for a pupil and white for the highlight in each eye, then let your charming little critters crawl.

See More Photos: 10 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Tie One On

If you can tie a knot, you can make this wreath — trust us, it's that easy. Get a hand from your little monsters to create this rag wreath while watching your favorite Halloween movie together.

Get the How-To: DIY Halloween Wreath

Trick-or-Treat Bags

Trick-or-treating is serious business to kids. Use one of our three free printable templates to help them turn an inexpensive canvas tote bag into a cute carryall to contain their candy haul.

Get the How-To: Halloween Kids' Craft: Glittered Trick-or-Treat Bags

Glam Up Your Pumpkin

Crafting these sophisticated pumpkins is actually easier than it looks. Just transfer a design to the pumpkin's surface, cover it with school glue then sprinkle on the glitter.

Get the How-To: Halloween Decorating Idea: Black-Glittered Pumpkins

Craft Paper Princess Crowns

Although you probably treat your little girl like a princess every day, help her show her true regal nature with these easy-to-craft paper crowns. Just print one of our free templates then embellish however you'd like. Perfect as party favors, these crafty goodies also make great costume accessories or gifts for your favorite trick-or-treaters.

Get the How-To: Halloween Party Favor: Paper Princess Crowns

Give Arachnophobes a Fright

Our step-by-step instructions show you how to turn craft-store supplies into a larger-than-life spider's nest you can display either indoors or out.

Get the How-To: Create Spooky Spider Nests

Candy Topiaries

Not only are these sweet centerpieces a feast for the eyes, they're also edible so the kids can help you craft one for a party decoration then have fun pulling it apart and popping the candy in their mouths after the party's over.

Get the How-To: Halloween Decorating Idea: Make a Candy Topiary

Craft a Sweet Necklace

All you need to make this candy-corn-colored necklace are gumballs, ribbon and a few tools. Use a skewer to puncture each gumball, one side at a time. Thread ribbon through a large needle and slide through gumballs, tying a knot between each as you go. Add a ribbon bow for an extra finishing touch.

Pumpkin-ize Your Family

Raid the produce bin (and your family members' closets) to give fresh pumpkins a personality. Add a carrot or parsnip nose, craft-foam eyelashes or mustache and a drawn-on smile, plus accessories like glasses, a tie, hat or headphones to complete the look.

Get the How-To: Parsnip and Carrot Pumpkin Characters

Glittered Party Favor Bags

Give plain muslin bags a trendy custom touch with one of our free printable patterns. These little sacks are just the right size to give out as party favors, take to the kids at school or use to surprise your favorite trick-or-treaters.

Get the How-To: Glittered Halloween Party Favor Bags

(Cute!) Owl Pumpkin

Requiring no intricate patterns or pumpkin-carving skills, this easy-to-craft pumpkin is an adorable way to greet Halloween guests or trick-or-treaters.

Get the How-To: Cute Owl Pumpkin

Mini Bat Pumpkins

Mix a little mischief into your Halloween decorations with these tiny winged charmers. Just add craft-foam or card-stock wings to diminutive pumpkins and gourds painted black and let kids give them a personality with painted-on eyes and a smile.

Get the How-To: Mini Bat Pumpkins

Halloween Headbands

In just a few minutes, the kids can transform an ordinary headband into one of these cute costume accessories.

Get the How-To + Download Templates: Kids' Craft: Witch's Hat or Black Cat Halloween Headbands

Make a Haunted Fairy House

Kids will love this easy craft that turns a pumpkin into a gnome home that's all decked out for Halloween.

Get the How-To: Make a Haunted Pumpkin Fairy Garden

Jack-O'-Lantern Grin

Kids will have a great time posing for photos with these printable jack-o'-lantern grins. Just print this template onto card stock, cut out, then attach to a straw or small wooden dowel.

Embellish Pumpkins With Ribbon

Just add pretty ribbon in fall colors to real or faux pumpkins for an easy-to-craft decoration that can be displayed through Thanksgiving.

Get the How-To: Easily Embellish Pumpkins With Ribbon

Craft Cute Favors

Kids love lollipops, especially old-fashioned swirly ones. To make these easy party favors, remove original packaging and pop the lollipops into clear cellophane bags. Tie a bow to close each bag, then finish with one of these printed and punched tag designs.

Peekaboo Pumpkins

Create a spooktacular vignette of peeking pumpkins using miniature gourds and a variety of inexpensive bowls and lidded dishes.

Get the How-To: How to Make Peekaboo Pumpkins

Stack a Jack-O'-Totem

Add felt faces to stacked faux pumpkins for a friendly front porch decoration to welcome trick-or-treaters and Halloween guests to your home.

Get the How-To: How to Make a Halloween Jack-O'-Stack

Make Your Own Shrunken Heads

Get the whole family involved in this macabre craft that turns peeled apples into ghastly, decaying faces. Add a spooky final touch by hanging the shrunken heads in the doorway so they greet Halloween guests or string them with twine as part of a costume.

Get the How-To: Creepy Craft: How to Make Apple Shrunken Heads

Creepy-Crawly Napkin Rings

Give arachnophobic guests a shock with these fun, furry critters. Pom-poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and felt are all you need to craft these fun and functional napkin rings.

Get the How-To: How to Make Spider Napkin Rings

Make Ooey-Gooey Caramel Apples

This sticky, yummy treat is an easy-to-make fall favorite that's a delicious way to get the whole family in on the action.

Get the Recipe: How to Make Caramel Apples

Carve a Pumpkin

Print out one of our 60 exclusive patterns to get your pumpkin glowing. Tip: Instead of cutting off the pumpkin's top, cut off the bottom to make cleaning it out much easier and create a flat surface for the carved pumpkin to sit on.

See More Photos: Beginner Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Ideas With Patterns

Make It Sparkly

These carve-free pumpkins are a perfect project for the littlest crafters — school glue and colorful glitter are all you need.

Get the How-To: How to Make Glittered Pumpkins

Popcorn Party Favors

Kids big and small love to help in the kitchen — especially when you're whipping up a snack that combines a few of their favorite flavors. This sweet-meets-crunchy mix is sure to be a big hit. Make extra to package in plain paper lunch bags embellished with one of our free printable labels.

Get the Recipe: Sweet and Salty Halloween Snack Mix

Pin the Spider on the Web Game

Whether you're expecting a houseful of Halloween guests or are just looking for an activity to keep the kids entertained, this fun-to-craft game is one they can help you assemble then play for hours.

Get the How-To + Free Printable: Pin the Spider on the Web Halloween Party Game

Billowing Hanging Ghosts

Budget-friendly materials — like paper lanterns, fabric and felt — make it easy to whip up a whole gaggle of these hanging ghosts.

Get the How-To: Outdoor Halloween Decoration: Hanging Ghosts

Light the Way

Fill clear buckets or cylindrical glass vases with battery-operated tea lights to easily craft kid-safe, fireproof luminaries to light up your Halloween celebrations.

Get the How-To: Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern Luminaries

Specimen Art

Decorate their room with "specimens" made by stamping creepy animal shapes — like vampire bats, snakes or spiders — out of colorful card stock.

Get the How-To: Creepy Specimen Art

Trash-Bag Spider Webs

A little creative thinking turns black outdoor trash bags into these dramatic decorations you can reuse year after year.

Get the How-To: Trash Bag Spider Webs

Dead-Branch Centerpiece

Make a big statement in your dining room, foyer or front porch with this easy craft. Just take the kids outside to help you gather dead branches, clean off any leaves then paint the branches. Once dry, you can add a few hand-lettered tags or go the creepy route and fill the branches with rubber bats, spiders or snakes.

Get the How-To: Quick-and-Easy Halloween Branch Centerpiece

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