23 Easy Garage Storage Ideas for Instant Organization

Not just for parking: Use these tips to transform your garage from a dumping zone to a functional, organized space.

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Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

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Photo By: Melissa George

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Commence Project "Get the Garage in Order"

The garage is often a dumping ground for whatever doesn't fit into the house. If your garage needs a serious overhaul, set aside time to put it right with these genius organization ideas.

Save Floor Space

If you have any jumbo toy buckets, get them off the floor and put them onto the garage wall instead, like Aniko from Place of My Taste. Using the wall for storage allows for more floor space for big toys.

Group by Item

Hang awkwardly-sized objects on the wall to solve storage woes. Keep lawn tools, gasoline and extra parts together.

Pegboard Is Always the Answer

Pegboard makes organizing a cinch. It works in garages of all sizes, too, allowing you to efficiently use every bit of square footage. A variety of hooks and baskets hold paint supplies and tools for effortless organization.

Go Deep

Handy pull out drawers are extra deep to keep cleaning supplies tucked away and make room for unusually large items.

Everything in Its Place

Plastic storage bins look neat and tidy all in a row. Just don't forget to label them so you know what's inside. If you have the space, cubbies are a great way to keep every member of the family organized. Make sure to install them right next to the door for easy unloading.

Up, Up, Up

Get creative with bike storage by hanging them from existing support poles or beams. Otherwise, bikes take up valuable floor space.

Magnets, Magnets Everywhere

Use every inch of space on metal shelves by attaching magnets to small tools, paint samples and tin cans. Storing items this way keeps them clearly visible, utilizes empty space and improves functionality.

Hack It

Plastic window planters make the perfect storage containers. Mount them to the garage wall, and fill with spray paint cans and other materials.

Small and Tidy

A little creativity goes a long way when organizing a compact space. An important takeaway from this example: never forget about the fifth wall (a.k.a. the ceiling!)

Consolidate Items

Storing similar items together streamlines household routines. Wire baskets and clear plastic containers are visually appealing.

Clip It

Use clothespins and scrap wood to create a spot for gardening gear.

Grab and Go

A contemporary wall rack hanging in the garage offers grab-and-go storage for hats, scarves, dog leases and more. Hang coat hooks for jackets and hats, and install a rack close to the outdoor door for muddy boots. To draw the eye away from clutter, turn the wall into an eye-catching space.

Get Thrifty

If you have a pile of tangled extension cords in your garage, try this inexpensive hack. Use 1' sections of chain to hang cords on a coat hook. Mount the coat rack on a stud or use wall anchors, and hang two cords from each hook to create wall storage.

Details Matter

The garage may be the last place you think to add rugs, but it makes this typically cold space feel warm and inviting. (Which, coincidentally, might inspire you to keep it tidy.)

Upcycled Storage

Scrap wood can be a big source of garage clutter, especially after big projects. To keep it organized, add casters to an old toy chest or build a chest using the wood scraps.

Tuck It Away

Closets may be a good option for large families. Unsightly sports equipment hides behind doors and individual cubbies give each family member a designated drop-zone. Baskets and bins are your best options for corralling loose balls.

Vertical Storage, FTW

Make a budget-friendly broom holder for your garage using scrap wood and pipe straps. Hung on the wall, this cleaning tool holder takes up much less space than a traditional storage bin.

A Place for Plants

Two freestanding steel garage cabinets and a garden work bench offer organization and space for an assortment of home and garden projects. Hooks on the wall for outdoor hats and tools help keep the top of the garden work bench free from clutter.

Take Advantage of the Ceiling

No need to use a shed for specialty outdoor equipment. Take inspiration from this garage's slatted walls and ceiling hooks, which accommodate storage of sea kayaks, beach cruisers and golfing equipment.

Launder Away

If you have to do laundry in the garage, at least make it look this good! Repurpose or scavenge old cabinetry to create a built-in look. Space for hangers, detergent and folding make this laundry "room" totally functional.

Contained Chaos

Stop fighting with tangled twine and rope. Cut a slit in the top of a coffee can, and put your rope inside. Pull the end through the top for an easy dispenser.

Fake It

Combine old dressers and tabletops to create a large workbench on a small budget. This pieced together built-in looks like it was always there!

Reuse and Repurpose

Use items from around the house to help you organize. For example, transform an old file cabinet into a storage bin for large yard tools. Add casters to the bottom to make it mobile for busy outdoor days.

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