28 Must-Have Spring Cleaning Products for Every Room in Your House

It's time to deep clean all of the rooms in your house, and with these must-have finds from Amazon, you'll get your house sparkling in no time.

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April 06, 2023

If you're getting ready for a good spring cleaning as the weather starts to get warmer and the sunlight starts to highlight all that dust you let build up during the cold winter months, you’ll need more than a paper towel roll and some all-purpose cleaner. There are all sorts of brushes, cleaners and products on the market that claim to make deep cleaning easy, but don’t be fooled: the ones on this list are actually useful and necessary for a deep clean that will last. The most important thing to remember when doing a good house clean is that you’re not just focusing on the surfaces: you also need to focus on all of the everyday products you use that need some maintenance. That includes things like the coffeemaker, the washing machine, the dryer and the garbage disposal. Using products that clean the insides of these will help them last longer and will keep them working as they’re supposed to. And, of course, when it comes to surfaces, they’re important, too. But it’s not just about making them shiny — it’s using the right products that will deep clean them below the surface and keep them looking good without wearing out the materials. That means products made for leather, stainless steel and the ceramic insides of your toilets. When you use the right products, you’ll find that spring cleaning will go a lot easier and require less elbow grease, too. We rounded up our favorite products from Amazon below:


The kitchen has lots of different surfaces to consider when cleaning, which generally means you'll need lots of different products. From stainless steel appliances to glass cooktops, there are specific cleaners that will work to deep clean the fridge, your sink, your oven and more. Additionally, you also want to focus on the appliances themselves: if you haven't cleaned your garbage disposal or your dishwasher in a while, a good spring cleaning session is the perfect opportunity to do so. This way, everything is working well and you're getting rid of lots of hidden germs and grease that may prevent them from working perfectly.


This best-selling microfiber spin mop set from O-Cedar is great for most surfaces, but it works especially well on tile, laminate and vinyl (which makes it a great option for your kitchen floors!). The dual-chamber separates dirty water from clean water, allowing you to get your floors clean with just water if you so choose. It's got a touch-free pedal to spin the mop clean, and the microfiber head will get rid of most dirt and debris.

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The bathroom is one of the biggest projects to tackle even if you frequently clean it, and a deep clean will prove no different. But a steam cleaner will help loosen up bits of grime from places like around your toilet and in the corner of your shower or sink, and a good grout brush kit will be essential to keeping tiles looking brand new. Other must-haves include a pumice stone that removes hard water stains from the toilet and a hair remover to keep your sink and shower drain clean (and less prone to clogging). And if you're doing all this work for spring cleaning, you want things to stay clean for a while, which is why it's a good idea to replace your toilet brush with one that has silicone bristles that will hold onto less germs. Finally, you can't go wrong with the viral cleaner known as The Pink Stuff: and if you didn't know there's one made just for the bathroom, you'll want to snag it today.


This Bissel SteamShot produces 100 watts of steam power with one push of the trigger, which allows you to sanitize surfaces and loosen up grease, grime and debris for easy cleaning. It comes with a few attachments, like a grout tool, three scrubbing brushes and a flat scraper.

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Living Spaces

The biggest barrier to perfectly clean bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms? The floors and the carpets. A good carpet cleaner is the most important thing you can own if you have any rugs in your home, as well as a hardwood floor cleaner to make sure all your surfaces look sparkling. Additionally, if you have leather couches, you need a good cleaner to help keep them looking as new as when you first brought them home. Special brushes and cleaning cloths are also essential for a good deep clean: like a duster for all of your additional surfaces, a microfiber cloth made for glass and a set that includes a brush that cleans your blinds, your air conditioner or the tracks of your screen door.


There's not a cleaning product I recommend more to friends and family than this Bissell Carpet Cleaner. It's easy to use and the grimy water that it produced was almost embarrassing when I first cleaned my carpets with it: did I really let my carpets get that dirty? In a word, yes, but that's because vacuuming isn't enough, and even if you take your shoes off in the house, dirt tends to accumulate anyway. It's a must-have for pet owners, too: it gets rid of accidents and leaves no smell behind.

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Two areas of the house that could also use a good spring cleaning are the outside patio and the laundry room. Make sure your laundry machines are in the best condition they can be by cleaning the dust from the vent and giving the inside of your washer a good clean to remove mildew. After that, your patio probably needs some TLC after a winter of bad weather and non-use, so it's a good idea to wipe it down before you have guests over. Finally, if you want to keep odors away for good, try out charcoal bags that absorb odor in your closets and an air purifier to keep your home more allergen-free; and your family breathing better air.


This outdoor brush with a telescopic handle has two sides: one to scrape and the other to scrub. Use the bristles to deep clean your patio, deck and walkway; then use the other side to squeegee away water or soap.

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