5 Best Electric Blankets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

After hands-on testing, we found the best electric blankets for warming up on a cozy night in.

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Updated on January 18, 2024

Our Top Electric Blanket Picks

Tested by Christine Colby

Electric blankets come in a full range of sizes and fabrics and offer the ability to keep warm without heating your whole home. In addition to letting you keep the thermostat lowered, they can help avoid disagreements with partners or other household members who don’t all run at the same body temp. If you're the one who's always cold, go ahead and let your family stay comfortably cool while you crank the heat up on your electric throw blanket.

Most models simply plug into your home's wall outlet and within minutes can preheat your bed or even be set to warm you for a designated amount of time and then safely shut themselves off. Almost all electric blankets that come in Queen or King sizes also offer the ability to control each side of the bed independently, so you and your partner can sleep side-by-side while enjoying different levels of warmth. To help you choose which kind is best for you, we tested each blanket, considering such features as safety, comfort, and ease of use. Check out our recommendations for the best electric blankets.

How We Tested

For this test, we performed careful and methodical hands-on testing of 10 different electric blankets over about a three-week period. From the first unboxing, we took note of our initial impression of each blanket’s aesthetic appeal, the quality of the fabric, and how it feels against our skin. We evaluated how many heat settings each has and how easy the controllers and their displays are to use. We made sure to test any safety features, such as auto shutoff, and also made note of any safety certifications.

A lot of electric blankets have similar functionality, so we looked for any special or elevated features that made one stand out above others in a similar category. We put all the settings and features through their paces, testing multiple heat settings, using any timers, and using both sides of a dual-control blanket individually. Also, we researched the care instructions of each blanket and considered whether they are convenient or if it would be a lot of trouble to wash and dry the blanket.

Finally, we evaluated the price and whether, in light of all of the other attributes, the blanket seems like it’s a great budget pick, appropriately priced, good for a splurge, or not recommended.

What We Like
  1. Reversible
  2. 1-12 hour timer
  3. Quality appearance
What We Don't Like
  1. Expensive
  2. Very long cords

Unlike many other electric blankets we tested, this one looks high quality and is aesthetically pleasing enough to use on a bed without even plugging it in. We tested it in the Blue Voile pattern with satin trim which gave it the appearance of a fancy antique quilt, with the bonus of luxurious and soft sherpa on the other side. It's available in a wide variety of colors and prints, which makes it versatile. Weighing in at just over 10 pounds, it also provides the comfort of a weighted blanket.

The wires inside the blanket are very thin and flexible, and weren't bothersome at all, making this blanket cozy enough to sleep under all night without noticing them. With 10 heat settings and dual control, anyone should be able to find their ideal sleeping temperature. We found that it did take 20 to 30 minutes to really get noticeably warm, so to get the best results, you'd want to turn it on in advance to preheat the bed. Compared to blankets with fewer heat settings, which often seem to get too hot too fast, even the highest setting on this blanket didn't leave us sweltering. Once you find your perfect setting, the backlit controller will remember it and return to it automatically the next time you turn it on. The timer setting allows for programmed shutoff from 1 to 12 hours, and it functioned perfectly during our testing. If you don't set a timer, the blanket will automatically shut down for safety after 10 hours.

  1. Material Polyester flannel backed with sherpa, satin trim, down alternative fill
  2. Number of Heat Settings 10
  3. Safety Features ETL-certified, 10-hour auto shutoff
  4. Weight 10.48 lbs
  5. Sizes Twin, Full, Queen, King
$59.99 $47.99
What We Like
  1. Reversible
  2. Wearable
What We Don't Like
  1. Sensitive switch
  2. Scant runtime before auto shutoff

If you're looking for an electric blanket for use on a couch, chair, or even sitting up reading in bed, you can't go wrong with this relatively low-priced poncho blanket. The shape and size are designed to be draped down your back and over your shoulders, so it isn't appropriate for sleeping with overnight. But feeling the heat on both sides of our body as opposed to just lying under a blanket is game-changing. Someone who spends a lot of time in a favorite chair or corner of a sofa will love sinking their back into the warmth while draping the two front sections over their shoulders and lap. It's unbelievably soft and fluffy and feels so luxurious for the price.

It features three distinct heat settings, and we found the Medium setting to be hot enough. The switch is very easy to toggle from one setting to another, so it's not difficult to accidentally change the setting while shifting position or getting up or down, so watch out for that. The only other downside to this is the 2-hour auto-shutoff feature. Safety first and all, but for those of us who enjoy binge-watching, we have to switch it on again when we feel it start to cool.

  1. Material Plush polyester backed with Berber fleece
  2. Number of Heat Settings 3
  3. Safety Features UL-certified, auto shutoff
  4. Weight 3.5 lbs
  5. Sizes Throw/wrap
What We Like
  1. Pockets
  2. Hood
  3. Snaps
What We Don't Like
  1. Controls are hard to see

This wearable throw is a more elevated version of a simple heated poncho, as it not only has a fleecy hood, but two generous pockets. The pockets are amazing at warming cold hands, and can also be used to store TV remotes, glasses, or a phone. It has six distinct heat settings which ramp up in less than 5 minutes, although we found 4 to be hot enough. The luxe and snuggly throw can be used on a couch or chair (but not a recliner), or even snap it closed, disconnect the power socket, and wear it around.

The controller has an illuminated screen, but the heat and timer buttons are difficult to discern in dim lighting. We were watching a movie in a mostly darkened room and had to use our phone flashlight to see the buttons. Once we pressed the wrong one and messed up the timer setting and had to start it again. Over time, you'd get used to which is which, as there are only two buttons aside from the power button.

  1. Material "Touch flannel" backed with sherpa
  2. Number of Heat Settings 6
  3. Safety Features Auto shutoff, Overheat protection, ETL- and FCC-certified
  4. Weight 2 lbs
  5. Sizes 60" x 50" hoodie or 70" x 50" snuggle blanket
$77 $71
What We Like
  1. Low voltage
  2. Thin
  3. Closely spaced wiring
What We Don't Like
  1. Power supply converter box
  2. Questionable ongoing customer support

In some ways this is a very basic yet serviceable electric blanket. The blanket itself is an average household blanket with nothing special about it. Even the controller is a simple dial and doesn't offer any timer settings, although there are 10 heat levels. But the wiring is ultra-thin and practically undetectable, and the dual control works very well, with an obvious difference between the two sides. The heating function is subtle in general — even when turned up high, the blanket didn't feel warm to the touch. But when lying underneath it, it provided more than sufficient comforting warmth. In fact, we found the highest setting to be too hot.

What makes this electric blanket stand out is that it comes with a small power converter box between the blanket and the plug which converts the voltage to a lower, less hazardous level. It emits no electromagnetic field (EMF), and is safer around pets or if it gets wet. There is some debate about whether the EMF of standard electric blankets is hazardous to your health in any way. If you do have any concerns, using a low-voltage model can ease your mind. If you have space under your bed, this box won't add any hardship, as it will sit on the floor and not be in the way. However, we have a platform bed, so any cords and the converter boxes have to run alongside the bed, which adds a tripping hazard and looks messy. The biggest potential issue with this brand, however, is that the manufacturer is no longer in business. The products are still widely available on Amazon and other major retailers, but this could interfere with customer service or any warranty claims.

  1. Material Polyester microfleece
  2. Number of Heat Settings 10
  3. Safety Features 10-hour auto shutoff, Low voltage, ETL-certified, UL-certified
  4. Weight 8.6 lbs
  5. Sizes Twin, Full, Queen, King
What We Like
  1. Water resistant
  2. Cordless
  3. Versatile battery
  4. Pocket
What We Don't Like
  1. Temperamental controls
  2. Nylon is loud and inflexible

The polyester side of this throw is soft to the touch, but no one would accuse this blanket of being comfortable. That said, the battery makes this the perfect take-along to sports events, camping, stargazing, or anywhere out in the chilly elements. It even has a large pocket to keep your hands warm during extra innings. The battery will heat the throw for 4 to 6 hours, depending on which setting is used. The nylon side is water-resistant (we even ran it under a tap to make sure it didn't soak through) but very stiff which makes the throw crinkly and loud. One of the coolest features is that not only is the battery rechargeable, but it has ports for charging other devices (although not while it's connected to the throw).

The battery has an easy-to-understand light system to keep tabs on the charge, although the color indicators for the three heat settings didn't work the exact way the manual said they should. Also, to turn the battery on again after turning it off, we had to disconnect the battery and plug it in again instead of just using the power button.

  1. Material Polyester and nylon
  2. Number of Heat Settings 3
  3. Safety Features Rated for outdoor use, water resistant
  4. Weight 2.99 lbs
  5. Sizes 50" x 40" throw

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Blanket

  • Safety: Look for safety certifications like UL- or ETL-certification, which mean the product has met minimum specific safety standards.
  • Cord Length: You'll want it long enough to reach your outlet, but not so long that you're dealing with too much tangled cord, especially if you don't have an "under" to your bed.
  • Use Case: Decide whether you want it for your bed or on the couch, as most electric blankets can't be used for either.
  • Dual Control: Are two controllers necessary or can you get by with one?


Can you wash an electric blanket?

The short answer is that, yes, most electric blankets can be machine washed and dried, but it's not that simple. Always check the manufacturer's instructions for your particular product, but those for many electric blankets read something like: Disconnect power cord, presoak for 15 minutes, machine wash for 2 minutes, spin dry in the washing machine. To dry, preheat the dryer, tumble dry for 10 minutes, stretch the blanket to size and air dry. Also, they usually cannot be dry cleaned or washed in a commercial laundromat's machine.

Are electric blankets safe?

Electric blankets come with many safety warnings, like plugging them only into wall outlets and not using power strips or extension cords. They are also not recommended for use with pullout beds or recliners. Most will advise keeping pets away, although anyone with a warm-blooded pet knows how difficult that can be. In general, though, modern electric blankets are much safer than they used to be. Look for safety features like auto shutoff and consider only preheating your bed and turning it off before going to sleep. While some people have concerns about cancer risk related to electromagnetic fields (EMF), a connection has not been identified. However, if that worries you, look for a low-voltage electric blanket.

Are electric blankets safe for children?

Experts advise not to use electric blankets with infants, anyone helpless, or a child young enough that they can't verbalize if they feel too hot. A good test is whether your child is mature and old enough to understand how to use the controller successfully. Additionally, avoid electric heating products for anyone incontinent.

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