The Best Sheets of 2023, Tested by HGTV Editors

Find the perfect sheets for your sleep style from our editor-approved selection of top-rated bedding.

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Updated on June 20, 2023

Our Top Sheet Picks

There is almost nothing better than collapsing into a soft, inviting bed at the end of the day. But the feeling of relaxation can be quickly ruined by a set of scratchy sheets. If you toss and turn at night trying to get comfortable, your sheets could be to blame. Don't blame it on the thread count, though. Really, you just need to find the right sheet style to suit your sleeping preferences. Whether you shiver or sweat all night, want a crisp or lived-in feel, or need an easy-care, durable option, we found something for every kind of sleeper during our testing.


Guide to Buying Sheets

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What to Consider When Buying Bed Sheets

Aside from the size of your bed and personal style preferences, selecting the right sheet material is the biggest factor to consider before buying sheets as this will have the most impact on sleep comfort. Additionally, you'll need to keep in mind the height of your mattress as a standard pocket depth may not be big enough to cover a tall mattress or a mattress with a topper. Features that will affect the price include material type (linen is often the most expensive), where the material was sourced, whether sheets and pillowcases are sold separately or as a set, and bed size. Wrinkle resistance is a feature that may or may not be important to you but is something to consider when choosing a material as some fabrics, like cotton, wrinkle easily.


Cotton is the most popular and widely available option, although alternative materials like linen (made from flax), bamboo and eucalyptus are gaining popularity. Cotton jersey is knit, not woven, and is stretchy, breathable, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. Basically, it feels like a perfectly worn-in T-shirt. Combed cotton is cotton that has been brushed to remove short fibers and leave only the long fibers, resulting in a sturdier, softer fabric. Because of the extra work, combed cotton also comes at a higher price point.

Microfiber sheets are made from synthetic materials, like polyester, and are cheaper and smoother than cotton but not as breathable. Microfiber often has a silkier touch but is lightweight, low-maintenance and less likely to wrinkle. Depending on the thread count and quality, microfiber will last for a few years but isn't as hardy as cotton.

Silk is the most expensive and luxurious fabric since the manufacturing process is so labor-intensive. The ultra-fine fibers, which come from silkworms' cocoons and are then spun into thread, give silk its distinctive slippery feel. Silk sheets with a high momme count will cost more, as will sheets made from 100 percent mulberry silk, which is considered the highest-quality, purest form of silk. Satin is not the same as silk. Satin is made from synthetic fibers and may be combined with silk.

Weave Types

Within the cotton category, there are a few different weave types that not only affect the look and feel of sheets but also price and sleep quality. Sateen gives the silkiest feel, heaviest weight and shinest appearance. Sateen sheets are generally warmer since the weave is very tight, but offer a luxurious experience. Percale is ideal for hot sleepers and those who like a crisp, cool bed. Percale sheets have a matte appearance, feel stiffer to the touch and are more breathable and lightweight. Twill is less commonly used for sheets because the diagonal weaving pattern gives more texture and may make sheets feel rough. However, the twill's durability and strength can't be beaten. Flannel can be made from materials other than cotton, but regardless, this weave has a very soft brushed, almost plush, feel and definitely adds warmth.

Thread Count

Retailers often inflate thread counts to imply higher quality. In reality, anywhere in the 200-800-thread-count range is good, but 300-600 is a sweet spot. Fabric quality is the most important factor to consider when buying sheets. Some manufacturers don't even provide a thread count because it's irrelevant and materials like bamboo aren't woven in a way that threads can be counted.

We slept our way through nearly every kind of sheet to determine which ones were the softest, highest quality, most durable, worth the price, and, in some cases, most cooling, while also taking into consideration user reviews and ratings. Consider this our round-up of the best-of-the-best, plus, check out our in-depth guides to flannel sheets, bamboo sheets and cooling sheets. Read on to see which sheets come highly recommended by our editors who tested them first-hand.

How to Shop for Sheets Like a Pro
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Best Budget Sheets

From $35

Our editor added a Target brand cotton sheet set on a whim to her wedding registry in 2015 and hasn't bought another set of sheets since. Unfortunately, her specific set has been discontinued (although JCPenney offers a "reimagined" option), but this similar version from Threshold is still a solid buy. Aside from pilling after a year or two of ownership and a little shrinkage, our editor has no complaints. The pilling went away after a few washes and now the sheets are perfectly broken-in — cool, crisp and buttery soft. Top/Bottom and Side labels add convenience while the beautiful colors and standard size options are an added bonus to this top-rated sheet set. They wrinkle easily, so it's best to put them on straight out of the dryer. A Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certification earns this affordable set more points in our book. We noticed a few disappointing downsides to be aware of in this updated version, though: This set is much thinner than the perfect hefty-but-not-heavy weight of the original; it has a sateen weave with a subtle luster as opposed to our editor's preferred matte percale style and there are no pillow enclosures on the pillowcases. But, for the price, we really can't say enough good things about these sheets.

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Best Luxury Sheets

From $228

Made from 100-percent organic, long-staple cotton that is Fair Trade-, GOTS- and OEKO-TEX-certified, Boll & Branch prioritizes quality, sustainability and worker's empowerment while also making some of the softest sheets we've ever tried. The Signature Set has become a bit internet famous and we understand why. Our tester described it as an ideal mix of percale and sateen weaves — perfect for her and her spouse who prefer those weaves, respectively — with a supple yet crisp feel. We wouldn't necessarily describe these sheets as cooling, but they feel lightweight and feathery without being flimsy. Because this set is made from cotton, care and maintenance are straightforward. And while wrinkles are inevitable with cotton sheets, we smoothed them out easily once on the bed. Topping out at nearly $300, this kind of luxury doesn't come cheap but keep an eye out for Boll & Branch's semi-annual sales to save some money. Aside from the high price point, another con we noticed is the lack of pillow enclosures on the pillowcases. It's a nit-picky detail, but one that we've really come to love in other sets we tried.

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Best Cooling Sheets

From $169

Bamboo sheets are well-known for their cooling properties, and this luxe set from ettitude delivered. Deep pockets and Top/Bottom labels made it super easy to make the bed. Our tester immediately noticed the coolness and didn't wake up hot during the night like she usually does under cotton sheets. While these are a bit of a splurge (King size costs $228), the silky-but-not-slippery feel, comfortable cooling effect and sustainable features make these sheets our top pick for hot sleepers. Read more about why we love these sheets in our review of the Best Bamboo Sheets.

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Best Cotton Percale Sheets

From $125.10

For that luxury hotel feeling as soon as you climb into bed, you need Brooklinen's Classic Percale Core Sheet Set. Light, breathable, cool and crisp, these are our top pick for a quintessential cotton percale sheet. A generous 365-day warranty plus a good variety of sizes and colors make it hard to justify not giving these internet-famous sheets a try. Our tester tried a few other higher-priced options and felt that these were just as comfortable but at a much better price. Read more about why we love these sheets in our Best Cooling Sheets review.

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Best Combed Cotton Sheets

From $119

If high-quality, responsibly made organic sheets top your list of must-have features, then we highly recommend these from Pottery Barn. Comparable to the Brooklinen set above, we only docked points from this Pottery Barn set because there aren't as many color options and the pillowcases didn't have envelope closures to keep pillows in place. As far as feel and comfort, though, our tester thought these felt the coolest of the bunch that she tried and liked the crispness and lightweight feel. She especially appreciated that these are Fair Trade certified and meet GOTS requirements. Consider this elegant set like your go-to white button-down — versatile, soft, timeless, easy-to-care-for.

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Best Sateen Sheets

This sateen sheet set from The Company Store earned rave reviews from our tester. The luxe, heavyweight satin feel gives them a high-quality resort vibe that no other sheets we tried even came close to. Despite a nearly flawless report, our tester noted two cons: the price and the fact that each component has to be purchased separately. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, though, those may not be cons. An indulgent set of sheets is arguably a worthy splurge, and the ability to purchase exactly what you need as opposed to buying a whole new set allows for greater buyer's freedom. All in all, these are top-of-the-line, or, as our editor described it, "It was hard to get out of bed in the morning. These are the sheets you put on your guest room bed to totally pamper your guests."

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Best Linen Sheets

From $186.48

Get the rumpled, lived-in look for a relatively affordable price with Brooklinen's Linen Core Sheet Set. Not a budget pick by any means but on the cheaper side in the linen world, this Brooklinen set is made from Belgian and French linen flax in Portugal with a "soft and almost weightless" feel, according to our tester. Beyond the cloud-like softness, linen is a great pick for hot sleepers. These were noticeably cooler than any other linen (and even some cotton!) sheets we tested. Again, Brooklinen's return policy and color and pattern options give this set an edge over competitors. "I love them so much and wish I would have bought them years ago," our tester said. "I would also recommend every engaged couple add them to their registry." Read more about why we love these sheets in our Best Cooling Sheets review.

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Best Microfiber Sheets

From $34.97

With the most size and color options of any sheet style we tested, it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for amongst Mellanni's vast offerings. An unbeatable price, thousands of positive reviews and incredible softness make these a perennially popular choice. While we didn't find them to be totally wrinkle-resistant, as claimed, they certainly feel durable, breathable and lightweight. Our tester noticed some bunching since the sheets didn't fit very tightly (likely due to the stretchy nature of microfiber) thus requiring her to re-tuck them every night — not a deal-breaker but definitely something to consider.

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Best Jersey Sheets

A fitting name for this 100-percent organic cotton jersey sheet set, we loved the lived-in softness and heathered look of these PB Teen sheets. We'd consider these a splurge option in the jersey category, but if you're looking for a sturdy set of sheets for a tween or teen's bed that's easy to care for, this is a solid option. Our tester noted, though, that these wrinkled and clung a lot, but nothing that a set of dryer balls or iron couldn't fix. An inside flap to hold pillows in place, GOTS and Fair Trade certifications and a nice neutral range of colorways add to the appeal of this comfy, casual set.

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Best Eucalyptus Sheets

From $149

After a year of ownership, our editor still claims Eucalypso as the best eucalyptus sheets she's tried. Similar to bamboo, eucalyptus boasts natural cooling, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties. It was this set's smooth, silky, lightweight feeling, though, that totally won over our editor. To top it all off, Eucalypso sheets meet OEKO-TEX standards and are made with 100 percent TENCEL Lyocell fibers in a completely sustainable closed-loop system. Our only hangup about these eucalyptus sheets is that air drying is recommended, which can be an inconvenience since it takes quite a while to dry and not everyone has the space to line dry. Read more about why we love these sheets in our review of eucalyptus sheets.

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Best Silk Sheets


This machine-washable 22-momme count Mulberry silk sheet set won as our editors' Best Overall pick for silk sheets. Available in four sizes and seven colors, the four-piece set is OEXO-TEX Standard 100 certified and feels truly luxurious. It's cheaper than our splurge pick but still high-quality with that trademark slick, buttery feel. If you're looking for an elevated, sleep-like-royalty experience, then silk is the way to go, but the delicate maintenance required won't be suitable for everyone's lifestyle. Bamboo or eucalyptus sheets offer a similar feel to silk without the careful upkeep. Read more about silk sheets and see our full reviews.

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Best Bamboo Sheets

From $119

Not quite as environmentally friendly as eucalyptus but equally as smooth and cooling, bamboo sheets offer a pleasantly chill, soft sleeping experience for those of us that run hot. And this truly breezy bamboo sheet OEKO-TEX-certified set from Lasuens is the best of the best. Extra deep pockets and side labels help with bed-making and a 100-night trial means you can feel the suppleness yourself, risk-free. Our tester described her night's sleep as "unparalleled" and "like being embraced by soft fog: delicate, slightly chilled, other-worldly." But the wrinkle-averse should beware: these sheets are incredibly wrinkly. Another downside to these otherwise sublime sheets, there are only two color options and sizes sell out quickly. Also, note that a top sheet is not included. Read more about bamboo sheets in our full review.

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Best Flannel Sheets

From $119

A nice variety of colors and seasonal patterns, pill-resistant fabric and a super soft brushed finish made us love these top-rated flannel sheets, too. Our tester remarked that they were "surprisingly breathable" and a comfortable weight (five ounces) for year-round use if you get cold at night. Meticulously crafted in Portugal, experts at the mill brush the fabric to remove short fibers creating the now well-known-and-loved velvety feel of L.L.Bean's OEKO-TEX-certified flannel sheets. Don't be alarmed at the amount of lint in your dryer, though, as this will decrease after a few washes. Read more about why these are our favorite flannel sheets.

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Best Crib Sheets

From $39.78 (Set of 2)

One of our most-loved bedding brands is, of course, also our top pick for pint-sized sheets, quilts and swaddles. Brooklinen's Brooklittles line is made from the same high-quality long-staple cotton as the "adult" sheets with deep pockets and a soft, durable percale weave. Only the best for baby, right? Our editor (and toddler mom) is obsessed with how cool they are. "The breathability makes a difference for my son who runs hot. Pair the sheets with Brooklinen's ultra-soft garment-dyed baby quilt that gets softer with every wash. (I know because I've washed this a lot.)"

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