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10 Ways to Connect With Your Pet

Whether they’re lost, sick, or just want some attention, there are lots of high-tech ways to connect with your pets, even from afar. Here are our favorite ways to keep in touch with our four-legged family members.
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Photo: Kittyo


Miss your kitty while you’re at the office? This Kickstarter success story will let you see and talk to your cat, control a laser pointer chase toy, and even dispense treats – all from your smartphone.

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Photo: Voyce


Generally, animals won’t tell you something’s wrong until it’s time to rush to the vet. Voyce is a Wi-Fi-enabled collar that monitors your furry friend’s vitals, calorie intake and activity level so you can tell if anything is amiss — and get to the vet before there’s a serious issue.

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Photo: Tagg

Tagg Pet Tracker

If you’ve got a pet who tends to roam (or bolt out the front door!), GPS might be the answer. This monitor attaches to his collar, and the app will help you locate him if he’s lost. 

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Photo: Uncle Milton

Wild Pet’s Eye View Camera

Made especially for kids to operate, Nat Geo Wild’s Pet’s Eye View Camera attaches to a collar to reveal a pet’s “secret life.” It snaps photos as the pet goes, so whether he’s lazing about the living room or chewing the china cabinet, all will be revealed.

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