4 Best Cooling Weighted Blankets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Want to feel calmer and sleep deeper without getting overheated? Check out our favorite cooling weighted blankets that are best for hot sleepers and hot summers.

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Updated on January 17, 2024

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

Our Top Cooling Weighted Blanket Picks

As weighted blankets have grown in popularity, one of the biggest concerns we hear from late adopters is they're afraid they'll get too hot under the blanket's weight. We get that — nothing is worse than waking up in a sweat. (If this regularly happens to you, we recommend investing in some cooling sheets.) And if you're not used to the added weight and you're waking up hot, there's a chance you'll feel more claustrophobic than calm, which is the opposite of how a weighted blanket should make you feel. Thankfully, there are plenty of weighted blankets now specifically designed to be cooling and breathable. We sought out how sleepers to test a variety of cooling weighted blankets on the market to find the very best ones.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

How We Tested

Our editors ordered a variety of cooling weighted blankets roughly weighing about 10% of the testers' bodyweight, washed and dried them, if applicable (only some are machine washable) and used them at night to sleep for several nights and observed the blanket's breathability and any changes in our sleep quality. We also used them as throw blankets to curl up on the couch and noted how difficult they were to move and transport around the house. We also evaluated the factors like material, covers, size, weight, care and price when choosing the best weighted blankets. Since a weighted blanket is something that's generally keep out on display, we also took aesthetics into consideration.

From $179

At a mid-range price point, Baloo's cotton weighted blanket is a solid pick overall for adults: it's made of breathable cotton, comes in 9-pound ($149), 12-pound ($159), 15-pound ($179), 20-pound ($179) and 25-pound ($219) sizes and contains glass beads. Thanks to the stitching pattern that helps keep the glass filler beads evenly distributed, we love that this blanket looks and feels more like a quilt than a duvet. While we like this blanket on its own, Baloo does sell 100-percent stonewashed French flax linen duvet covers, available in six solid colors. You can also get Baloo's blankets in select sizes and duvets on Amazon.

From $279

Launched in 2018, Bearaby's weighted blankets have garnered rave reviews, including from HGTV editors, and for good reason: Bearaby makes the most stylish, bead-free, sustainable and cooling weighted blankets you can buy. While they're not the most expensive weighted blankets on the market, the $279 to $309 price tags are still steep. But having tested both their Tree Napper and Cotton Napper, we (and the many glowing customer reviews on their website) can confirm these blankets are worth every penny. The Tree Napper is constructed of 50 percent Tencel, a fully biodegradable fiber derived from wood pulp that's naturally cooling and uses 10x less water than conventional fibers, 45 percent organic cotton and five percent spandex. Since this blanket doesn't use any synthetic fillers or beads and gets its weight from dense fibers instead, air can easily circulate through the loose, hand-knit weave. HGTV managing editor Kayla Kitts has tried both the Cotton and Tree Nappers and noticed a significant difference in the cool factor. "I was able to tuck the Tree Napper under the sheets and comforter on my side of the bed and stay comfortable all night, covered in THREE layers…in the summer!" she says. "I typically wake up around 2 or 3 a.m. in a sweat, kicking the covers off. I didn’t wake up once." The Tree Napper is available in three sizes, 15, 20 and 25 pounds, and in five gorgeous colors. Bearaby also frequently releases new limited-edition colors. Due to the popularity of Bearaby's blankets, certain colors and sizes are often sold out, so although the Tree Napper is their most cooling option, the Cotton Napper is also more breathable than most other weighted blankets and a great alternative choice. The Cotton Napper is available in four sizes and five colors. The brand also has a kids' cotton weighted blanket, called the Nappling, in six-pound ($139) and eight-pound weights ($169) and four colors.


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From $159.99

With the popularity of Bearaby's premium weighted blankets, many brands have come out with similar beadless weighted blankets, including this one from California Design Den. It looks almost identical to the Bearaby blanket, which comes in cotton or the even more cooling Tencel, but it starts at over $100 less! Though this blanket from California Design Den is 100 percent cotton, our tester could definitely feel a difference between it and Bearaby's blanket, with Bearaby's blankets feeling softer and cooler to the touch. The California Design Den chunky knit weighted blanket is still a great value though, looks great and, like Bearaby's blankets, is machine washable. It's available in light gray, dark gray and navy and comes with a cute canvas tote bag perfect for a short weekend or overnight trip.

From $42

Available in various weights, two materials (cotton or bamboo), two dimensions and 20 colors and patterns, we love this affordable weighted blanket. Most sizes ring in at under $100, and we love that the blanket itself comes in so many fun colors and patterns, including for kids. Choose from patterns like unicorns, dinosaurs, stripes and more. Filled with non-toxic glass beads, Luna's blanket is hypoallergenic and Oeko-Tex certified, meaning it's free of harmful substances and chemicals. It is machine washable but there are also plenty of colors and patterns available for coordinating duvet covers.

What to Consider When Buying a Cooling Weighted Blanket

  • Material: One of the main factors to consider when choosing a cooling weighted blanket is what it's made of. Look for blankets and blanket covers made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, bamboo or Tencel, a cooling fiber made from wood pulp.
  • Weight: The added pounds for most weighted blankets come from filler beads, and glass is typically a better cooling option to look for than plastic. Selecting a blanket that is not too heavy for you will also prevent overheating. The standard rule of thumb is that the blanket should weigh roughly 10 percent of your body weight, but if you're in between sizes and concerned about the heat, size down in weight.
  • Size: The most common size blankets for adults are 48 inches x 72 inches and 60 inches x 80 inches, and, with the exception of king sizes, weighted blankets are usually designed for individual use.
  • Care and Maintenance: Many weighted blankets require spot cleaning or dry cleaning, which adds even more to the cost, so all of our top blanket picks are machine washable. If you spend $100+ on a weighted blanket, it'd be a shame to ruin it with one wine spill. While we chose blankets that can be machine washed and dried, reducing the number of times you put a blanket in the washing machine will help it last longer and preserve its quality. Plus, lifting a heavy blanket in and out of a washer and dryer is no easy feat, and they often require multiple dry cycles to get the job done. One way to minimize how often you need to wash a weighted blanket is by using a blanket cover. Most weighted blankets come with loops for attaching blanket covers, and many brands have come out with covers made from cooling fabrics like bamboo viscose, cotton and linen. Covers also allow you to customize the look of your blanket since they're not always the most stylish bedding accessories.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

How Heavy Should a Cooling Weighted Blanket Be?

Most importantly, any weighted blanket should feel comfortably heavy without making you feel so weighted down you can't move around underneath it. In general, it's recommended that a weighted blanket be about 10 percent of your overall body weight. For most healthy adults, that will be anywhere from 15 to 20 pounds. Weighted blankets are not recommended for children under 5 or under 50 pounds. People with circulatory issues or sleep disorders including sleep apnea should speak with their doctor before using a weighted blanket of any weight.

What Are the Benefits of Cooling Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets have been touted for their anxiety- and stress-reducing benefits. However, more research needs to be done to prove these benefits through science. Studies on deep pressure touches (think hugs or a baby being swaddled) for anxiety are mixed, but some people do find it beneficial and the risks for most people are low. The research on weighted blankets specifically is early, but promising. A study using 30-pound blankets on 30 patients hospitalized for mental health issues found 60% of patients reported reduced anxiety, but that sample size is small and specific. Another study on college students with anxiety found weighted blankets may increase the quality of sleep and reduce anxiety in college students, but more research is needed. In general, though, using a weighted blanket is likely a low-risk way to potentially combat anxiety and worth a try for most healthy people.

Another benefit of cooling weighted blankets is their ability to temperature regulate and keep your body from overheating during sleep. Note the material, size and weight before buying to make sure the cooling claim of the blanket is accurate.

Can you Sleep with a Cooling Weighted Blanket?

It's considered safe for healthy adults to nap and sleep through the night with a weighted blanket as long as it's not too heavy for them to move under or remove. Infants and toddlers should not sleep with a weighted blanket, as it could be a hazard trapping them underneath.

How to Wash a Cooling Weighted Blanket

Weight blankets can be washed in a washing machine if you keep a few things in mind. First, you'll want to double-check what your blanket is made of. Blankets filled with beans, rice, barley or other compostable materials should not be submerged in water because it can lead to mold and rot. Weighted blankets of less to 20 pounds are suitible for machine washing at home. Most brands recommend washing blankets in cold water and air drying. Blankets made with plastic beads or PVC pellets can melt in high temperatures in the dryer. Woven weighted blankets are in a category all their own and should be carefully washed according to manufacturer's instructions. Weighted blankets with removable covers can be easier to wash since you can simply treat them the way you would a duvet insert and duvet cover — wash the cover. All of our cooling weighted blanket picks are machine washable.

How Much Should You Spend on a Weighted Blanket?
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