The Best Bamboo Sheets of 2023, Tested by HGTV Editors

From high-end to budget-friendly, these are our editors' top picks for the best bamboo sheets.

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January 18, 2023

Our Top Bamboo Sheet Picks

Cotton alternatives are quickly becoming mainstream choices in home and clothing textiles as shoppers search for less environmentally damaging options. Bamboo is one of the most popular materials right now because it grows quickly and is pest resistant, strong and versatile. While you may have seen bamboo toothbrushes, plates, furniture and more, bath and bed linens made from bamboo are becoming increasingly popular, too. Read on to learn about the eco-friendly, cooling features of bamboo sheets to find out if these are the right pick for you. Plus, see the best bamboo sheets for every budget and style, as recommended by our editors who tested them first-hand.

Bamboo vs Cotton Sheets

Beloved for its sustainable, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties, bamboo is quickly becoming a top pick for eco-conscious hot sleepers. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic making it a great choice for allergy sufferers or anyone with sensitive skin. For those interested in making a planet-friendly purchase, bamboo sheets are an attractive option since bamboo is easy to grow, is biodegradable, doesn't require much water or any pesticides, is regenerative (resulting in less soil disturbance) and produces fewer carbon emissions than cotton. However, it's not a perfect choice; the plant is extremely invasive. Plus, planting and harvesting bamboo isn't well regulated which puts biodiversity at risk. Processing and manufacturing bamboo is also chemically intensive, especially when turning bamboo into viscose rayon fabric. Bamboo lyocell fabric is the most eco-friendly option but costs more for consumers.

Sheets made from 100-percent bamboo, not a blend of cotton or polyester, will be the highest quality, most sustainable and best feeling option. It's best to avoid rayon since the manufacturing process to create rayon negatively impacts the environment and workers. Check for certifications from third-party sources, like OEKO-TEX, to ensure the sheets were made ethically and without harsh chemicals.

Bamboo Weave and Thread Count

You don't need to go overboard with thread count. Anywhere in the 300-400-thread-count range is a safe bet for affordability, quality, durability and softness. As far as weaves go, sateen is the most common. Sateen weave bamboo sheets will feel silky smooth and cool to the touch but aren't as breathable and may pill over time. Twill weave bamboo sheets are the most sturdy, durable and wrinkle-resistant but aren't as soft as sateen nor as cooling as percale and take longer to soften.

Bamboo Sheet Maintenance

Bamboo is naturally very hardy and resilient, traits that are retained even through the manufacturing process. Sateen weave bamboo sheets need more attention to care than twill due to the delicate construction. Use a gentle wash setting and try to prevent snags. Twill, while more durable, is more susceptible to shrinkage, so look for a set that is pre-shrunk or dry without heat. (Good old-fashioned line drying is the most eco-friendly choice!)

Below are our top picks for the best bamboo sheets, taking into consideration price, feel, quality, comfort and reviews.

From $119

Described by our tester "as though you are being swathed in the divine robes of Mount Olympus itself," it's safe to say that we're smitten with these luxurious sheets. Made from 100-percent bamboo viscose with a twill weave, this sheet set from California-based company Lasuens blew the competition out of the water in terms of softness, breathability, quality, fit and price. While these sheets do fall in the mid-to-high price range, we believe for the comfort level, they're well worth it. One potential downside for those who prefer crisp sheets is that these sheets wrinkled very easily. However, wrinkles weren't a deal-breaker for us since we don't mind a rumpled bed, but it's something to consider if you like smooth sheets. Our tester also noted that they felt rough straight out of the package but softened after washing, drying and placing on the bed. We had no trouble putting them on the bed, and care instructions were simple and straightforward. As for the cooling feature, our tester, who is prone to night sweats, didn't wake up sweaty — an issue she experienced with other bamboo sheets she tried. After seeing the positive online reviews and testing them ourselves, we can safely say that these "breezy" bamboo sheets live up to their name.

Our Editor Says: "Sleeping in these sheets felt like being embraced by soft fog: delicate, slightly chilled, other-worldly. An unparalleled sleeping experience!"

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From $89.90

If you want high-quality, cooling, organic sheets at a very affordable price, this set from Quince can't be beaten. Topping out at just $109.90 for king size, these are an unbelievable value. Quince's transparent pricing and direct-to-consumer approach allow the brand to keep prices low. Compared to the other sateen sheets we tested, these didn't quite have that slick, satiny feel you'd expect, but they stayed crisp and cool through the night. The biggest downside to these, though, is the lack of color and print options; right now, the only color available is white. (Editor's Note: Since reviewing these sheets, Quince launched four new colors: sand, light grey, soft blush and charcoal.) While these wrinkled easily, didn't have any decorative features and felt stiffer than other budget options we tested, our editor liked these the best for the cooling, comfortable feel, and, of course, the price.

Our Editor Says: "These sheets stay crisp and cool throughout the night. They were silky and soft, but not so silky that they were slippery."

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From $169

These silky sateen sheets earned high praise from our tester for both the color/pattern options and heavenly breathability. Made from 100-percent organic bamboo, ettitude uses a closed-loop system to create its bamboo fabric using 500-times less water and 50 percent less carbon dioxide than cotton. The sheets also meet the OEKO-TEX standard, meaning they contain no harmful substances. Our tester didn't have issues with fit due to the deep corner pockets and noticed hardly any wrinkles. She also instantly noticed how cool these sheets felt just from touching them and was pleasantly surprised not to wake up hot in the middle of the night while sleeping under them. While the higher price makes these sheets a splurge, we believe that the luxe feel, sustainability features and size/color options make ettitude's sateen sheets a worthy buy.

Our Editor Says: "I can honestly say I had a much better night's sleep on these sheets than my previous cotton sheets. The wide range of colors to choose from gives this product major bonus points. I plan on purchasing more colors!"

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From $319

Declared "the softest bedding ever" by Oprah Winfrey in her list of Favorite Things 2018, this sheet set has a cult-like following for a reason. If you're able to splurge, Cozy Earth's bamboo sheets are most definitely worth it. With a focus on high-quality, ethically sourced bedding and loungewear, we believe that the price is justified. Our tester noted, however, that the ettitude set was just as soft and breathable as this Cozy Earth set, but at a more affordable price and with lots of color and pattern options. A major downside to this set is the extremely limited color options – only white is available – a big con for our tester who has a black-haired dog that sheds. (Editor's Note: Since reviewing these sheets, Cozy Earth now offers four additional color options: light grey, driftwood, charcoal and oat.) That said, though, she stayed cool all night long and described them as "silky-smooth soft." If you don't care about price or color, then these luxurious sheets get our stamp of approval.

Our Editor Says: "Wow, these were incredible! I can totally see why they're Oprah’s favorite. You'll never have to worry about sleeping hot with these sheets. They stay cool all night long."

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