Make These Summer Camp-Inspired, No-Sew Felt Patches

Make memories with this throwback craft. These felt nature patches will take you back to those summer camp days.

Yellow Felt Patch on Green Bag, Purple Patch on Red and Black Blanket

Nature Themed Felt Patches

Learn how to create fun, nature-themed felt patches with step-by-step instructions from the Crafty Lumberjacks

Photo by: Crafty Lumberjacks

Crafty Lumberjacks

Celebrate summer by designing and creating your own felt nature patches. Campers, glampers and backyard explorers of all ages love adding some color to their favorite accessories. The best part? It's a no-sew craft — all you need is a little bit of felt and iron-on adhesive.

Materials + Tools

  • iron
  • cutting mat and ruler
  • pin back clasp
  • embroidery thread (optional)

Design and Draw Patch

Sketch the idea for your patch on a piece of card stock. Start with the shape of your patch then draw the image inside. Keep it simple with easy shapes. Later you'll cut out the card stock pieces and use them as a template to transfer the design onto felt. Tip: Number your design pieces to make them easier to reassemble. Trace objects found around your home for crisp shapes. Not a great artist? Use clip art.

Cut Out Design

Cut out the pieces of your design to use as a template. If your patch is an odd shape, be sure to trace the shape of your patch before cutting out the inside design.

Add Iron-On Adhesive to Felt

Attach the iron-on adhesive to one side of the pieces of felt you need for your patch. Tip: Save felt by only using the size you need to create your design.

Cut Out Shapes

Hold the template piece on top of the felt piece that matches and cut out each shape. Tip: You can trace the template to the back on the adhesive, but remember to turn the template piece over so it doesn't come out backwards.

Peel and Assemble

Peel the adhesive backing off each piece of felt, then recreate and assemble the patch you designed (Image 1). Working in small sections, firmly press down the iron to adhere the felt pieces (Image 2). Lift and repeat. Do not slide the iron across the patch or your design will shift. Trim any extra felt and adjust the design as needed as you go (Image 3).

Add Embellishments (Optional)

Sew on small embellishments with embroidery thread for added detail. We created a starry sky on this mountainscape by adding a few stitches.

Add Pin Backing

Make the patch removable by adding a pin clasp backing. Cut a piece of scrap felt (with iron-on adhesive already attached) and loop a pin backing inside of it before ironing together. For a more permanent patch, cut a piece of adhesive the size of the patch and iron on to the back of the patch; when you're ready to adhere it, just peel off the backing and iron on.

Add your patches to a tote bag, blanket, cooler or even a hat or T-shirt. Have a great day campers!

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DIY Summer Camp Felt Patches
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