How To Make a Woven Milk Crate Stool

Dress up a milk crate for use as a stool in just a few simple steps. Keep it around for a vertical boost or stack and use as an impromptu seat.

Make your own milk crate woven stool

Milk Crate Woven Stool

Create a Milk Crate Woven Stool

Photo by: Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson

Materials Needed:

  • milk crate
  • two twisted sisal ropes, 100 feet each
  • scissors
  • duct tape
  • chopstick
  • hot glue gun and glue (optional)

Weaving the Top

Begin by attaching one end of one rope to a bottom inside corner with duct tape (Image 1). This is to secure the rope in place while you weave, but will be removed at the end of the project.

Turn the crate over with the bottom facing up. Pull the entire length of rope from the inside through the hole at the far left of one side. Wrap the opposite end of the rope in duct tape and twist to create a point to prevent unravelling and make it easier to thread the rope through tight spots. Wrap rope tightly over the crate bottom and pull it through the corresponding hole on the opposite side of the crate. Continue this process, pulling tightly and filling each hole with as many passes of rope as possible without overlapping them (Image 2). When you have reached the end of the two sides, secure the tail to the inside corner with duct tape and remove any excess.

Begin in the opposite direction by securing one end of the other rope next to one of the previous ropes in the bottom corner on the inside. From the inside pass the rope through a hole on the end and wrap the surface in the opposite direction of the first rope. However, this time weave the ropes over and under the first rope. To determine how many passes to weave, divide the total number of passes from the first rope by three, four, or five. For the example, there are 36 passes. It was divided into 9 sections of 4 passes of rope. In this case, the second rope was passed over and under every four passes of the first rope. It was done 4 times and then alternated to under and over, opposite the last four passes. To assist in tight spots, weave a chopstick or similar tool between the passes of first rope (Image 3).

Finishing the Project

The second rope should end at the end of the first rope. Remove the duct tape from the end of the first rope and tie the two ropes together (Image 1). Cut away any excess. For more security, hot glue the knot together. Repeat for the two rope ends in the opposite corner. Use your fingers to adjust the ropes and evenly distribute them to make a perfect basketweave pattern on the top (Image 2).

Make your own milk crate woven stool

Milk Crate Woven Stool

Create a Milk Crate Woven Stool

Photo by: Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson

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