9 Chic Alarm Clocks That Won't Make You Want to Hit Snooze

Serial snoozers will have a hard time snoring through these stylish alarm clocks.

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As a recovering snooze button addict, I now have a very strict "no snooze EVER" policy for my regular morning alarms. But I know that there are probably a lot of snooze button lovers still out there and I want to offer you some hope.

Blue Bedroom Nightstand With Retro Design

Blue Bedroom Nightstand With Retro Design

Minimal and functional accessories add a whimsical start to the day when placed on a bedside table. Design by HGTV Star contestant Jessie Miller

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite alarm clocks in the hopes that they will help you say goodbye to your snooze button forever. Plus, they look so darn good, too. #2016goals

Simple Structure

Photo by: Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow

This is a super sleek and sophisticated wooden clock with an LED time and temperature display. With a modern look and feel, this would look great in a bedroom but also in a living room or office.

Get It: Wood Grain LED Alarm Clock, Gadget Flow, $31

Play Chase

Clocky Alarm Clock

Clocky Alarm Clock

Photo by: Nanda Home

Nanda Home

For those of you that really have a rough time getting out of bed, the clocky alarm clock might be your savior. This clock actually jumps down from your bedside table and rolls around on the floor until you get up and turn it off.

Get It: Clocky the Runaway Alarm Clock, Nanda Home, $39

Shake It

Photo by: Amazon


This is another great option for a heavy sleeper; the clock vibrates to wake you up in the morning. The clock pairs with your smart phone, and you can set up to 10 different alarms with a combination of vibration, alarm tone or both.

Get It: SmartShaker, Amazon, $19

Sweet Bunnies

Photo by: PBteen


This is an adorable, vintage-inspired alarm clock with a seriously cute set of bunny ears. It comes in white or gold and was created by celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliot.

Old-School Style

Photo by: Anthropologie


This is another old-school, vintage-inspired clock with a loud hammer and bell alarm. This will be a tough one to snooze through, so it's another great option for a heavy sleeper.

Get It: Covent Alarm Clock, Anthropologie, $38

So Retro

Photo by: L.L.Bean


This is a replica of popular 1950's alarm clock: the moon beam. This updated version is available in three colors and includes an LED light and a snooze button (unlike the original). But you won't be needing that, right?

Get It: Moon Beam Alarm Clock, L.L.Bean, $49

Flip, Flop

Photo by: Luminaire


This is a straightforward, easy-to-use alarm clock. When your alarm  is set, "on" is visible on the top of the clock. To shut the alarm off you flip the clock over so that "off" is visible, requiring you to get up and not continue snoozing away. So easy, right?

Get It: Flip LCD Alarm Clock, Luminaire, $32

Slick Clock

Photo by: Target


This is a stylish, black-and-white clock option that would look great in a masculine or more neutral bedroom. There is a "gradual wake" option, which allows you to have your alarm go off in stages, again, reducing the need to hit snooze.

Get It: Oliver Hemming Alarm Clock, Target, $39

Mechanical Movement

Photo by: Light in the Box

Light in the Box

This flip clock has a bit of an industrial feel to it, as well as a flip display. In addition to setting an alarm, you can also use it to track calendar days or the temperature.

Get It: Balance Flip Alarm Clock, Light in the Box, $58

Now All You Need is a Cozy Bedroom Nook

See All Photos

Transforming a Bedroom Alcove

The quaint nook in this bungalow bedroom was transformed into a cozy place to lounge by upholstering the walls with botanical fabric, incorporating playful patterns and layering shades of spring green throughout.

Upholstered Walls

Wall upholstery is commonly used by designers to add pattern, texture and softness to a space. It also helps soundproof bedrooms and improves a room's acoustics. For a tailored look, add welt cord around the perimeter of upholstered walls. The welt will help frame the fabric and hide any pins which may peek through the top of attached fabric panels.

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Coordinating Colors

Sleeping nooks work best when outfitted with calm colors and soothing textures. Keep a space serene by layering several shades of the room's dominant color rather than using high-contrast hues. Here, different shades of the spring-green tones seen in the botanical fabric were used on the trim and in the Roman shades.

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Varying Tones

Designers often mix several shades of one color through textiles, wallcoverings and paint to create a well-layered look. This same principle applies to creating a bedding ensemble. Different shades of spring green were used on the velvet upholstery of the headboard and the stonewashed linens.

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Mixing Color and Pattern

Carry the room's color scheme and design aesthetic into the bedding by layering various hues and patterns. A mix of prints ranging in shape and scale injects the space with raspberry and green tones.

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Repetitious Fabric

Designers often choose en suite design to help tie different features of a bedroom together. Here, the same large-scale botanical fabric used for the wall upholstery was also used for the bed skirt.

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Concealed Storage

Space is often limited in bedrooms and even more so in sleeping nooks. To keep the area from becoming cluttered, choose nightstands with integrated storage for everyday items like books, phone chargers and remotes.

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Visible Storage

In addition to concealed storage, nightstands with open shelves are great for keeping extra blankets easily accessible yet neatly tucked away.

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Traditional Tie Backs

Draperies are an excellent way to separate a bedroom nook from the rest of the room. Install tie backs when drapes are more decorative than functional. To coordinate with the spring green and blush tones used throughout the room, these tie-backs were made from the same fabric as the drapes but accented with muted pink trim.

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Painted Ceiling

Designers often refer to ceilings as a room's fifth wall. Consider painting the ceiling in a shade similar to its wallcovering to create an enveloped feeling within a sleeping nook.

©Sarah Dorio Photography

Accessible Outlets

Before turning a small space into a sleeping nook, it's important to ensure easy access to electrical outlets. Most builders add a pair of outlets evenly spaced along a bedroom's headboard wall to account for lamps on nightstands. Since sleeping nooks are not always original to a home's construction, it's likely that extra outlets will need to be added.

©Sarah Dorio Photography

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