These Game-Changing Kitchen Tools Might Just Make You a Morning Person

If you're anything like us and good coffee and a good breakfast are two of the biggest motivators to not snooze your alarm, these kitchen products will help set your morning routine in motion.

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April 30, 2020

Being a "morning person" doesn't mean you always need to wake up on the right side of the bed. It might just mean you need to make your coffee and breakfast game more efficient and exciting. Whether you're looking to make restaurant-style breakfast sandwiches at home or pour a glass of cold brew on the spot, these handy kitchen tools will take your morning routine to a whole new level. And who knows — you might stop hitting that snooze button.

Whether you take it black or like just a touch of coffee in your cream, there's no denying that coffee can be a lifesaver in the morning. Jump-start your morning by waking up to the enticing aroma of fresh-brewed coffee with a fully programmable coffeemaker. Just fill it the night before, set it and forget it.

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Speaking of coffee, how often does this happen? You pour a piping-hot cup of coffee, then before you know it, it’s ice-cold. That’s where this ceramic mug comes in. Enjoy perfect-temperature coffee from first sip to final drop with this app-activated mug. The heated, waterproof base lets you save your ideal temp as a preset in an app on your smartphone. No more reheating coffee over and over...and over.

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If you love eggs in the morning, this best-selling egg cooker from Dash will get you excited to get up for a quick and easy breakfast. Featuring an automatic shut-off function, it can hold up to six eggs at once and can make hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached or scrambled eggs, as well as individual omelets.

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Instead of grabbing a boring granola bar or an unhealthy fast-food breakfast, choose a quick-and-easy, delicious homemade meal instead. This dual breakfast sandwich maker will have you feeling like a professional chef. Just fill it with your desired ingredients, and in about five minutes, you can have two ready-to-eat breakfast sandwiches. With dishwasher-safe removable parts, it’s super low-mess, too.

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Make old-fashioned Belgian waffles on the stovetop by simply preheating the cast-aluminum waffler on both sides. This means no awkward, half-asleep struggle to get the clunky waffle iron out of the cabinets in the morning.

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Fresh strawberries make waffles or pancakes even better in the morning but add to prep time. Enter this handy strawberry gadget. This handheld strawberry slicer allows you to cut whole strawberries in just one motion.

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There's nothing quite like the velvety-smooth milk in a latte or cafe au lait. However, you can have it in your home and skip the five-dollar coffee. For less than the price of one latte, you could be frothing your own milk like it's your job.

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Awakening your inner-morning person is a lot easier when you have something to look forward to in the morning. So if you have more energy at night, pack yourself a morning kick-starter. This beautiful bento box has all the right space and aesthetic for your power breakfast.

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Smoothies are quick, nutritious and oh-so-refreshing. Whether you’re just giving morning smoothies a try or want to perfect your smoothie game, a personal blender is a game-changer. Just fill it the night before with all your favorites, top it off with your liquid of choice in the morning, then give it a quick blend for the ultimate fast morning pick-me-up.

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Low acidity, high-caffeine content and rich flavor are just a few of the things cold brew brings to the table. Most notably, cold brew is incredibly easy to make, and this cold brewer makes it even more simple. The wire-mesh filter allows you to easily steep and strain your coffee grounds. The glass and stainless-steel construction make it a breeze to clean, but our favorite feature is the tap. Just brew your coffee, place it in the fridge and grab yourself a little caffeine kick whenever you need it.

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There's no debate — real butter is so much better than margarine but so much harder to spread when cold. This Japanese butter knife has changed the game. The tiny holes and thoughtful design of this butter knife allow even the toughest butter to easily become spreadable liquid gold. Your morning toast will thank you.

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Breakfast prep that takes more than five minutes is a no-go if you're not a morning person. Protein-packed muffins, soufflés and homemade waffle mix are just a click away with a stand mixer. Your morning self will thank your weekend self for preparing a batch of breakfast goodies ahead of time to enjoy throughout the week.

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