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Using Potted Plants Outdoors 02:16

Outdoors, potted plants define spaces, add color and create focal points.

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Garden Landscaping Design Ideas Sep 18, 2018

Create attractive gardens with easy garden landscaping design ideas.

Look to Native Species When Plotting Out Your Garden Sep 14, 2018

By: Merlisa Lawrence Corbett

Do your research and you'll wind up with a garden to love.

Garden Mazes Create a Sense of Wonder Jan 7, 2020

Explore the art of maze and labyrinth makers.

Upper Midwest Water-Wise Garden Plans Apr 1, 2016

Huckleberry, bluestem, blue sage and other native plants help create this water-conservation garden.

Upper Midwest Fruit Garden Apr 1, 2016

Create a beautiful destination sitting area for your yard, and enjoy the fruits of cold-hardy cultivars.

Southwest Water-Wise Garden Plan Apr 1, 2016

Use this plan and plant list to create an earth-friendly entry garden that conserves and recycles rainwater.

Southwest Sensory Garden Plan Apr 1, 2016

Use this landscape design plan to provide fragrant, colorful plantings for your patio.

Southwest Meditation Garden Apr 1, 2016

Imagine sitting in your own garden sanctuary, surrounded by beautiful native plants and attractive bamboo walls. Here's the plan f …

Southwest Fruit Garden Plan Apr 1, 2016

Plant the best berries and fruit trees for hot, dry areas, and create a beautiful destination sitting area for your yard.

Southeast Water-Wise Garden Plans Apr 1, 2016

Purple coneflower, Mexican feather grass, blue flag iris, yucca and St. John's wort help add color and interest to this water-savi …

Southeast Meditation Garden Apr 1, 2016

Here's a landscape plan for a peaceful, private garden sanctuary that shines throughout the seasons.

Rockies and High Plains Meditation Garden Plan Apr 1, 2016

Fragrant plants and stirring grasses bring extra charm to this beautiful garden sanctuary.

Pacific Northwest Sensory Garden Apr 1, 2016

This landscape plan provides a fragrant, colorful "wrap" for any patio.

Pacific Northwest Meditation Garden Plan Apr 1, 2016

Evergreen huckleberry and Pacific madrone help accent this low-maintenance garden sanctuary.

Pacific Northwest Fruit Garden Apr 1, 2016

Plant the best berries and fruit trees for your Northwest climate, and create a beautiful sitting area at the same time.

Northwest Water-Wise Garden Plans Apr 1, 2016

An earth-friendly exterior design helps conserve and recycle rainwater.

Florida Water-Wise Garden Plan Apr 1, 2016

Scarlet sage, blue flag iris and beach sunflower team up in this water-saving entryway garden.

A Florida Sensory Garden Plan Feb 23, 2016

Use this guide to create a stimulating, sensory garden.

Edible Garden Design Sep 14, 2018

Transform your yard into a tasty buffet by planting a mix of edible plants that look as good as they taste.

Feng Shui for the Garden Sep 17, 2018

Bring Eastern balance and harmony to your garden.

Mind Games: 18 Garden Mazes and Labyrinths 18 Photos

These gorgeous landscape designs will engage your mind.

Creative Xeriscaping: Save Water With Style 25 Photos

An Austin landscaping firm comes up with two design solutions for saving water.

Fabulous Fall Landscape Design Ideas 14 Photos

Design pros share how to beautify your fall outdoor space using texture, color and accessories.

HGTV Smart Home 2013: Front Yard Pictures 19 Photos

Native and Florida-friendly plant materials create layers of interest in the front yard, where the façade pays homage to classic s …

Peaceful Backyards 8 Photos

These backyards make the ideal, peaceful outdoor retreats. Get inspired to turn your outdoor space into a relaxing haven.

Refined Asian Garden 5 Photos

By: Barbara Ballinger

Landscape designer Michael Glassman creates a beautiful Asian landscape full of colorful plantings.

Focus on Focal Points Sep 14, 2018

By: Rochelle Duckwiler

Ideas for creating eye-catching elements in your garden.

Garden Gates for Your Home Sep 15, 2018

By: Maureen Gilmer

Maureen Gilmer sheds light on the advantages of having a gate for your home.