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Designing an Edible Landscape

Get design and planting inspiration from the edible landscapes at gardening expert P. Allen Smith's Arkansas farm retreat.
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Photo: Mark Fonville/P. Allen Smith ©

Plant Herbs and Onions With Roses

Herbs, onions and roses fill the cottage-style entrance of the One Acre Garden at P. Allen Smith's Garden Home Retreat. Many herbs (including rosemary, thyme, basil and lavender) and members of the onion family (chives, onions, garlic) are celebrated companions for roses because they repel common rose pests.

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Photo: Mark Fonville/P. Allen Smith

Cover an Arbor With Edible Vines

Think beyond the basic flowering vines for an eye-catching and edible arbor or trellis. Here, a simple metal arbor serves as a trellis for sprawling tomato and bean vines in a lush landscape.

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Photo: Mark Fonville/P. Allen Smith

Mix Non-Edible Annuals Into an Edible Garden

Incorporating non-edibles into an edible garden elevates the design and moves it beyond just function. Lush coleus planted in a formal urn provides a striking, colorful focal point along a vegetable garden path.

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Photo: Hortus, Ltd./P. Allen Smith

Choose Plants for Color and Form

Just as in any landscape design, plant selection comes down to color and form, as well as suitability to the site conditions. This colorful garden border includes red salvia, marigolds and edible Swiss chard. The chard provides big, bold texture and lots of bright green color.

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