Garden Gnome Gallery

Tiny men scurrying around the garden aren't always welcome. Unless they're garden gnomes, that is.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Philippe Starck

Photo By: Image courtesy of Target

Photo By: Image courtesy of Felder Rushing

Photo By: Image courtesy of Felicia Feaster

Photo By: © ten Broecke

Photo By: Image courtesy of Target

Photo By: Image courtesy of Felicia Feaster

Garden Gnome and Friend

Those with a penchant for garden gnomes may find themselves unable to stop acquiring them. This can be a problem.

Giant Gnome

This mega-gnome stood guard at the entrance to the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show.

A Designer French Gnome

Renowned French designer Philippe Starck created a high-end line of gnomes to use as side tables or foot rests.

Hard-Working Gnome

Nothing says productivity quite like a gnome with a bucket and a shovel. Garden Place Gnome from Target.

Mowing Gnomes

An army of garden gnomes cheerfully mow the lawn at the Gnome Reserve in southern England.

Gnomes Crashes the Show

Banned for decades, the garden gnome was welcomed at this year's festival and some of the exhibitors—like greenhouse and conservator manufacturer Alitex—had fun with the idea, as with these two gnome brothers.

Vintage Gnomes

Previously banned from the Chelsea Flower Show, the gnome was given a temporary reprieve at the 2013 Chelsea. This gorgeous—pricey—vintage gnome was for sale at one of the dealers' booths.

Gnome and Hyacinth in Late April Snow

HGTVGardens community member Gardener and Artist shared this great image of a garden gnome bravely weathering the elements.

Happy Gnomes

Some find gnomes charming, others not so much. They definitely imprint a garden with their own brand of fun.

White Gnome

For the minimalist gardener: a white gnome from Target.

Garden Gnome With Binoculars

A garden gnome apparently poised to do some bird-watching with his miniature binoculars.

Reclining Gnome

The sleeping gnome is a leitmotif of gnome design. While other gnomes are hard at work, there is always one garden slacker taking a catnap.

Ghost Gnome

Gnomes take on a whole new character when exposed to the elements. This one has become positively spooky.

Injured Gnome

The garden can be a treacherous place. This fella lost an arm somewhere along the way, but seems to be just fine.

Chelsea Gnome

After a longtime banishment, gnomes were finally given a reprieve and allowed into the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show.

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