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Tour a Brooklyn Apartment With Over 750 Plants

August 16, 2019

This Brooklyn apartment is the ultimate indoor jungle thanks to the green thumb of Summer Rayne Oakes.

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Photo: Stephanie Diani

The Great Indoors

Summer Rayne Oakes, of Brooklyn, New York, is the creator of Homestead Brooklyn, a blog and video series dedicated to connecting people living in the city back to nature.

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Photo: Stephanie Diani

Not Your Average House Pet

On top of the many hats she wears (environmental scientist, entrepreneur, model and author to name a few), Summer Rayne also proudly plays mom to her beautiful pet chicken. Yes, a pet chicken in the middle of Brooklyn is a thing.

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Photo: Stephanie Diani

Indoor Jungle

If the chicken failed to get your attention, this next fact just may. The space is also home to over 400 species of plants, more than 750 plants in all.

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Photo: Stephanie Diani

Fiddle Leaf Fig Goals

To warm up the otherwise barren space, Summer Rayne's very first plant pet was Ficus lyrata, or as you may know it, a fiddle leaf fig. After ten years under the care of her green thumb, the impressive tree towers over the space, anchored to the ceiling for support.

fickle no more

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