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100+ Ideas From Top Garden Designers

Designers from around the world bring their A-game to London's annual Chelsea Flower Show. But even ordinary gardeners can incorporate some of their ideas at home.

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It's All in the Mix

Designer Cleve West's garden is inspired by Persian paradise gardens, spaces focused on sanctuary and contemplation. West's garden is also typically English with a vibrant mix of plants from around the world in this M&G Garden at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show.

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Carved Wall

In the distance in the M&G Garden is a sandstone wall carved by designer Cleve West with a pattern of tree roots symbolizing the Tree of Life. In the foreground, a fountain features an octagonal shape and a bench for seating and a rill that carries water away from the garden.

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Paradise Found

Trees in designer Cleve West's show garden at Chelsea are surrounded by a vibrant bed of perennials, bulbs and herbs including English yew, bay laurel, rosemary, Artemisia schmiidtiana, fennel, thyme and mint.

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Modern Meets Classic

A contemporary design sensibility blends with tradition in this garden. Don't be afraid to follow designer Cleve West's lead and mix styles, both old and new in your own space.

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