15 Picturesque Homes for Your Hanging Plant Needs

Calling all aspiring and current plant parents: Make your plant babies proud, and nail the hanging plant trend with these creative ideas.

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March 29, 2018

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Above a Bathtub

Turn your bathroom into a lush retreat by installing hanging plants above your bathtub. Not only will hanging plants give your space a fresh look, but they’ll also give you some fresh air. Go ahead — breathe in that clean, purified air, grab an all-natural bath bomb, and take a load off your feet.

On a Covered Patio

A covered patio can leave you surrounded by an unsightly amount of concrete and plaster. The perfect antidote? Plants — from the ground up and from the ceiling down. By mixing hanging plants with potted plants, you can establish multiple levels of foliage. Your luscious, layered greenery will draw the eye away from harsh, manmade materials and help create a sense of natural serenity.

In a Dining Room

A dining room should definitely be a place of physical refreshment, but I’d argue it should be a place of visual refreshment, too. A table full of food will provide physical nourishment, while walls painted a soft, bright shade will likely offer visual respite. But you know what will accomplish both types of refreshment with its air-cleansing qualities and all-around good looks? You guessed it: a hanging plant.

In a Sitting Area or Room

Hanging plants are especially helpful in bringing modern, streamlined spaces to life. They add natural texture and color without detracting from a room’s clean aesthetic. For example, in this sitting area, a potted tree would’ve overwhelmed the design, while an empty corner would’ve left the space feeling cold and lifeless. Instead, this plant dangling from a modern brass hanger accomplishes its purpose remarkably well.

Nestled in a Reading Nook

A beautiful, trailing plant hanging from the ceiling intrinsically has the power to draw people near. That works to the advantage of this reading nook, lending a sense of comfort to the space. Paired with plenty of pillows, natural light and a warm, wood-paneled ceiling, the plant ensures this space scores a 10 out of 10 on the coziness scale.

At Work

Do you dread going into the office? Have you ever considered that your workspace may be contributing to your workday blues? Try hanging a plant to freshen your air and boost your mood. It won’t hurt to have your coworkers ogling over your ultra-stylish hanging brass planter, either.

On a Porch

A great indicator of a successfully designed porch is a sense of flow from outside to inside. In other words, you want your outdoor living spaces to feel like an extension of your indoor living spaces. Therein lies a question, though. Can you make your outdoor living spaces feel too indoors-y? In my opinion, yes, but not if nature’s surrounding you. Draw fresh air in and the eye out with plenty of lush foliage dangling from the ceiling.

In Place of Wall Art

You’ve been to all your favorite home stores and art galleries, and you absolutely cannot find a single piece of wall art for that one, pesky wall? Hey, we’ve all been there. Instead of settling, try playing with hanging planters. The options are endless. Hang them from the wall, or hang them from the ceiling. Fill them with a variety of trailing plants, or fill them with your easy-care go-to. Better yet, fool everyone, and go faux!

On a Small Patio

This one’s for you, urbanites. You only thought you were trapped by an overabundance of concrete and your too-close neighbors. I’m here to tell you that privacy and nature can be things of your future — yes, even if your patio square footage is laughable. Set aside some time for this DIY plant and privacy wall, which utilizes hanging planters and vertical space to solve all your problems (or at least a couple of them).

Tucked in a Living Room Corner

If your living room looks anything like this one — that is, graced with big, beautiful windows — you’ve found a home for your light-loving plants. Hanging planters work great nestled in a corner, where they can be easily admired without interrupting the flow of traffic.

In a Nursery

Let your babe breathe plant-purified air without a worry. Hang easy-care air plants out of reach to eliminate any potential for danger. That’s also one less empty wall to fill. Safety and style: every hip, new parent’s favorite two-for-one deal.

In a Spacious Hallway

Make a boring hallway come to life with a touch of nature. Just be sure the hallway’s large enough to house your hanging beauty, and pair your plant with other accessories or furniture to create a vignette. To be clear, your home decor should never frighten guests, and, as such, I do not recommend hanging objects in tight, dimly lit hallways.

Greeting Guests in a Foyer

Your foyer is the first to say hello and the last to say goodbye. It’s the first impression for first-time guests and the last impression for last-time guests. Shouldn’t it be filled with life and energy, then? When choosing pieces to fill the space, don’t underestimate the power of plants, especially hanging ones. Planters near eye level will immediately make guests feel refreshed and welcomed.

As a Bedroom Focal Point

Have you opted to keep your bedroom TV-free? In the place where a screen might usually go, create an all-natural focal point, instead. Designating a focal point opposite your bed will help establish visual balance within the space, and choosing plants to do the honors will highlight the serenity of a screen-free bedroom.

In a Home Office

Trailing plants breathe life into this cozy home office. The light-hued planters, brimming with verdant foliage, help offset the dark, masculine elements in the room without occupying valuable floor space. Hanging plants are popular in home offices for this very reason — they’re little rays of sunshine that don’t mind tight quarters.

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