Spectacular Award-Winning Gardens

Tour the 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show gardens for inspiring ideas.


One of the most talked about gardens at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show, the Brewin Dolphin garden designed by Darren Hawkes features more than 40,000 pieces of hand-cut slate.

Modern Masters

The striking modernist designs featured in the Brewin Dolphin garden were inspired by artists Richard Serra and James Turrell.

Darren Hawkes

Brewer Dolphin garden designer Darren Hawkes who won gold at Chelsea.

Brewin Dolphin Water Feature

A stream ran through and under Darren Hawkes' masterful show garden before reemerging in this small pond.

Slate Is Great

Designer Darren Hawkes places slate on its side on this garden path in his gold-winning Brewin Dolphin Chelsea garden. That placement gives better traction as well as a fresh, modern look. Hawkes said his Chelsea show garden design was inspired, he told HGTVGardens, by a diverse array of influences, from Stanley Kubrick to "Winnie the Pooh."

Prince Among Plants

Prince Harry stopped by the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show to confer with his garden designer Matt Keightley whose Sentebale garden created to raise awareness of the prince's charity to benefit children in Africa. The garden took home a silver award and a People's Choice award at Chelsea.

Prince Harry's Garden

A detail of Prince Harry's Sentebale Garden which mixes characteristically British flowers like lupines with more exotic African grasses and plants. Prince Harry was on hand on Chelsea press day to see the garden.

Garden With a Mission

The colorful Sentebale-Hope in Vulnerability garden is designed to raise awareness of Africa's Sentebale Mamohato Children's Centre's mission to fight the stigma of adolescents with AIDS.

Natural Wonder

The stunning Laurent-Perrier Chatsworth Garden was a crowd favorite for its incredibly naturalistic design scheme by Dan Pearson.

Show Stopper

Winner of Chelsea Gold and the Best Show Garden Dan Pearson's breathtaking Laurent Perrier garden on a small island of space at the 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show created a sense of a wild, natural garden in the middle of the Chelsea showgrounds.

Center Stage

Evidence of designer Dan Pearson's inspired choices for his Laurent-Perrier Chatsworth Garden, this charred, hollow tree becomes a beautiful sculptural element and demonstrates the benefits of working with nature and using unexpected elements in any garden.

Rock Star

To achieve his naturalistic scheme, designer Dan Pearson imported massive boulders from the 105-acre Chatsworth Garden and created a trout stream to accompany his choice in delicate native flowers.

Cutting Edge Designer

London-based designer Fernando Gonzalez's Pure Land Foundation Fresh Garden at Chelsea took home silver and used Hollywood technology to craft a flowing, sensuous garden bench and water feature from a computer-generated design.

Land Art

Warm yellows, oranges and reds define the mellow, rich color scheme of the Pure Land Foundation Garden.

New Materials, Old Soul

Though he uses high-tech materials, designer Fernando Gonzalez bring a sense of integrity and a celebration of nature to his cutting-edge designs.

Novel Materials

Designer Fernando Gonzalez's Pure Land show garden at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show was partly inspired by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi.

Soothing Palette

The oranges, yellows and reds in this Fernando Gonzalez garden design are heavily influenced by Buddhist art.

Water Works

Designed by Matthew Wilson, the Royal Bank of Canada garden emphasizes the necessity of water to sustain life.

Voluptuous Curves

In addition to its message about conserving water, the Royal Bank of Canada garden, designed by Matthew Wilson, emphasizes sensuous, curved lines.

Olea Europea

This stunning tree commands center stage in the silver award winning Royal Bank of Canada garden.

Shades of Purple and Gray

The Royal Bank of Canada garden features a zero irrigation dry garden, a water harvesting and storage zone and an edible garden with a raised platform for dining.

Arabian Dream

The Beauty of Islam by Al Barari is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Islamic garden design by female designer Kamelia Bin Zaal.

Marble Marvel

Gleaming white marble and mother of pearl are featured in the Beauty of Islam garden along with Bismarckia nobilis, olive hedging, rosemary, citrus and cardamom.

A Healing Garden

Part of the Chelsea Fresh Gardens, the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Garden draws inspiration from genetic research into curing breast cancer. Inspired by the DNA helix shape, the stone pathway is complemented by a pink plantings.

Personal Loss

Garden designer Ruth Willmott lost her own sister to breast cancer in 2014.

Nostalgic Garden

The silver award-winning Artisan Old Forge garden celebrates the past by highlighting wildflowers.

Good As Gold

The Breast Cancer Haven Artisan garden won Best Artisan Garden as well as a Gold medal.

Willow Nest

Breast Cancer Haven garden designers Sarah Eberle and Tom Hare created a nest out of willow "to create a peaceful and welcoming space" in their small garden.

Something Wild

Naturalized, flourishing wildflowers define the Old Forge Artisan garden.

Beer Garden

The Brewers Yard Artisan garden celebrates Yorkshire breweries and famous ale.

Old and New

The Brewers Yard garden features a combination of traditional and newer microbrewery tools and accessories in its design scheme by Bestall and Co Landscape Design.


The Brewers Yard brewery is sponsored by Yorkshire's World Top Brewery.

Shades of Wine

The Cloudy Bay Garden designed by brothers Harry and David Rich is sponsored by wine maker Cloudy Bay, thus its emphasis on wine-colored hues.

Moveable Feast

Designed as a garden to enjoy a glass of wine, the Cloudy Bay Garden features a moveable oak structure on rails meant to offer multiple perspectives on the outdoor space.

Space and Time

A warped lattice of steel rods references the bending trajectory of light around objects found in the presence of dark matter in space. The Dark Matter Garden was created by a team of architects, horticulturalists and astronomers.

Best Fresh

A Gold-winning and Best Fresh Garden winner, the Dark Matter garden encourages a love of science and space in children.

Steel Wheel

The Dark Matter Garden is the first Chelsea garden designed by Howard Miller.

A River Runs Through It

Astoundingly talented Japanese garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara created the Edo no Niwa Artisan Garden, a winner of Chelsea gold.

Rounded Forms

Soft rounded forms, in moss and in stone, create a restful, dreamy ambiance in designer Kazuyuki Ishihara's Artisan garden.

Trug Center

The Trugmaker's Garden celebrates the dying artisan creativity of Sussex trugmaking, a trade that has endured for more than 200 years.

Old School

Trugs are highly sustainable and made from the byproducts of willow cricket bats and from sweet chestnut.

Pop of Poppies

The Trugmaker's Garden was a gold medal winner at the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show.

Health Nut

A Gold award winner, the Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities Garden is an artistic interpretation of community and became a community garden in East London after the close of the Chelsea Flower Show.

Purple and Pink

Rich purples and pinks were popular color choices at 2015's Chelsea Flower Show, as seen in this Healthy Cities Garden designed by Chris Beardshaw.

Hedged In

Crisp, manicured hedges, paths and walkways symbolize community in designer Chris Beardshaw's garden.

Vertical Flowers

Stunning purple shades and vertical plantings like the ones in this Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities Garden were common design features at the 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Tropical Garden

Orchids and tropical plants from Singapore define the Silver award-winning Hidden Beauty of Kranji garden at Chelsea.

Orchid Display

A variety of orchids native to Singapore including the country's national flower the Papilionanthe 'Miss Joaquim' ornament the Hidden Beauty of Kranji garden.

Peony Power

Pink and wine-colored flowers were big hits at the 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

An Urban Garden

The Gold-winning Homebase Urban Retreat Garden designed by Adam Frost is meant to illustrate how natural elements can be beautifully integrated into cities and towns.

Nature and Nurture

Inspired by the work of modernist architect Marcel Breuer, the Homebase Urban Retreat is designed as an urban community garden and unites nature with the concrete and steel typically found in a city setting.

Sweet Smell of Success

Designed by James Basson, the Perfumer's Garden in Grasse celebrates the French city known as the perfume capital of the world.

Naturalism Rules

Like other gardens at the 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, this Perfumer's Garden emphasizes natural plantings in a restful country setting.


The Perfumer's Garden evokes Grasse's unique microclimate which makes it ideal for growing fragrant plants and flowers.

Write On

The M&G Garden designed by Jo Thompson features a two-story oak building inspired by Vita Sackville-West's writing room at Sissinghurst.

Swim In

The M&G Garden the Retreat features a natural swimming pond designed by Jo Thompson, an unusual feature at Chelsea.

Water World

A shimmering waterfall is the centerpiece of designer Fuminari Todaka's Home: Personal Universe Garden, a silver award winner at Chelsea.

Sound Art

The soothing sounds of water combined with a hip, modern design lend a unique look and feel to the Home: Personal Universe Garden.

History Makers

Designed to celebrate the creation of the 1215 Magna Carta, this garden features a formal design meant to evoke medieval gardens, though it would work just as well in contemporary small space gardens.

Festive Color

Bright colors in the Runnymede Surrey Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Garden echo the heraldic pennants placed throughout the space.

Form and Function

Named the best Artisan Garden, the Gold-winning Sculptor's Picnic Garden uses oak branches reminiscent of a stag's antlers to create a sense of enclosure.

Rich Hues

Pines, conifers and grasses give this garden an "edge-of-the-woodland" feel according to Graham Bodle Walker's Nurseries.

Hard News

Sponsored by The Telegraph newspaper, designer Marcus Barnett's design featuring graphic lines and bold color offers a nod to the De Stijl Movement in art.

Structured Forms

Carefully groomed shrubs and massed plantings provide precise sculptural form to this Gold-winning Chelsea garden.

Red All Over

Bright red poppies and tulips contrast beautifully with chartreuse, grey and eggplant tones in the Telegraph Garden.

Peaceful Nature

The Thinking of Peace garden designed by Tatyana Shynkarenko celebrates the peaceful and meditative qualities of nature.

Reflection in the Garden

Designed by Charlie Albone, The Time In Between Garden is a memorial to the designer's father.


A water feature in the Time In Between Garden slowly empties periodically, to reflect the emotions of loss. A memorial garden like designer Charlie Albone's is a wonderful way to commemorate a loved one.

Fanciful Foxgloves

Foxgloves, lupines and other vertical plants were a strong motif at the 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and were often used to provide dramatic contrast next to orderly, lower manicured shrubs.

Contempo Cool

With its clean lines and sleek finishes, the Viking Ocean Cruises Show Garden by designer Alan Gardner is meant to have a Scandinavian feel.

Lupine Love

Lupines are a consistent favorite plant at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Foodie Fans

Edible gardens, especially ones incorporated into ornamental gardens, are increasingly popular at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Preserve and Protect

Like many Chelsea gardens the Water Station Garden designed by Borut Benedejcic comes with a message: to protect drinking water.

Ersatz Turf

A vendor at the 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show showed artificial turf for use in a variety of ways, including to cover a raised bed.

Modern Garden

One of the most memorable of the Fresh Gardens, the World Vision Garden designed by John Warland used translucent yellow rods to evoke a Cambodian rice paddy.

Pond Stars

Childhood hunger in Cambodia is the message of the World Vision Garden in which dark water is meant to evoke the idea of hunger while recessed glass boxes filled with cacti and irises and water violets offer a ray of hope.

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