I Can Finally Grow Fresh Herbs Indoors Thanks to This Brass Kitchen Garden Growhouse

Find out how I went from constantly buying herbs at the grocery store to successfully growing my own organic herbs year-round.

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June 17, 2021

I love fresh herbs. A little parsley sprinkled over a baked potato, some cilantro in a zesty batch of guac, a few sprigs of mint in my afternoon tea … sign me up! The only problem: I couldn’t grow herbs to save my life. I’ve had success in the summer growing herbs outside, but they were constantly taken over by spiders, and truthfully, I’m very much an out-of-sight, out-of-mind kind of person. So, while the spidery herbs grew just fine in the summer sun, I rarely remembered to use them.

On top of that, once cold weather made an appearance, my outdoor herbs had had enough of my ungrateful antics and withered away. My brilliant solution was to grow my herbs indoors where they’d always be ready and waiting — spider-free — to complement my otherwise lackluster cooking. Little did I know, herbs aren’t that easy to grow inside. And trust me, I followed all the rules. I planted my new herb babies in pots with plenty of drainage and placed them in my kitchen window with the best natural light — southern exposure to boot. But I had no luck.

Enter this Kitchen Garden Growhouse from Garrett Wade. When I was given the opportunity to try this gorgeous growhouse, I knew I was the perfect candidate. If I could successfully grow herbs indoors with this brass beauty, anyone could. And to my surprise, within days of planting oregano, parsley, mint and cilantro (all from seeds, mind you), my little kitchen grower was spilling lush, fragrant greenery, and I couldn’t have been happier.

When the growhouse arrived, I was initially delighted by the shimmering brass and elegant design and the fact that it features an app to control the LED light when I'm away from home, but I worried it would be too small to grow much and that it would be a challenge to figure out proper drainage. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I opted to hang my growhouse on the wall, so to add drainage but keep it lightweight, I used plastic Ping-Pong balls in the bottom topped with organic soil. I marked my plants with labeled clothespins attached to the back of the growhouse. And from there, it could not have been simpler.

Photo by: Keri Sanders

Keri Sanders

Fast-forward to today. After weeks of use, my sweet little growhouse is as lush as ever, keeping me fully stocked with tasty greenery. And every morning when I turn on the LED light, I’m delighted to see how much my plants are thriving. For someone who thought keeping herbs year-round in a convenient place just wasn’t going to happen, this is a huge win. For now, I’m sticking with herbs, but I can’t wait to try other goodies, like microgreens and lettuce.

Photo by: Keri Sanders

Keri Sanders

TL;DR — I love this growhouse and have been delighted by the results. It’s beautiful, easy to use and even has an app to control the LED light when you aren't at home. Now, who wants to come over for mint juleps?

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