8 Best Gardening Seats and Kneelers of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Get a little extra support in the garden with these comfortable seats, stools and kneelers, making it easier to plant, weed and do other gardening chores.

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March 29, 2024

Our Top Gardening Seat and Kneeler Picks

Tested by Stacy Tornio

Woman gardening while sitting on a gardening seat

Photo by: Stacy Tornio

Stacy Tornio

Your gardening world is about to get a lot more comfortable. Whether you're spending a quick 15 minutes among the flowers, or you have a day filled with chores, a reliable garden seat or kneeler is a real game-changer. These handy tools are all about keeping you comfy — protecting your knees and supporting your back — no matter your age. Once you've experienced the upgrade, you'll wonder how you ever gardened without one. They're the secret ingredient to a more enjoyable time weeding, planting, starting seeds or tackling any garden task you can think of. Our curated selection offers a bit of everything, ensuring you find the perfect companion for your gardening adventures. Dive in and discover how to make the time in your garden even better.

Photo by: Stacy Tornio

Stacy Tornio

How We Tested

To find the best gardening seats and kneelers, we purchased 15 top-rated options in a variety of price points and styles. Our testing process kicked off with the assembly phase. Approximately half of the products required some assembly, so we assessed the simplicity and intuitiveness of this initial step. Once assembled, we ran a comprehensive series of tests that included sitting on each of the seats and kneeling on every kneeler, as well as transporting them to various locations within the garden to gauge their performance on different surfaces such as concrete, grass and uneven terrain. Throughout these exercises, we carefully considered the ease of transitioning between sitting and standing positions, the level of comfort provided during extended use, and the practicality of their design for daily gardening tasks. Our evaluation concluded with tests on the ease of folding, unfolding and storing each product, ensuring we covered every aspect of their functionality and user-friendliness.

What We Like
  1. Simple design
  2. Great handles for getting up and down
  3. Can both sit and kneel
What We Don't Like
  1. Takes up more space than folding designs

The TheXceptional Kneelie Sit-N-Kneel Seat offers a blend of comfort, convenience, and durability for gardening and household tasks. Featuring a contoured sitting surface with an added tush pad, it gives excellent support and comfort. The easy-up assist handles are great for helping you get in and out of kneeling positions, reducing back pain and enhancing stability. Versatile for use in the home and garden, you can use it both inside and out. It even has a non-marking foot pad. Out of all the seats and kneelers we tested, this one was truly the easiest to use and feels like it will hold up for many years. It doesn't fold down like some of the others, but this also makes it easy to grab and go.

  1. Product Weight 8 pounds
  2. Weight Capacity 280 pounds
  3. Material Plastic and aluminum
  4. Top Feature Easy-up handles

The image on the left shows the TheXceptional Kneelie Sit-N-Kneel Seat in the kneeler position, while the image on the right shows it in the seat position. Its versatility scored our "Best Overall" spot.

Photo by: Stacy Tornio

Stacy Tornio

The image on the left shows the TheXceptional Kneelie Sit-N-Kneel Seat in the kneeler position, while the image on the right shows it in the seat position. Its versatility scored our "Best Overall" spot.

What We Like
  1. Thick and comfortable
  2. Multiple colors to choose from 
  3. Handle for easy carrying
What We Don't Like
  1. Could be bigger overall

This kneeling pad is truly one of the most comfortable you'll find on the market. Designed with plush memory foam and a central layer of shock-absorbing EVA foam, it'll give you superior comfort and support for your knees. Whether you're gardening, using it for indoor or outdoor chores, or even using it for yoga, this water-resistant pad protects you from hard and uneven surfaces. Lightweight, portable and foldable down to the size of a briefcase, it's perfect for any outdoor activity. The neoprene case is not only easy to clean and machine washable but also quick drying.

  1. Product Weight Under 2 pounds
  2. Weight Capacity N/A
  3. Material Foam with neoprene case
  4. Top Feature Layer of shock-absorbing EVA foam
What We Like
  1. Both a stool and seat
  2. Nice cushioning overall
What We Don't Like
  1. Storage is a bit flimsy

This two-in-one garden stool will help you tackle long hours in the garden, making it easier every step of the way. The clever gadget gives you the best of both worlds: Flip it up for a comfy bench to take a well-deserved break or lay it flat for a cushy kneeling pad that says goodbye to knee and back pain. Made from solid steel, this garden kneeler is tough enough to handle up to 330 pounds and all kinds of weather. The ultra-soft cushion is good for your joints, keeping you cozy while you plant, weed or harvest. If you have a gardener in your life who is hard to shop for, this just might be the perfect gift.

  1. Product Weight 7 pounds
  2. Weight Capacity 330 pounds
  3. Material Steel, foam, fabric
  4. Top Feature Easy flip design
What We Like
  1. Fun, bright color options
  2. Nice wide seat
  3. Adjustable handle, easy to move
What We Don't Like
  1. A bit involved to put together

Elevate your gardening game with this adjustable-height garden cart, designed for ultimate comfort and durability. It has an adjustable seat that can go from 16.5 inches to 22 inches in height, and it also supports up to 300 pounds. It has some excellent storage extras, including a removable planter basket and a plastic utility tray. The work seat swivels 360 degrees, which helps you move as needed and reduces back strain. It comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty, so even though it's a bit higher in budget, you can feel good about the purchase.

  1. Product Weight 32 pounds
  2. Weight Capacity 300 pounds
  3. Material Steel
  4. Top Feature Strong wheels, seat and frame 
What We Like
  1. Portable and easy to carry
  2. Pops up quick
What We Don't Like
  1. Base is on the smaller side

Whether you're tending to your flower beds, managing your vegetable garden or simply enjoying a peaceful moment in your backyard, this portable stool is an easy and affordable option. Ultra-light at just 1.5 pounds, it's effortlessly portable, allowing you to move it around your garden or pack it away with ease. Despite its featherweight and compact folding size (roughly 17 inches by 6 inches), it's still strong and is supposed to support up to 320 pounds. It has an added pocket for garden tools, a phone or water bottle. This stool is ideal for gardeners who want a small, sturdy stool without having to spend a lot of money.

  1. Product Weight 1.5 pounds
  2. Weight Capacity 320 pounds
  3. Material Cloth and steel
  4. Top Feature Easy pop-up
What We Like
  1. Nice combination of kneeler, seating, storage
  2. Lots of storage space
What We Don't Like
  1. All plastic design

The Suncast Outdoor Rolling Garden Scooter is the perfect blend of mobility and convenience. At first glance, it might not look super sturdy, but it holds up in both dirt and grass. Plus, it's one of the few options that you can truly count on for storage. The seat itself will hold up to 225 pounds, but it also has a pop-out kneeling pad to use for kneeling. One of the best features is the two drink holders built into the design. We think it makes it the perfect option for both wheeling around in the garden and then taking on a picnic. This one was definitely a surprise in how much we liked it, and we think it would be a great option for multiple uses.

  1. Product Weight 9 pounds
  2. Weight Capacity 225 pounds
  3. Material Plastic
  4. Top Feature Ample storage
What We Like
  1. Handle is easy to move around
  2. Good scoot mechanic
What We Don't Like
  1. All plastic

This rolling garden cart will be a great garden addition, blending the utility of a tool rack with the comfort of a garden stool. Made entirely in the USA, the cart offers an adjustable swivel seat that supports up to 240 pounds. Designed for convenience, it features a spot to organize gardening tools and also has never-flat, 10-inch tires. Its heavy-duty and rust-resistant design makes your garden chores easier while also giving you durability. This is one of those tools that could work great for all ages, making it the perfect mobile option for both kids and adults.

  1. Product Weight 16 pounds
  2. Weight Capacity 240 pounds
  3. Material Plastic
  4. Top Feature Large, never-flat wheels
Uncommon Goods
What We Like
  1. Folding design
  2. Extra storage for garden tools
  3. Feels strong and sturdy
What We Don't Like
  1. Could be bigger overall

Discover the ultimate garden companion with the Gardener's Tool Seat from Uncommon Goods. It's the perfect combo product, mixing the functionality of a tool bag with the comfort of a folding chair. Crafted from lightweight steel and durable nylon, it's easy to move around the garden in an instant. It features a fold-out design with several pockets, giving you the perfect place to keep your gardening tools. Whether you're planting, weeding or simply enjoying a break, this seat ensures you do so in comfort and convenience. It's the perfect accessory for any gardener looking to streamline their outdoor tasks while keeping their tools organized and their gardening experience enjoyable.

  1. Product Weight Not listed
  2. Weight Capacity 250 pounds
  3. Material Nylon, steel
  4. Top Feature Portability

What to Consider When Buying a Gardening Seat or Kneeler

  • Function and Support: When hunting for the perfect garden seat or kneeler, prioritize your comfort needs, including the pad's thickness, to ensure hours of enjoyable gardening. Consider whether you'll primarily use it for sitting or kneeling, and if you're looking for versatility, opt for a model that effortlessly caters to both.
  • Portability and Storage: Don't overlook the importance of easy storage. A model that folds up neatly into a compact size can be a real space saver, effortlessly tucking away into a shed or garage when not in use. Alternatively, look for options equipped with features that allow for hanging, keeping your garden space tidy.
  • Weight Capacity: When selecting a garden seat or kneeler, paying attention to the weight capacity is crucial. It's a detail that's listed on all models and one you shouldn't overlook. Even if you don't anticipate needing the full-weight capacity offered, it serves as a valuable indicator of the product's overall strength and durability.
  • Features: When picking a garden seat or kneeler, keep an eye out for extras like adjustable handles and swivel seats to customize your comfort. Most importantly, skim through reviews to see how these features really stack up in terms of overall comfort — it's the key to a more enjoyable gardening experience.

Photo by: Stacy Tornio

Stacy Tornio

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of a gardening seat? A garden seat or kneeler is a game-changer for any gardener, offering significant benefits by saving your back from constant bending and strain, improving your posture, and allowing you to enjoy longer periods of work in the garden comfortably. This essential tool makes gardening more accessible and enjoyable.
  • Are gardening seats weather-resistant? Most gardening stools are designed to be weather-resistant, which can go a long way in having durability through all outdoor conditions. Verify this by checking the product description, so you can be sure your seat or kneeler will last a long time.
  • How high should a garden seat be? The ideal height for a garden stool depends on your personal comfort and what you're doing. A stool around 15 to 18 inches high is generally comfortable for most people for tasks like weeding or planting. If your stool is adjustable, experiment to find the height that keeps you most comfortable and efficient. You want to make sure you can reach the ground easily without strain.

Photo by: Stacy Tornio

Stacy Tornio

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