8 Handy, High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets

Want to upgrade your kitchen without remodeling? Invest in these smart tools designed to make cooking and clean-up easier.

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A Wi-Fi-equipped food scale, Drop works with a recipe app to make baking simpler. If you’re short on an ingredient, it can adjust measurements, offer substitutions and give you screen-by-screen, illustrated instructions as you cook.


The ultimate fridge magnet, this smart device creates your grocery lists. Just use it to scan barcodes, or speak into it for things that don’t have them. It adds items to an app that’s at the ready when you’re hitting the grocery store.


Not sure when you opened that jar of marinara, or how long those leftovers have been in the fridge? DaysAgo is a digital tracker with a suction cup; attach it to an item when you first open it, start the timer, and it will record how many days have passed. Simple. Helpful.

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker With WeMo

Late night at the office? Set this Crock-Pot in the morning, then check the temperature throughout the day on your phone, or turn it off from your desk. Dinner will be ready as soon as you are.

Range Thermometer

The Range aims to make roasting less intimidating: Insert into the deepest part of your cut of meat, set the ideal doneness temperature, and its app will notify you when dinner is ready (and cooked perfectly).

Taylor Digital Measuring Cup

Precision is critical when you’re baking. This precise measuring cup goes by weight instead of volume, and can automatically convert from ounces to grams.


Jazz up your latte with this “spice pen,” that lets you write, cake frosting-style, using a thin line of ground spices.

Smarter Kettle

If you boil a lot of tea, this Wi-Fi-enabled kettle claims to be able to save you up to two days a year in boiling time by allowing you to pre-boil your kettle via app. Pick your temperature, then heat things up your tea time from wherever you are.

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