DIY Seasonal Burlap Wreath

Embellish a burlap wreath with gourds and faux foliage for fall, and switch it out with antlers and a red Rudolph nose for winter.

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Fall Wreath Made from Burlap on a Front Door

Fall Wreath Made from Burlap on a Front Door

A seasonal wreath on your front door is a wonderful way to welcome your guests to your home. It’s all the better when you can quickly and beautifully DIY your own wreath with burlap and seasonal items, like mini pumpkins and foliage, as well as fall-colored craft store finds. Start with a wire wreath form and loop around the burlap. From here, add the fall embellishments of your choice. It’s hard to get much easier than a handmade fall wreath for your front door.

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

Photo by: Sarah Busby

Sarah Busby

What You'll Need:

  • wire wreath form
  • burlap ribbon
  • floral wire
  • pliers or sharp scissors
  • faux gourds and fall florals
  • red pom-pom
  • fake antlers

Loop Burlap

Fold the burlap ribbon twice, and thread into the wreath form (Image 1 below). Loop around the back of the form, and secure with floral wire. Cut the excess floral wire with pliers or sharp scissors. Keep looping the burlap through the sections on the wreath form (Image 2 below). Gather the loops to one side, and twist the ribbon in the back to secure (Image 3). Loop through the wreath form again and fluff (Image 4 below). Repeat for the entire wreath. Once you reach the end, cut the excess burlap in the back, and secure with floral wire (Image 5 below).

Add Fall Embellishments

Weave in fall embellishments like seasonal faux florals and faux gourds. If they don't have wire already attached to them, secure long pieces of floral wire to the embellishments, and stick on the burlap wreath.

Switch Out for Winter

Once fall is over, remove the fall embellishments and add faux antlers to the top with floral wire and tie a red pom-pom to the bottom center of the wreath to resemble Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

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