14 Cleaning Confessions That Prove We All Take the Easy Way Out Sometimes

We're all just human. Dirty, messy, kind-of-gross humans. 

Sure, we do our best to keep a clean house. But when things get hectic, we all cheat a little, right? See which of our dirty little secrets you can relate to. Then, take our poll to share your cleaning personality. And remember, you’re in good company here. #HGTVCleaningConfessions

The Procrastinator

You know you'll do it, so does it really have to be done now?

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/kasayizgi


Rani: I normally wait until the very last piece of clothing is removed from my closet until I wash clothes. Then, I’m stuck with three loads or more. Yikes!

Kayla: I’m obsessed with keeping the kitchen clean, but I practically ignore the bathrooms. I’ll do it this weekend, I swear!

The Scrambler

You get more done in 15 minutes than other people do all week. Or else.

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Allie: If friends are coming over last minute, I grab the glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels and spritz everything in sight. Is the house clean, per se? Maybe not. Sparkly? Oh yes.

Jordan: My cleaning confession is that I procrastinate cleaning and usually do it in a huge rush right before people come over. I actually hosted a game night once, and half of the reason was so that I would clean my place.

Paul: I remember cleaning the house I rented before my now-wife’s first visit. Everything looked orderly and clean when she walked through the door. But I was counting on her NOT opening any closet doors, which hid all the mess. I used the “chuck and shut” method. I chucked everything into the closet and shut the door real fast! I’m still prone to doing that, though she catches me now. 

The Quick Fixer

Is there really a difference between clean and mostly clean?

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Farima: Our backdoor neighbors have several trees, and because of the way the wind blows, all the leaves fall into our yard instead of theirs. Well, I may or may not blow most of those leaves back into their yard because, sorry, I’m not willing to spend hours of my free time picking up their leaves! Wow, that feels good to get off my chest.

Keri: I sweep frequently, but when I can’t get that last bit of dirt into the dustpan, I’ve been known to just spread it back out on the floor so that you can’t see it. I hate breaking out the vacuum for anything but carpet. That’s the whole reason I’m sweeping!

The Fast Forgetter

You have good intentions. But look! There’s a Fixer Upper marathon on!

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/Yuri Arcurs

©iStockphoto.com/Yuri Arcurs

Mallory: I’d say 70% of the loads of laundry I do need to be washed twice, because I take too long to transfer them to the dryer, and they get sour. I’m the worst.

Kayla: As a renter, I sometimes sit on my couch and think, “This isn’t my home…or my refrigerator…or my oven…or my dishwasher. OMG, I need to scrub everything down. WHO USED THIS STUFF BEFORE ME!?” But then I turn on Netflix and forget I ever had those thoughts.

The Avoider

You could do the dishes, or you could just eat out from now on.

woman arms out shrugs shoulders who cares so what

woman arms out shrugs shoulders who cares so what

Portrait dumb looking woman arms out shrugs shoulders who cares so what I don't know isolated on gray wall background. Negative human emotion, facial expression body language life perception attitude

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Jessica: I’ve lived in the same apartment for three years and never cleaned my ceiling fan. Ever. I always meant to, but never did. And now it's going to be a whole big mess to try to do it, so I’m just going to ignore it until I move out.

Kayla: We currently have carpet, linoleum floors and two cats. I keep that carpet vacuumed on the daily. But the linoleum? I’m actually terrified to mop at this point. That faux tile pattern makes things look so deceivingly clean...

The Maverick

You may not be traditional, but you get ish done.

Photo by: ©iStockphoto.com/Lise Gagne

©iStockphoto.com/Lise Gagne

Mariel: I’m seriously considering getting a dog just to have someone “clean up” under the table after my kids eat dinner.

Chelsea: I HATE mopping. So when my kitchen floor starts to look a little dingy, I’ll spot treat with cleaning wipes. There have been weekends where I’ve scoured the entire floor on my hands and knees with wipes just to avoid mopping. 

Camille: I’m not a fan of cooking, and I’m especially not a fan of cleaning up the piles of dirties created by cooking. So I mainly "cook" by heating up food in the oven on a cookie sheet I’ve had forever. I just cover the pan with a clean sheet of aluminum foil, add the food, heat it up, and then throw away the aluminum foil. No cleaning necessary!

First, tell us your cleaning type in the poll below. Then take our cleaning quiz to see how clean you really are!

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