13 Clever Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

You'll definitely win this year's costume contest (and a lot of laughs) with these awesome ideas inspired by The Avengers, Fortnite, Keanu Reeves, Baby Shark and other major 2019 moments.

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September 23, 2019

You can always be a witch, ghost, vampire or ghoul for Halloween, but that's not nearly as fun as using your costume to make a witty reference to 2019. Let this year's blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, singers, minor celebrities, memes and more inform your look, and rock one of these killer pop culture-inspired Halloween costumes.


Saddle up and take your horse to the old town road with this killer Lil Nas X-inspired costume. The suit includes pull-on stallion pants and a cowboy hat, so all you have to do is ride 'til you can't no more.

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Keep the "Keanussance" alive and well with this costume inspired by one of Reeves' most iconic roles. Once you've got the black coat, you'll just need some black sunglasses and boots and maybe a few friends to stand in as John Wick, Ted Logan, etc.

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We know you've been thinking about this costume ever since you saw Us in theaters back in March. Shop the blood red jumpsuits and swap the masks for some scissors, and you'll be all set as one of Jordan Peele's infamous Tethered.

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Her song "Truth Hurts" currently holds the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Top 100, her first feature film Hustlers just hit the box office and her signature bridal-white leotard and veil are clearly the makings of a killer Halloween costume. If Lizzo is your girl, snag this tapered tutu and dance the night away like you're in her "Truth Hurts" music video. You could even pair it with sunglasses and a faux microphone.

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This year's costume competition is in the bag for Marvel-loving families. Dad can use this suit (complete with the Infinity Gauntlet) to dress up as Thanos, while Mom leads The Avengers as Gamora, Scarlet Witch, Shuri or the Black Widow.

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Only '90s kids will remember this uniform. If you ever dreamed of going head-to-head with another team and getting drenched in green slime on Nickelodeon's Double Dare, shop this nostalgic accessory kit. You'll wear clear plastic goggles, elbow pads and of course your very own show shirt.

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We call this "Halloween Inception." Recreate Jules' Halloween costume (inspired by the 1996 film Romeo + Juliet) with this pretty pair of angel wings. All you need now is a flowing dress and a touch of glitter around your cheeks, and you'll fit right into a Euphoria scene.

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Consider this the easiest group Halloween costume ever. If your kids are still obsessed with that one fin-tastic tune, put them in matching shark-themed onesies. There are even adult sizes for Mommy and Daddy Shark, as well as sensory-friendly versions with flat seams and no tags for kiddos who need a little extra comfort.

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The secret's out: Delta Air Lines pilot Peter Weber will be ABC's next Bachelor, and he's already inspiring this year's cutest couples costume. To make it work, shop this ultra-suave pilot shirt and a pair of Aviators for your S.O., then get all dolled up in a cocktail dress or evening gown. And whatever you do, don't forget that final rose!

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Let your Fortnite-crazed kid finally floss the night away in this Black Knight costume. They'll get their very own "armored" jumpsuit, helmet and, if we had to guess, a huge haul of candy from other members of the fandom.

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PSA: Pennywise is back at the box office, and he's creepier than ever. For those of you who still can't get enough of Stephen King's clown, we've found this awfully hilarious twosome costume for you and your furry best friend. You'll wear the bright yellow raincoat and paper boat and walk into the party with your pup in the silver suit.

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Not all heroes wear capes! Emulate your favorite Russian code-cracking, Mind Flayer-confronting, Star Court Mall employees with these adorable, Scoops Ahoy costumes inspired by Stranger Things Season 3. Red Chuck Taylors aren't required, but are strongly encouraged.

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Listen, they can cancel the raid on Area 51 all they want, but they can't stop the aliens from crashing the party. Shop this neon green frock and funky antenna-like headband for a costume that's guaranteed to get laughs.

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